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What is Melaleuca: The Wellness Company?

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As the US population continues to age, interest in overall health and wellness has never been higher. With Baby Boomers making up more than 21% of the population, and reaching retirement age, taking a more proactive approach to enjoy their golden years is a trend that’s here to stay. Strengthening this trend, subsequent generations are more health conscious from a young age and have embraced more natural and eco-friendly products in an effort to improve their health, happiness, and vitality.

One of the most successful health and wellness companies, Melaleuca, has prioritized natural ingredients and minimized chemical components long before these were popular choices.

Founded in Sept. 1985 by Executive Chairman and philanthropist Frank VanderSloot, Melaleuca has capitalized on strong health and wellness trends because they are central to this private company’s mission.

As a privately held company, they have been governed by doing right by the customer, rather than trying to beat Wall Street’s estimates. For 38 years, Melaleuca has seen immense growth thanks to a reputation of creating better, healthier choices for our bodies and the environment.

What is Melaleuca?

Melaleuca: The Wellness Company manufactures and distributes more than 400 unique products falling into the categories of home cleaning and laundry; supplements and foods; personal care, cosmetics, and beauty; baby; and pure essential oils.

Nearly 40 years since their first few products hit the market, Melaleuca now regularly generates more than $2 billion in annual revenue. They have operations in 20 countries and territories around the globe, and they continue to grow both their product lines and their customer base.

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What makes Melaleuca products special? 

With a focus on renewable plant sources, naturally derived alternatives, and biodegradable ingredients, making homes safer through innovative product development has been their priority since their founding.

As more attention has been drawn to the caustic and dangerous chemicals standard in national brand cleaning products and other household goods, the public has woken up to how this exposure can affect their health for years to come. Melaleuca strives to remove the guesswork from which products are safe and which ones don’t belong in your home.

They promise to never use chlorine bleach, phthalates, quaternary disinfectants, ammonia, triclosan, abrasives, parabens, phosphates, or formaldehyde. By holding themselves to a higher standard, Melaleuca customers can purchase from the company with the confidence that all of their 400+ products have been rigorously selected and tested with their health and safety in mind.

With such a wide range of products for your home, diet, and personal care, all delivered in convenient monthly shipments, Melaleuca not only provides you with safe alternatives to store brands, they also save you from hours of shopping. It’s no surprise that so many families are turning to Melaleuca.

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What kinds of products does Melaleuca manufacture?

Melaleuca is often described as a “one-stop shop,” and it’s easy to see why. Many customers first turn to the brand for their highly concentrated cleaning products and quickly become interested in their other product lines once they’ve experienced the high quality and significant cost savings. With multiple patents on their formulations, customers become loyal to the brand, knowing they can’t find the same innovation and quality elsewhere.

Unlike smaller or newer brands, Melaleuca’s portfolio of cleaning products is comprehensive. Everything from dish soap to cleaning wipes to furniture polish to toilet bowl cleaner is available to be ordered online and shipped directly to your home. Melaleuca reviews and testimonials will tell you everything that you need to know about product quality, with many customers reordering month after month for years at a time.

Personal care has become an especially hot category in recent years, as consumers are beginning to understand that the products applied to their skin are easily absorbed into their bloodstream. Heavy metals and artificial ingredients that can be toxic are no longer welcome in bathrooms and bedrooms. Melaleuca provides a wide range of deodorants, hair care, baby care, soaps, sunscreen, and more that perform as good as or better than the competition without any of the harmful ingredients.

For those who rightly recognize the need to supplement their diet with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, Melaleuca’s nutraceuticals are specifically designed to outperform the competition and have been proven to be more effective and absorbable. Whether you’re looking for targeted supplementation based on known deficiencies, or simply seeking a longer, more vibrant life, nothing compares to Melaleuca’s custom-formulated, clinically proven line of nutrition products.

Another major category of Melaleuca products is their line of essential oils called Pure. These concentrated, top-quality oils are not only available in single oils and proprietary blends, but are also popular in bath bombs, shower melts, and other forms. Every bottle is put through a battery of established tests to guarantee they meet stringent quality specifications. No synthetics, fillers, or impurities—just pure oil, straight from the documented source. All accessories and carrier oils you might need can be purchased from their website, eliminating the need to shop around.

What is the Melaleuca Model of Consumer Direct Marketing?

Despite their popularity, you won’t find Melaleuca products in stores like Target or CVS. is the only place you can purchase their high-quality formulations. Marketing directly to their consumers gives Melaleuca more control over their brand, eliminating outside retailers from influencing product placement or promotion.

By staying out of traditional retail stores, Melaleuca has been free to research and develop products that they see value in, without the pressure of a retailer needing to accept their product for sale. This has allowed them to pursue innovative products based directly on consumer need.

Consumer Direct Marketing also allows Melaleuca to lower their prices, since there’s no middleman markup, and establish a stronger brand loyalty based on their more personalized product development. In fact, the majority of Melaleuca’s marketing comes through member referrals with tens of thousands of satisfied customers sharing their favorite products with the people that they love and care about.

Why haven’t I heard about Melaleuca?

Since Melaleuca doesn’t advertise, it depends solely on its customers to refer other customers. Therefore, Melaleuca’s growth depends on customers who are willing to share its products. With such a business model, the company is aware that if their products are not the absolute best, people will stop talking about them.

Melaleuca executives say this business model is sustainable, although it puts tremendous pressure on the company to be the best and continue to get better, month after month.

Melaleuca’s consumer direct marketing model appears to be working. To date, Melaleuca has paid more than $7 billion in commissions to those who referred customers to the online wellness shopping club.

Who is Melaleuca Founder Frank VanderSloot?

Melaleuca founder Frank VanderSloot, who now serves as executive chairman, served as the company’s CEO for 36 years. He has earned numerous awards for entrepreneurship, product innovation, business acumen, and overcoming challenges on the company’s path to growth.

VanderSloot is well-known for his philanthropy and investments in the community, often donating to local police organizations, veterans’ organizations, schools, and food banks. Internationally, The Melaleuca Foundation has helped with disaster relief due to hurricanes, tsunamis, wildfires, tornadoes, extreme flooding, and more.

Who is Melaleuca CEO Jerry Felton?

In 2022, Vandersloot passed the torch when he promoted Jerry Felton to the post of Melaleuca CEO. Felton had previously served as Melaleuca President of International, having led the company’s overseas operations while tripling revenues over a 10-year period. Previously, Felton spent five years as Senior Vice President of International and three years as Senior Vice President of Sales at Melaleuca. Felton also spent 17 years as an executive at UPS, where he last worked as the Vice President of Global Account Sales.

“Jerry Felton has been extremely instrumental in the record-breaking growth that Melaleuca has experienced around the world,” VanderSloot said at the time of the promotion. “He is an exceptionally talented leader who inspires his teams to elevate strategy, communication, and processes throughout Melaleuca’s global operations. Jerry is an excellent example of passion, leadership, and innovative thinking.”

No Signs of Slowing Down 

Despite an array of economic challenges, Melaleuca displays no signs of slowing down. Melaleuca remains committed to meeting their customers’ daily needs with safe, effective, more natural products and takes pride in being welcomed into millions of pantries, kitchens, medicine cabinets, and laundry rooms around the globe. Their mission of enhancing lives and helping people reach their goals remains the same as they head towards four decades in business.

With a proven record of providing health and wellness products at affordable prices and a loyal customer base, Melaleuca is poised for additional growth in the coming years—by bringing quality wellness products to hardworking families.

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