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Why Do You Need to Rent a Car with a Driver in Dubai?

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Dubai is the center of attraction of the whole touring world and has a lot to offer its visitors. Whether it’s the beautiful skyline or the impressive monuments, Dubai is not lagging in any department. Along with many other things, the availability of rental cars in Dubai is also a key reason behind its popularity among tourists. You can rent and drive an automobile there that you can only dream of outside Dubai.

Usually, you need to opt for a car rental in Dubai with driver if you don’t know how to drive. However, renting a car in Dubai with a driver is suggested even if you can drive. You must be thinking, why do you need to do so? Don’t worry! We will tell you the reasons behind hiring a driver in Dubai.

Reasons You Rent a Car With a Driver in Dubai

There are several reasons behind opting for a car rental in Dubai with a driver. Let’s have a look at some of the top listed reasons.

Avoid Traffic Congestion

Dubai is the tourist hub of the world, with many thousands of people visiting this city every year. Though roads are vast in Dubai, traffic congestion is still common there. As a first-time visitor, you want to avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam and wasting your touring time. Therefore, you need to rent a car with a driver.

Drivers are highly skilled professionals. They know very well about the congested roads of Dubai. Furthermore, they can also choose alternative paths instead of remaining stuck in a traffic jam.

Goodbye to Parking and Traffic Fines

As a first-time visitor to this epic land, you may need to be made aware of the law and order situations of the country. You can get fined for several reasons in Dubai. Parking at the wrong place, violating the traffic speed, etc., can cost you significant fines in Dubai. However, when you have a driver with you, the chances of penalties are almost zero.

Drivers have spent their lives driving in Dubai. They know where to park the car and other traffic rules. So you don’t have to pay fines.

Unaware of the Functions

When renting a car in Dubai, you never opt for an ordinary one. You choose your favorite luxury car to rent so that you can ride your dream vehicle. Most probably, you have not driven this car before. So, you need to become more familiar with the vehicle’s functions. It may become hard for you to drive it.

However, when you rent it with a driver, you don’t have to face this problem. The rental company sends those drivers with you who know how to drive your selected car and are familiar with the car’s features. So, you can enjoy all the features and ask the driver to also tell you about them.

Avoid Getting Lost

You may be surprised to read that, as the chance of getting lost when driving is rare. However, it is expected if you are a newbie in Dubai. Though you can get to your destination using Google Maps even after losing, it costs a lot of time and fuel. Hiring a car with a driver can avoid this problem.

Drivers know everything about the routes of Dubai. So chances of getting lost are zero. As a result, you can enjoy your whole time visiting different places.


Driving in Dubai is a challenging task. You have to find ways on congested roads. A lot of traffic, especially during the touring season, can result in accidents. The chances of an accident are even higher when you rent a car you haven’t driven before.

Opting for a car rental with driver in Dubai is a safer way to explore this epic emirate. Drivers are skillful enough to drive on congested roads and follow all the traffic rules. They know how to handle different situations while driving. As a result, the chances of accidents or other mishaps are reduced.

Better Communication

When you visit a place for a few days, you don’t have to learn the language of that area. The same is the case for Dubai. You don’t have to learn Arabic during your tour of this epic emirate. However, you can still communicate very well with anyone in Dubai by renting a car with a chauffeur. These Drivers can speak Arabic fluently to share with anyone on your behalf.

Bottom Line

After going through the reasons above, you must have realised the importance of rent a car Al Nahda. You can easily rent a car along with driving services from One Click Drive. It is the best car rental company in Dubai that also provides chauffeur services.


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