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What’s The Next Big Thing in Instagram?

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We’re not sure who permits physicists to make up laws of physics, but we’d like to propose a new unshakeable truth: “The only constant in Instagram trends is – Change.” We have seen enormous changes in the world of Instagram.

Instagram is still one of the most important actors in the social media world in 2022, and for a good reason. Instagram has 2 billion active users worldwide as of December 2021. Instagram is always evolving and growing, which means new features are added regularly.

Classic Instagram. Keeping us on our toes all the time.

Let’s look at the upcoming New Big Things on Instagram!


The Instagram Algorithm Explained and how it can detect if you buy Instagram followers


Source: Pexels


For a long time, the Instagram algorithm’s operation principle was a complete mystery, and figuring it out was primarily a guessing game and a trial-and-error procedure. But now we know that it can detect if people buy Instagram followers. Click here if you want to find out how to buy likes and followers on Instagram.

This has since changed, according to Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, who explained it in a video on his Twitter account.

Below are the key factors that determine and influence the type of content a user sees on his feed according to the Instagram algorithm:

  • The popularity of a post, determined on the basis of the number of likes, the location added to the post, and the length of the post in case it is a video
  • The latest engagement of users with a specific account
  • The number of posts of the user that has been liked
  • User interaction with other accounts


14 New Features You Must Look Out For in Instagram


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The upshot is that social media marketers can’t afford to be complacent. Whether you follow Instagram marketing trends or not, it’s important to be informed of what’s going on so you can develop a social media strategy and content calendar that is both current and profitable for your business.

If you stay educated, you can be adaptive.

Let’s have a look at the new and exciting features that Instagram has to offer.


1. The Dance Revolution


Source: Unsplash

TikTok was originally established as a lip-syncing app, so singing and dancing are in its Genetic code. As the connectivity grew into a social media powerhouse, its developments and tenets began to spread to certain other platforms such as Instagram.

Dancing and choreography challenges have thus become a common event on Instagram, with people dropping moves on Reels, Stories, and the main feed.


2. Shopping Marathon


Source: Unsplash


Due to a perfect combination of pandemic tendencies and improved technology infrastructure, Instagram Shopping blossomed in 2021, culminating in a surge in e-commerce.

Rather than transferring people to your website, Instagram Shopping allows users to select and make purchases right from the app.

All indications point to an ongoing shopping spree in the years ahead — eMarketer anticipates that customer engagement will be an $80 billion industry by 2025, and Instagram’s 2022 Trend Report disclosed that well almost one-quarter of its Gen Z users foresee shopping through their newsfeeds — so what are you going to have to wait for if you don’t really have Shopability facilitated on your account yet?


3. Creators Are Kings


Source: Unsplash

Four out of every five Gen Z Instagram users believe that manufacturers have as much, if not more, the influence of culture than well-known celebs. And, as the creator economy grew during the pandemic, now there are more content geniuses on Instagram than it has ever been.

Instagram is playing matchmaking to the best of its ability, and it really, wants you to get along. A new section in direct messages dedicated to partner communications should make it easier to communicate with a potential collaborator.

The option for creators to earn affiliate income for Instagram stores or open their own shops in collaboration with companies is currently being tested.




Source: Unsplash

Instagram’s proprietary long-form video format, IGTV, will be tapered out in October 2021. Users can now upload videos that are up to 60 minutes long to the main Instagram feed. On profile sites, videos from the feed and IGTV will be integrated into a single tab. Meanwhile, the Instagram TV app has been rebranded IGTV.

What if I put it differently? If you love making long-form video content for Instagram, the door is always open.


5. Long Live Reels


Source: Unsplash

What seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago, Instagram launched Reels, a short clip format meant to compete with TikTok. Because of an active algorithmic push (and a conspicuous location in the app’s interface), reels are becoming the foundation of the contemporary Instagram experience.

If you’ve not already, there’s no good opportunity than this to give Reels a shot. Instagram is likely to encourage Reels users as a response to TikTok’s continuous success on media platforms, so you may notice a boost in visibility or interaction as a result of playing with the genre.


6. “Add Yours” Collaborative Albums


Source: Unsplash

In late fall 2021, people’s Instagram stories began to feature tantalizing new “Add Yours” stickers. Users would be asked to post their own Story based on a specific subject, such as the last snapshot on their camera roll, the person they love, or an image that depicts the year 2021.

