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What is the ideal height for a desk?



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Working seated in front of a computer may seem harmless to your health. Yet, many people suffer from back problems and neck pain because they do not create the right office setup. To protect the health of your employees, you must be careful about the height of their work surface. Learn more about the best practices to adopt.

The importance of a good office setup

Overlooking the installation of office furniture provided to your employees can have dire consequences. While this can cause physical pain it can also affect concentration, reduce productivity and sometimes bring more serious health consequences such as musculoskeletal disorders.

To avoid this and provide a high-performance and comfortable working environment for your employees, you must ensure that you provide them with professional office equipment that can be adjusted according to their needs.

How to position your desk?

There are several simple recommendations to implement to help you know how to properly set up your employees’ workstations. Ideally, the worktop or desk should be positioned 75-80 cm from the floor. It should have enough to accommodate the equipment (for example, a computer, small printer etc), and enough space to allow free movement.

Standing desk: A new way of working

For some time now, companies have been relying on desks of a new kind, which allow employees to work standing up. Indeed, the standing position helps to improve blood circulation and relax the back and neck. You can provide this option to your employees by installing office furniture designed for this type of use.

Other good practices to adopt for your office

There are other good practices that you can adopt to help enhance the comfort of your employees and maintain their health. The use of a professional office chair is recommended, allowing height adjustment, the use of a backrest and armrests and having more favorable ergonomics.

The employee must be seated with his back straight, his legs at 90 ° with his feet placed flat on the ground. If, however, the height of the desk is important and the chair actually higher, it may be useful to provide a footrest to rebalance the position.

Finally, the height of the screen is also important. The worker’s eyes should be level with the top of the screen. For this, you can provide screen support (adjustable or fixed model).

Detachable office furniture: the ideal solution

The latest trend in the professional office sector is detachable office furniture. This innovation allows employees to work standing or seated, depending on their needs. Thus, workers can change their positions and install what suits them best.

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