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Which startups are using AI better than most?



Which startups are using AI

Artificial intelligence has been coming for a while now but it well and truly arrived in 2023 with Chat GPT becoming increasingly popular. AI has its merits while it also has its drawbacks – just look at how it has caused millions of people across the world to doubt recent drama surrounding the British Royal Family. 

As with any new shiny toy, startups around the world have all tried to incorporate AI into their businesses. Some have failed spectacularly while others have managed to achieve great thinks with the fantastic power at their disposal. Today, we’re going to be focusing on the latter group. Let’s get into it. 

Which startups are using AI

Which startups are using AI? Six of the best


Uizard is a startup that helps users to create designs for their websites and mobile apps. On the face of it, it is one of hundreds of businesses that offer this service but when you dig deeper, you find out why it is so popular with consumers. 

By utlising AI, Uizard is able to assist users with their web and app design with minimal coding which will save them thousands of pounds and hours of time. The technology at the heart of Uizard uses learned algorithms to translate sketches to functional code – incredible. 

Otter Ai

Otter AI is a platform that is a godsend when it comes to work meetings. The platform is able to automatically transcribe meetings, regardless of whether it’s an in-person catch-up or a conference call via Microsoft Teams. 

Once Otter Ai has live-transcribed the entire meeting, it will then analyse what’s been said and provide a summary for all meeting participants. What’s more, it will then create suggested actions for each participant based on what was discussed. 


DeepL is similar to Otter AI in that it is all about transcription. However, that is where the similarities end as DeepL is all about translating spoken text from one language to another. You may be thinking that other online platforms are already well-equipped when it comes to translation but none can do it to the speed and accuracy of DeepL. 

The platform currently covers over 30 languages but they are constantly evolving and expanding so this figure will increase in the coming months and years. It is capable of translating various content types from audio transcriptions to entire websites. 



Synthesia is a revolutionary platform that uses artificial intelligence to create personalised videos. The turnaround time from brief to video is remarkably quick which allows businesses to create several videos at once, all of which are to an incredible standard. 

The videos generated often feature human-like avatars with realistic voices and movements. As the technology develops, these videos will only become more and more realistic and of higher quality which makes this a perfect time to jump on board the Synthesia train. 


Soundful is an AI-powered platform that helps businesses to create soundtracks for digital content, whether that be videos, images or slideshows. Finding the right backing track that hits the right note in regards to the content you are displaying and the ethos of your company is more important than you think and Soundful seem to nail it every time. 

The technology at play is deep learning algorithms that can quickly analyse the emotions and context of your content to produce the perfect backing track. Afterwards, you are able to manually make slight adjustments to get the perfect piece.


Goodvision is a London-based startup that is being used to assist authorities with traffic congestion in the UK capital. The platform taps into traffic analytics before using AI to break down the data received from traffic cameras to make accurate predictions and suggestions on how best to improve the flow of traffic and reduce congestion.

They claim to save traffic professionals 95% of their time which should, in theory, allow them to focus on how to make long-term improvements to roads so that traffic becomes less of an issue at all times.

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