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Zak Westphal : From High-Risk Trader to Fintech Visionary

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You’d be hard-pressed to find a business leader more passionate about transforming the retail trading industry than Zak Westphal. As CEO and co-founder of StocksToTrade, he’s completely changing the game for retail traders looking to achieve financial independence.

However, he wasn’t always the trailblazing fintech founder that we see today. His origins story traces back to his skills as a high-risk penny stock trader navigating markets on his own. Through firsthand experience, he gained an intimate understanding of the myriad challenges facing retail investors, partially the lack of high power tools that were seemingly only available to the trading elite.

Continually inspired to help level the playing field, Zak set out to create the kind of intuitive, feature-rich product he knew traders needed but couldn’t find anywhere else. The result was StocksToTrade – a powerhouse fintech platform packed with algorithmic trading technology designed to empower retail investors to trade on their own terms.

The Making of a Trader: Zak Westphal’s Early Days in the Market

Long before he became a trading pro, Zak was just a curious rookie trying to decode the stock market’s inner workings. He skipped the textbook education and dove right into the real-life fray. It wasn’t long before the high-risk, high-reward world of penny stocks lured him in.

Through a whole lot of independent study, Zak immersed himself in everything penny stocks. He pored over patterns for hours, picking apart data that most traders overlooked. He learned how to see the method in the madness – spotting hidden opportunities in the turbulence.

While volatile penny stocks rattled most newcomers, Zak kept his cool. Even when his picks took unpredictable turns, he stuck to his research-backed guns. Where others made emotional calls, Zak’s discipline and analysis anchored him.

Navigating penny stocks built up Zak’s trading skills one chaotic day at a time. The daily grind instilled some hard-won wisdom: how to roll with the punches, trust the data, and tune out hype. In time, Zak emerged battle-tested – equipped with the sharp analytical eye and mental toughness of a true pro.

The Turning Point: From Trader to Entrepreneur

As Zak honed his skills as a standout trader, he took note of how much individual investors were getting the short end of the stick. He saw firsthand the major disadvantages people faced trying to trade on their own without fancy tools and data that big institutional players leaned on.

After witnessing those gaps, a lightbulb went off for Zak – he realized he could put his trading know-how to work solving this imbalance. He started asking – what if regular investors could access the same game-changing resources as Wall Street? A passion blazed in Zak to take action so the little guy had a fighting chance.

So Zak pivoted from trader to trailblazer, setting out to build technology that leveled the playing field. He envisioned an investing landscape where anyone – not just fancy suits – had a shot at making it in the markets with the right tools. For Zak, this wasn’t just about business – it was about realizing possibilities for regular people chasing financial dreams like his own. His blueprint for change started taking shape.

StocksToTrade: Empowering Over 30,000 Retail Investors

Since day one, Zak Westphal’s brainchild StocksToTrade has leveled the playing field by unlocking institutional-grade capabilities for regular folks. Through robust tools like algorithms and AI, the platform lets individuals trade as efficiently and insightfully as the pros.

Today, over 30,000 subscribers leverage StocksToTrade’s powerful functionality to rapidly spot patterns, react to shifts, and capitalize on opportunities. Cutting-edge machine learning grants them access to high-velocity automated trading – capabilities once considered exclusively for big-money institutions.

Of course, transforming the landscape is not just about delivering fancy new tech. A huge part of Zak’s vision has centered on creating a supportive ecosystem so people can truly direct their own trading styles and strategies armed with knowledge. Through community collaboration and a library of tutorials, the platform bolsters financial literacy alongside cutting-edge tools.

By marrying sophisticated analytics with education, Zak and his team are realizing a long-held dream: opening access so all individual investors have an equal shot at success.

The Future of Fintech: Zak Westphal’s Vision

Even as fintech continues progressing in leaps, Zak keeps StocksToTrade on innovation overdrive fueled by one guiding purpose – leveling the playing field for retail investors. As emerging technologies take shape, he gets inspired to push his mission even further.

By fusing next-gen tools with smart education, Zak envisions a whole new ballgame – one where regular people direct their money moves armed with slick platforms and fluency. He sees a near future with seamless access, boundless opportunity, and zero obsolete gatekeepers. A future driven by progress without leaving everyday investors behind.

Under Zak’s lead, StocksToTrade charges ahead to catalyze this landscape centered around user needs – one where financial literacy and cutting-edge tech blend intuitively to drive access and agency. Even pioneering uncharted territory, Zak keeps steady focus – advancing by first principles while pushing user-first fintech frontiers.

Led by the mission to empower through access and education, StocksToTrade presses forward at dizzying speed. And under Zak Westphal’s visionary helm, the strides made so far are just the start for what’s in store. The future of fintech looks bright for the everyday investor.


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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