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Why You Should Rent Dedicated Server: The Ultimate Guide

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The digital age has increased the volume of traffic and bandwidth consumption. This surge has put pressure on hosting infrastructure, yet consumers demand data privacy and flawless performance.

Companies rent dedicated server for their applications to deliver seamless end-user experience, stay out of competition and maintain brand reputation. The single-tenant server is dedicated to your business, giving you complete control of the resource. A dedicated rental server offers better security, speed, and reliability.

In this article, you will learn what a dedicated server is and its advantages and disadvantages.

Why Should I Rent Server Space?

A server is simply a repository for web pages and responds when a user enters the web address when browsing and clicking enter. Therefore servers monitor these activities through ports and respond nearly instantly to provide the certain site page you have requested.

When users browse the internet and click on a website, instant processes happen in a server located somewhere. That is why website owners rent server space to store and communicate the requested information to the user’s web browser. Therefore, servers deliver certain website processes, visuals, widgets, or elements to your browser.

What is a Dedicated Serve?

When businesses scale up, they upgrade from shared servers to dedicated servers. The dedicated server is entirely for your website, company, or applications, and no other user can access its resources.

On the other hand, a shared server is shared or split with other customers. While it might be adequate at the early growth phase of your business, more is needed when your website becomes popular, and the traffic increases. A high resource usage surpasses the shared server’s abilities, thus prompting you to rent a dedicated server.

Some industries using dedicated servers include gaming, fintech, streaming, adtech, iGaming, etc.

Advantages of Renting a Dedicated Server

·         High Performance

Compute resources or bandwidth is solely yours. That means more storage and RAM, increased application resiliency, improved latency, higher server uptime, faster response rates, as well as loading speeds.

·         Complete Control

A dedicated server is a single-tenant server. Renting a dedicated server gives complete control of the resources.

·         Greater Flexibility

You can scale up or down as you see fit, deploy new dedicated servers, or add additional RAM and storage.

·         Advanced Customization

This server offers extensive, customizable system architecture.


·         Cost

Compared with shared servers, dedicated servers are costly. But many mid and large enterprises prefer to rent dedicated servers to small businesses or startups because they have a high traffic volume.

·         Censorship

Evaluating your dedicated server provider before signing a contract with them is important. Some providers limit what you can host on this server. For instance, they may prohibit political content, adult content, malicious scripts, online gambling, and more.


Dedicated servers provide site owners with exclusive resources. This improves performance and user experience compared to sharing storage with another user. Although a dedicated rental server is costly, it gives you customizable system architecture and the flexibility to scale up and down. So then, the benefits of switching to a dedicated server outweigh the cost implication.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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