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A Global Business Networking Secret: Translation Services

Want to know a secret about global businesses?

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Business Networking Secret

This article will talk about a great global business secret: translation services. We’ll see how translation services may be able to help startups become successful global businesses through different types of language services, such as localizing websites and apps, translating websites, or building multilingual websites.

A large-scale behavioral study from CSA Research in 2014 showed that 75% of consumers are more likely to buy products from websites in their native language. And, according to the same source, around 40% of internet users said they will never buy from websites that are not in their native language.

So, we’ll go into the pros and cons of translation services versus freelance translators, and the practical ways to search for translation services, as well as how to vet one if you’re looking for one for your startup. We’ll wrap up by discussing the global benefits of translation services.

Is your startup ready to go global?

The Different Types of Translation Services For Your Startup

Any translation service has a repertoire of services that could be applicable to your startup. This includes localizing websites, apps, and games, and translating websites, or building multilingual websites, but these are just one of the few translation services available. There are also other services, such as desktop publishing, translation of financial firms, and simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. The list goes on.

Depending on your industry, translation companies can accommodate translation services for your legal, medical, and technical industries. This means that legal translators will be the ones who will translate your documents, while medical translators will translate your medical manuals and documents, and technical translators will be the ones translating your reports, charts, and more.

Translation services like Tomedes will have a curated list of services available for you, based on in-demand translation services in the market, which are technology-driven solutions done by the best human translators. Choosing Tomedes is choosing more than translation because they broaden the global horizons of their clients through their translation services. Whether you’re in the Chinese market for social media, or in any startup looking to go international, Tomedes has language offerings for you.

Translation Services or Freelance Translators?

If you’re a startup, you may be wondering whether to use translation services or hire freelance translators. The truth is, there are pros and cons to using both. Let’s compare the two via different metrics:

Working Anytime and Anywhere

– Freelance translators can work anytime and anywhere. But that may come at a cost. Freelancers work on their own time, which means that they’re working only when they’re available. Meanwhile, translation services have a customer support team as an added support to the freelance translators, and this customer service team is usually available 24/7, as it is at Tomedes translation services.

Available Technology

– If you’re looking for specialized work such as translating with machines, computer-assisted translation, and translation memory tools, then translation services are the way to go. Freelance translators are not as well-equipped, or you’d have to conduct a very specialized search for your project.

Turnaround Time

– Freelance translators will turn around articles in the time that they’re available, or in the time agreed upon. Meanwhile, translation services, depending on the services, may need more time than freelance translators. That’s because they’re also making sure that your work is going through processes such as quality assurance to make sure your translation project is up to par.

Industry Expertise

– Companies that are highly specialized need the industry expertise of experienced translators. With a freelance translator, you’ll have to waste time locating the right freelance translators; meanwhile, translation companies have freelance translators at their disposal, who are knowledgeable about the industry you’re working in.


– The sole translator’s work can produce good quality, but so too can the translation service. This is because the final output of translators from a translation company can also undergo quality assurance, proofreading of content, and more, to ensure you get a good quality of results. With a freelance translator, you will only get the translation work at hand, without any of the pluses.

When it comes down to it, it may depend on the availability of freelancers for your translation projects. You have to find freelance translators, compare freelance translations, negotiate prices, and communicate back and forth when at translation services, you simply have to contact 24/7 customer support, such as the one Tomedes has.

How to Find the Right Translation Provider

Finding the right translation service is easy when you’re online. Now, everyone uses the internet to find translators. The right translation services will be able to convey the right information and the right call-to-action button.

Try to know the agency service through their website, such as do they use solely human translators, do they have industry-expert, specialized translators, or do they use post-editing for their machine translating? The speed of translation will also matter here, if they respond within a few minutes, or if they have a quick turnaround. Custom service is another important measure of gaging the translation service. Go with one that has 24/7 customer support, and prioritize the client.

Make sure as well to ask about the portfolios of the translators that will be chosen to translate your project. Looking at their portfolios, you’ll be a better judge of the quality work they can do. Moreover, translation services have their own portfolios as well. Their past clients, past work, and reviews of their past work will be an important factor.

A good way to vet translation services is through review sites such as Good Firms and Trustpilot. Through these sites, you can compare and contrast different translation services and what they offer. You can better understand what translation services offer, and how they can benefit you.

The Global Benefits of Translation Services

There are a number of global benefits for translation services. According to a CSA Research survey of Fortune 500 companies, businesses that use translation services were 1.5 times more likely than their peers to report an increase in revenue.

This is because using translation services can broaden the horizons of a company, allowing them to market to and reach international clientele. This can lead to a boost in customers and in sales, as well as business credibility, increased online presence, and increased conversion rates for a company’s successful internet expansion.

With the client at the center of their philosophy, a translation service is able to accommodate all needs of their clients while still giving the best quality of service through experienced, industry-expert translators, as well as providing two levels of quality assurance and review. If you’re looking to be treated well with quality translations, choose a translation service today.

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