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Why Every Apartment Needs a Door Number

Let’s discover why apartment door numbers are important and why you should buy in Bsign Store.

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Apartment numbering system

The house & apartment numbering system has been used across the world as an efficient way to identify certain places. This tradition is very old. It’s believed that it was started in Paris in 1512 as the successful method to determine the distribution of property ownership in the city. This means that proper organization and navigation weren’t considered the initial purposes but eventually, the system evolved and became popular in Europe and beyond.

House numbering systems are different across countries. Local governments come up with different solutions for house numbering to ensure easy navigation across cities. While the reasons for house numbering are obvious, you might wonder why you should include your private apartment. Let’s discover why apartment door numbers are important and why you should buy in Bsign Store.

1. Legal Issues

Some local councils might not regulate the issue of apartment numbering. However, in many countries, an apartment number is necessary for the registration of the place of residence. This is especially relevant if you have a private house. In the UK, US, Australia, and many other countries all buildings across the street must be numbered. Any changes must be approved by certain local authorities.

2. Services

If you live in a big city, ensure that your apartment has an understandable and visible number. This will simplify the procedure for receiving different services. In particular, we are concerned about emergency services. Ambulance workers won’t simply get to your apartment on time if they don’t see the number on the doors.

Apartment numbering is important to providers of other services as well. A postman also needs to know where you live to deliver letters by the correct address. Delivery guys won’t be efficient if they have to ask your neighbors about where you live. If you want to receive your parcels without additional difficulties, we suggest installing apartment door numbers.

This is also relevant for special home services. You can arrange for specialists such as plumbers, cosmetologists, stylists, and others to come to your home. But they will just waste their and your time looking for your apartment without a door number.

On the whole, apartment door numbering provides you with the possibility to prevent difficulties and simplify the work of different service providers.

3. Potential buyers

If you want to sell your apartment, you need to ensure that potential buyers will be able to find it. Besides, potential buyers might be aware of legal regulations that require apartment numbering for proper registration. To sell anything, you should make sure that buyers won’t face any difficulties during the procedure!

How to choose an apartment door number

To conclude, we would like to provide you with the most important features of an apartment door number:

  • Proper size to ensure it’s visible;
  • Readable font;
  • The contrast of colors ensures readability;
  • Durable material (stainless steel or acrylic glass);
  • Proper shape.

All this can be provided by Bsign Store specialists!

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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