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Why hiring the right dedicated software development team is important

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Technological advancements seem to have opened a room filled with endless possibilities. Businesses no matter where they hail from are found striving hard towards evolving themselves with the help of such disruptive technological advancements. Today to gain a competitive edge, businesses have no other option rather than seeking assistance from such evolving technology. And that’s where software development companies or the concept of hiring dedicated developers come into play.

The demand for apps, websites, softwares is pretty uncanny. As a result, you may find a plethora of software development companies within your region and even overseas. The tricky part is how to pick the right one for your development project. Hiring a software development team is pretty easy but hiring the right dedicated software development team is pretty much easier said than done. First and foremost, one has to understand the true significance of hiring the right dedicated software development team.  And once you have surpassed that stage, you need to understand how to make that happen!

What is a Dedicated Software Development Team?                                                                  2

How Hiring the Right Dedicated Software Development Team is beneficial?                        4

#1 Easy access to talent                                                                                                            4

#2 Cost-effective solutions                                                                                                         5

#3 Increased productivity and efficiency                                                                                    5

#4 Control                                                                                                                                   6

#5 Services                                                                                                                                 6

How to Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team?                                                           7

  1. Know your Requirements 7
  2. Interview the top software development teams 7

What is a Dedicated Software Development Team?

So what exactly is a software development team, Well, a dedicated development is much like any other development team. However, there is just one slight difference as the name implies, the dedicated team ensures seamless collaboration throughout the development project between the client and the service provider. It’s more like having an in-house team, where every member tends to work exclusively for you but overseas or offshore.

A dedicated development team is more like a partnership model which is highly recommended to conduct seamless remote collaboration with your business. Anyone can think of hiring a dedicated development team, be it a startup or a growing business venture.

Now, what exactly happens when you hire a dedicated development team? Well, you get to work with an excellent team of professionals especially the ones who understand your needs and business goals. As mentioned earlier, dedicated development teams are more like your in-house teams who work for you as your employees.

The only difference is that here you no longer need to care about recruiting them, paying them salary or bonuses, taking care of or should I say the headache of their internal issues, HR, Tax, managing their sick leaves and whatnot! As a business, all you have to do is focus on your core competencies and let others do their job. So here you will receive a hand-selected professional team that can take good care of all your development needs.

What a dedicated software development team comprises? Well, on and all it depends on your particular needs and demands but most of the time it comprises of a frontend, backend, full stack engineers, mobile developers, UI-UX designers, DevOps engineers, QA (Quality Analysts), Business Analysts, product managers, and a lot more!

Now many of you have this misconception that a dedicated development team and a fixed price model software development team are the same. Which is definitely not the case. The fixed price model on the contrary is where a client tends to pay an agreed amount of money irrespective of how many hours and energy is invested in that particular project. Most of the short-term based projects featuring clear deadlines, no changes required, MVP development prefer fixed price models.

Coming back to the dedicated software development team. Further I would like to shed some light on the importance of considering the right dedicated software development team.

One of the obvious benefits offered by a dedicated development team is that here you are bound to receive the ideal combination of professional commitment, advanced skills, and all these at affordable prices. Hiring a dedicated development team is more like extending your workforce. Now when such collaboration works?

  • If your product require any kind of technical updates
  • If you want to develop products and solutions featuring third-party servers, multiple tech tools, and frameworks
  • If the software development project is pretty time consuming and long-lasting

How Hiring the Right Dedicated Software Development Team is beneficial?

Well, first and foremost not all businessmen can be technically sound. It’s completely fine, all they need to be is good at what they do. For accomplishment of the current and evolving technological demands, we have a plethora of IT companies within our region and overseas. Now comes the big question, why is there a need for choosing the right dedicated software development teams?

#1 Easy access to talent

One of the obvious and known benefits of considering a dedicated software development team is that you get easy access to choose professionals all across the globe. You are no longer stuck to your own region, you can definitely consider global talent. No matter even if your software developer is operating from a different corner, you can feel rest assured that your work will be done and that too within a given time. In addition, hiring dedicated developers can turn out to be a pretty cost-effective venture. However, it certainly doesn’t mean you won’t be able to receive top-of-the-line tech solutions.