When you tap on the sticker itself, you’ll be sent to a gallery of images from other people who followed the theme’s instructions. If you want to call it that, it’s a collaborative album or thread.

With these stickers, anyone can build a new theme, so take this as a task to create a challenge for your business that fans can personalize and share with their followers.


7. Replying With Reels


Source: Unsplash

Reel, hot on the heels of TikTok’s video-response function.

Users can make their video responses to other people’s Reels using Reels Visual Replies. You’ll find an option to build your Reel in the comment box of any given Reel; that video remark will then appear as a sticker.

Visual Replies are likely to take off on Instagram, too, if the popularity of TikTok’s video reply feature is any clue.


8. The Chronological Feed Has Returned


Source: Unsplash

If you are a content creator, I’m sure Instagram’s algorithm would have annoyed you a lot. Well, that’s going to change now.

In December 2021, Instagram revealed that it is testing a possible return to a chronological feed, with the opportunity for users to choose which posts are the most relevant or significant.

You may wish to have USA followers, German followers, or global followers to reach the top really fast. But being a content creator is tough. Instagram is spicing it up for you. Buying Instagram followers is suggested from our side because of the famous saying “The More the followers, the more money you make”.


9. Live-Ing It Up On Instagram Live


Source: Unsplash

In the years 2020 and 2021, the popularity of Instagram Live skyrocketed. (You’re welcome, epidemic.) We’ll most likely need to hunker down at home in 2022 and turn to our phones for comfort and connection, so brands with a strong Instagram Live content strategy will be well-positioned to engage with their followers.

After all, 80% of viewers would choose to watch a live stream rather than read a blog post. People desire whatever they want, so supply!


10. Social Media And Social Justice


Source: Unsplash

Although the year 2020 marked a watershed moment for social justice, interest in advocacy, activism, and involvement remains strong in 2022: Instagram says that social justice advocates are among its most engaged social users.

Gen Z intends to donate even more money to social causes in 2022 than in prior years, and 28% expect to follow more social justice accounts on social media. It’s a fantastic opportunity to tap into that connection and shout out your beliefs if you’re a company with a connection to a cause, charity, or non-profit.


11. The Rise of Brand Personalities


Source: Pexels

Remember the old days when Instagram was simply used to publish visually appealing photographs. The app now incorporates something quite valuable: community and discussion.

To put it another way, Instagram is restoring the “social” back to media platforms. It’s all part of the deal, whether that’s popping up on Instagram Stories, adding individuality to your Instagram posts, or just being artistic on camera for Instagram Reels.


12. Video Memes Will Reign Supreme


Source: Pexels

Video memes will become the most popular in 2022. Memes have always been a certain technique to get recognition, but on Instagram, video memes will become the way to go.

Video memes are identical to stationary memes in that usually combine things abstract, amusing, or captivating with a meaningful message, but they’re more active and enjoyable.


13. New and Improved Community Engagement Features


Source: Pexels

When it concerns conversation openers, no one does it greater than Instagram.

From emoji expressions to characterized stickers, Instagram knows how to build conversation and create a community, and this is one feature they won’t quit in 2022.

So, what more can we look forward to as well upcoming year? First and foremost, we envisage the addition of engagement-boosting stickers (such as the Query sticker) to the Reels conversation.

With the possibility of responding through video or voice message, we expect comment responses to become much more interesting and engaged.


14. Partnership Inbox


Source: Pexels

Gone are the days of missing out on opportunities due to a clogged inbox. Now, businesses and creators can easily identify and manage their collaboration messages in one place.

The Direct Messages tab has a sub-folder called Partnership Messages. These communications bypass the request folder and are routed to the front of the queue, making it easier than ever to locate and manage branded content relationships.



If you really think of Instagram as a photo-sharing forum, pay close attention. Situations have significantly altered.

Instagram is a highly engaging communication medium, and if you really want to flourish in 2022, you’ll really have to roll up your courage, stick up in front of red light, and then let your voice be heard.

The good your material, the more vibrant, approachable, and interacting it will be.


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Shela Baxi is a Software Engineer turned Content Writer. She is a prolific writer and has written blogs in various genres. During her free time, she likes to do her research from YouTube, blog sites as well as follow experts from tech to food to travel and others.

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