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4 Highly Effective Ways To Get More Leads Onto Your eMail List

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For bloggers, internet marketers, and even business owners, the message has long been clear, email marketing is here to stay, and will likely remain the brightest star in the digital skies for many years to come. 


On average, an email list generates $36 in sales for every $1 spent, resulting in a mind-boggling ROI of 4,400%, and if that’s not enough, over 4 billion users worldwide actively use emails.


With that said, however, building such an email list is no walk in the park, and marketers often find themselves at their wits end trying to get more leads onto their lists. 


List building, like most other digital marketing endeavors, requires the application of certain tried-and-tested principles, along with extensive individual testing, and optimization, making it both an art, as well as a science.


Your website or sales page might receive traffic from a wide variety of different sources, but capturing this traffic, nurturing them, and converting such visits into sales is the role of email marketing. Without the right lead capture mechanisms, you stand to lose out on potential sales, while also failing to extract substantial value from your marketing budget.


In this article, we cover a broad range of best practices that you can apply to maximize leads and grow your email list effortlessly.

  1.Mobile Friendly & Responsive Forms

With mobile internet traffic exceeding 54% according to recent data, any part of the funnel that isn’t optimized for this traffic, or isn’t responsive enough for small screen sizes is likely to lose out on leads. Off late, users are far less forgiving of sluggish and vexing mobile experiences, and are likely to abandon the site within seconds, and develop an unfavorable perception if it fails to match their expectations.


A large number of websites still lack a mobile-friendly interface, and a newsletter sign-up or email subscription form is often lost on smaller screens, resulting in dismal opt-in rates. 


Fortunately, creating mobile-friendly sign-up forms is a lot simpler and straightforward with tools such as Aweber, and are known to result in substantial improvements in conversion rates on installation.

  2.Incentivizing Subscriptions

A popular practice for scaling email lists includes offering a freebie, or any kind of incentive in return for newsletter, or email subscriptions. The game plan often includes PLR, or MRR ebooks relevant to a site’s niche, which is used as bait to get visitors to share their emails, the free content is then delivered once the user verifies their email address.


This helps generate targeted leads, which can then be nurtured, and converted into customers over time. Ideally, the bait, and free content delivered should align with the long-term intent of the list, for example, a PLR ebook on Free Website Traffic may be more appealing to amateur marketers, whereas the State of Marketing Report by Hubspot mainly caters towards experienced industry professionals. 

  3.Use Pop-Ups

One of the most infuriating parts of the internet, pop-ups work surprisingly well when it comes to generating opt-ins. In the best of cases, a well designed, minimally intrusive pop-up converted as much as 14% of visitors into subscribers. While there are drawbacks, such as an increase in bounce rates, and certain adverse effects on SEO, stellar results such as these cannot be ignored.


Pop-ups come in different styles, and sizes, with a number of WordPress plugins making it incredibly easy to create, design, and customize high-quality templates for the same. For ideal results, pop-ups should be timed to appear about 10 to 20 seconds after the page loads, so that the viewer has sufficient time to realize the underlying content, and can either close it, or subscribe, without feeling compelled to leave.


Conversions depend to a great extent on the design and appeal of the pop-up template, and ideally, it should contain any baits or incentives that you plan on giving to subscribers. There are a number of other elegant ways of implementing this, such as small slide-in banners containing a subscription box, or a sticky top bar that follows the user as they scroll, until they either close, or disable the same.

  4.Gated Content

One of the most effective ways of generating opt-ins is by using gated, or restricted content which is only revealed to users only after they perform a particular action. This, ofcourse, requires stellar content that compels visitors to continue reading, even if it means taking a slight detour to subscribe, and verify their email addresses. This is ideal for long-form, pillar articles, without any competing search results.


Not the most popular among visitors, but it is incredibly effective when done with the right content, and approach. Putting a blanket gateway across all pages and content is not recommended, it should ideally be implemented on pages with “irresistible” content. This can also be applied to small sections of the page, such as links, and resources, that readers can access after subscribing.

Final Verdict

Building a list by onboarding targeted leads on a consistent basis is critical for an effective online marketing campaign. Whether it is paid ads, a blog, SEO traffic, or social media, digital endeavors start gaining traction only when there is a steady audience looking for regular doses of your content. 


With a number of tools, plugins, and widgets, customizing a site or landing page to capture leads is only limited by your creativity, and resolve. With a bit of testing, and optimization, any site, or blog can be turned into a lead generation machine, adding substantial value to your marketing campaigns.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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