#2 Cost-effective solutions

Another crucial reason or benefit achieved when hiring the right team of dedicated software developers is that it is pretty cost-effective. Yes, even if you are planning to conduct a development project overseas, the cost of development can be relatively low. You see several factors such as taxes, low rates can lead to this. Some of the best and top offshore destinations include India, China, Philippines, Vietnam and a lot more.

Why cost-effective? For starters, you no longer have to pay rent for new office spaces, recruiting costs, training and onboarding costs can be deducted, and other legal expenses can be well taken care of. So with all these major costs being eliminated, you tell me how hiring the right dedicated software development team cannot turn out to be cost-effective.

The only expense that concerns you is paying the development team and nothing else. By this, a significant amount of money is saved.

#3 Increased productivity and efficiency

Software industry is evolving at a fanatic pace and so are these businesses. In fact, by incorporating such technological advances, businesses have proved that they did find a sudden increase in productivity and efficiency to a great extent. As a result, they have gained an edge over their competitors in a very short span of time. Other than increase in productivity, hiring the right dedicated software development teams can save an adequate amount of time and money. Here the key is to hire an experienced team that has knack of dealing with such projects and that too in the best possible way.

#4 Control

As a business, no matter even if you think of outsourcing your services, this will be your software development project. You see, I have come across several businesses who tend to shy away from working with dedicated software development teams just due to this misconception that they might not like it or the outcome of the project might be negative or bad. You see, that’s never the case. When you consider an outsourcing model, you need to ensure that the communication is well-established between two parties very well. Don’t see as if you are disturbing them but take it as a rare opportunity to avoid errors, misconceptions later on. You never know when the communication is seamless, the result can be pretty wonderful.

Today we have a plethora of tools and technologies such as Skype, Basecamp, JIRA, and GoToMeeting, make the most of them! Keep a track of relevant brainstorming based sessions to maintain transparency, enhance productivity and make the workflow more and more essential.

#5 Services

Last but certainly not the least, when you hire the right dedicated team of software developers you are bound to receive full-fledged services such as:

  • Custom development for both web and mobile
  • Designing
  • Product Testing and engineering services
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Remote hosting services for IT infrastructure
  • Support and maintenance
  • Data backup and migration services

On and all, when you hire the right dedicated software development service provider, you are bound to receive a full package of services that are agile, scalable, featuring high-end IT infrastructures and of course the best team of software developers at your service at a pretty reasonable rate.

Now enough said about why you need to hire a dedicated software development service provider. Now it’s time to consider how to hire the right dedicated software development service provider.

How to Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team?

1.   Know your Requirements

This point is pretty basic yet pretty crucial before you start looking for reliable dedicated software development teams across the globe. Once you bifurcate your needs and requirements, finding the right team of developers won’t seem to be a daunting task anymore. Try determining what type of software you are planning to create, have you figured out the number of software developers required for your project, which technology should be used, estimate a budget and timeline and so forth.

Once you know what exactly you want, you can start conducting the market research. Try looking for reliable and reputable software development teams overseas. Don’t just google it but also ask your friends and family for referrals. Also, make sure that the top clients clear the screening process and you don’t end up with a random pick.

2.   Interview the top software development teams

The next tip to keep in mind before choosing is to interview the developer thoroughly before hiring them. After all, you are choosing an extended team for your business, how can one take that lightly. Try shortlisting the ones that carry an immense amount of skills and experience in your type of development project.

Also, try jotting several aspects down regarding what you need to ask to assess whether the team is best for you or not. Also, do not forget to negotiate regarding the budget and timeline.

So, are you Ready to hire the right dedicated software development teams? Well, I guess now you are. All you have to do is look around for software development companies that offer great flexibility, scalability, cost-effective ventures and most-favorable outcomes for your business.

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