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What To Do When Bored?

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I don’t think a lack of activities contributes to boredom. It’s not even a lack of things you want to do, in my opinion. Instead, I’ve discovered that boredom is frequently used as a cover for another issue. Because they don’t deal with the root reason, most attempts to end boredom are unsuccessful.

Here are some tips I’ve discovered to assist you to identify the true cause of boredom and return to your natural self:

Determine what it is that you truly want to do. Boredom frequently hides a problem where you want to do something but something is stopping you. If the internet is down and you want to read about the history of slot machines, this could lead to boredom. When this happens, merely identifying the activity that you really want to be doing is the first step toward overcoming boredom.

Procrastination must go. If there aren’t any distractions available to keep your mind off your activity, procrastination might lead to boredom. If so, consider one of these suggestions to end the wait and increase activity.

Get your bearings on something. Lack of direction is an equally valid reason for boredom. Spend some time determining your objectives, aspirations,, or hobbies. Sometimes just mentioning them might rekindle your motivation.

Socialize. Get out there and make some new acquaintances or catch up with old ones. Sometimes boredom can mask a lack of social vigour. Go to an online community that shares one of your interests even if you are unable to find new friends in your neighbourhood and your buddies are busy.

Avoid being bored. Look at your list of things to do. Before you locate anything enjoyable to do, resolve to completing just one minute job from the list. Being productive can often help you beat boredom by delaying it for a little while.

Discover something fresh. You could require some mental stimulation. Here are a few quick ways to begin learning something new:

  • Open a book.
  • Online research on a subject that interests you
  • Compose a brief story.
  • Open Photoshop and hone your artistic abilities.

Stop being distracted. When you are engaging in low-value activities like aimless internet browsing or binge-watching uninteresting tv series, you may become bored. Distractions have the power to draw you into a deep state of disinterest for an extended period of time. Stop watching TV or using the computer, and get up and start moving around until you discover something more enjoyable to do.

Fill in the gaps in the schedule. Often, having too much time is worse than having none at all. When you suddenly have a schedule vacuum, it might be challenging to get used to the monotony. When my normally bustling schedule is empty during the holidays, I frequently catch myself feeling frustrated. Spend a few minutes filling in the gaps in your schedule to avoid being bored in the first place.

Become your own biggest fan. Due to a temporary lack of confidence, I’ve been bored. Who wants to put up the effort necessary to achieve a goal when their confidence in their ability to accomplish has been shaken? Review your accomplishments and high points so you can regain some confidence and continue.

Meditate. I now turn to this as a go-to activity whenever I’m incredibly bored.

Keep a personal journal. Just start writing in a personal journal once. Although it is a little more energetic and less meditative, this functions similarly to meditation.

Add a fresh obstacle. If you regularly feel bored, it’s likely that you have a period of time during which you lack suitable activities. To pass the time, add a fresh objective, test, or pastime.

These are just a handful of the techniques I frequently employ to avoid becoming bored. But they are merely recommendations. Understanding why you’re bored is the greatest approach to counteract it.

Why Are You Bored?

I’ve discovered that boredom typically stems from one of these basic reasons. Knowing the cause will help you find a remedy faster:

You aren’t bored; you’re simply procrastinating. Find out what tasks you are putting off, then stop putting them off.

Lack of Useful Energy – While boredom is not the same as exhaustion, it happens when you have a surplus of one type of energy but are depleted of the kind of energy you would utilise. This has happened to me when I am unable to continue working despite not feeling physically exhausted. Find a task that will put your surplus of energy to good use. This could be engaging in physical activity after a long day of writing or engaging in creative activity after a long day of writing mindless code.

Timetable Gaps – Your schedule has abruptly shifted, and the whirlwind of activity that had been shielding you is no longer there. Adding extra duties rapidly is the solution in some cases. Sometimes you have to learn to relax into the uncomfortable stillness and use this time for some introspection.

Environmental Challenges – Standing in line, long flights, and being cut off from the internet for a week. You can usually get through this kind of ennui by being creative till things change.

Lack of Motivation – You lack the drive to carry out the necessary actions to end boredom. This issue can typically be solved temporarily by employing a straightforward motivational strategy. For extended periods of time, this requires some serious thought, goal formulation, and resetting of priorities.

Once you identify the source of the issue, you can either come up with your own solutions or employ the first strategies I recommended. What advice would you provide to someone who is bored?

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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