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Instagram Mistakes : 10 Things to Avoid On Instagram to Make Your Brand More Visible

Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms in recent years. The site has over one billion users, and game-changing new features each month.

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Therefore, Instagram has become part of people’s lives, which is vital for your business. To get you started, this article has compiled ten things that you should avoid on Instagram, for they will hamper your brand visibility. The information is valuable whether you’re creating brand awareness for a new business, or you have been using Instagram for years.

1. Avoid Creating Content for General Audience

You need to understand your audience. Research whether your potential audience exists on Instagram. What is the point of preparing the most beautiful content in the world, but fail to appeal to your target buyers? Thus, the goal is to build your brand by targeting the right audience but not the general public that is on this platform that don’t add value to your business. Always consider the following:

  • Impressions – the number of views.
  • Website clicks – the total number of clicks on the link of your business profile.
  • Reach- the different accounts that viewed your content.
  • Saves – who saved your posts?
  • Video views – who viewed your video content?

Other information is their location, gender, and age, which helps you to understand whether you have a target audience in this platform or if you’re attracting new Instagram followers.

2.  Don’t Talk at Them but Talk with Them

Avoid spamming your followers with sales materials in the name of social media marketing instead try to engage them. This makes your business more human than corporate. Thus, engaging them will motivate them to share your content or comment on it, and this will attract new users to your profile. For instance, you can build your following and keep them around by commenting on their post now and then. This proves to them that you’re listening hence creating a better image for your company. Ask them to share their photos on your profile using your products. Then use these images in your online store to inspire potential buyers.

3.  Keep Off Irrelevant Hashtags

Hashtags are simple ways of tagging your video content and images to help users find them easily. They can be generic or very specific. Thus avoid overused tags. Don’t overdo it; using at least 3-4 targeted hashtags is much better than 20 random ones. Lastly, don’t spam, but keep these hashtags relevant to the images. Ensure that you have hashtags within your industry, for it will attract the ideal audience to your content.

4.  Never Post Just any Time, or Day

Establish the best time your target audience is listening and post then. Have a social listening tool to track your Instagram engagement and tell you which posts performed better than others based on time and date. If not so, aim to post when users are not busy like evenings, lunchtime, or weekends. A little research will help you to figure out which days are better for you. Don’t ignore your competitors. Study what time they post their content and plan to post then.

5.   Don’t Just Post Content Invite Them to Take Action

Posting content over and over may not create brand visibility, but adding calls-to-action (CTAs) will. Be clear on what you want your followers to do. Do you want them download the content, buy or visit your website? A compelling CTA tells them precisely what to do next. Although Instagram allows only the link in your bio, you can simply tell them to find more info by clicking on it. You can use promo codes to track your sales since you can’t put links to your images to guide users on where to buy the items.

6.   Shun Posting Vague Visuals

Instagram is all about people sharing their photos, thus posting great content is mandatory for your social media marketing. When selling products online, you need to understand that most buying decisions are made based on visual appearance. The beautiful visuals will attract followers and encourage them to engage with your brand as well as keep them coming back for more content. For that reason, you can’t post vague images. Accompany those excellent photos with a good theme relevant to your niche market make sure to make the background of your photos match the theme of your Instagram page. Use a  background changer to step up your branding efforts.

7.   Don’t Underestimate the Power of Influencers

Have endorsers because their word goes a long way with buyers. Identify the right people that can serve as influencers. They should be visible in the industry, suitable for your audience, and have an excellent history of inspiring followers. That means these individuals are influential and don’t rely on people with a huge following, for that is not enough. They must be vocal about your industry or brand. Then reach out to them and remember there is a cost attached to it, but it can be the jumpstart you need.  

8.   Turn Away From Telling your Entire Message with a Single Image

You already have a wonderful gift called the stories feature that sits on top of the follower’s feed. Stories are different from your day to day Instagram posts, but they are made up of images that follow one another in a row. They get erased after 24 hours, have no captions, and other users can’t see comments. In view of that, why not string several photos together instead of narrating your whole message with one image.

9.   Don’t Merely Drop Images on your Profile

Everyone knows that Instagram is entirely an image platform; however, dropping images in your account without any captions will not help it. Texts have a powerful effect. Thus, consider what you’re about to post and insert a word telling your followers what the image is all about. Do it the same way you would tell a friend if you showed them a photo. Let them talk to followers directly, and this will give then a personal feel.

10. Eliminate Inconsistency in Your Posts

Most marketers understand that Instagram is about aesthetics. So, they try to maintain visual consistency throughout their profile, for they want people to recognize their brand. Therefore, create images with a similar style and color scheme immediately you understand your target audience. Make sure your content stands out since this platform uploads more than 100 million videos and photos every day.

Final Thoughts

These are 10 things to avoid when marketing your brand on Instagram. The article has shown you what to focus on to get more followers noticing and engaging with your company on this platform. Try them with your target audience and see how well they will fit with them.

Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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