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Effortless Sky Replacement in Your Social Media Videos

kokou adzo



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Do you remember the time when capturing that perfectly good video to feed on social media, only for a horrible sky in background? You can easily change the skies in your clips with a few hacks that will give you enchanting, picturesque backdrops. This article will focus on some of the best sky replacement techniques using basic video editing tools.

Depending on whether you are planning to emphasize rich blue skies, brooding cloudscapes or dazzling sunsets, sky replacement is likely to bring your online videos a big step forward. Below, we discuss some easy methods for sky replacement that would allow you to embellish your social media shorts with impressive skies matching the tone and subject of the content.

What Is Sky Replacement?

Sky replacement is a video editing technique that allows you to swap out or modify the sky in your video clips. Using special effects and compositing tools in video editing software, you can superimpose a new sky image over the existing sky in your footage. This creates the illusion of an entirely new sky background.

Sky replacement provides an easy way to alter the look, mood, and aesthetics of your videos. Dull gray skies can be replaced with dramatic, moody storm clouds. Overcast

skies can be exchanged for radiant sunrises or sunsets. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing skies to match your creative vision.

Part 2: Best Ways to Replace Sky in Any Video

1. HitPaw Video Enhancer: Awesome New Sky Replacement Tool

HitPaw Video Enhancer is an AI-powered video editing software that makes sky replacement in videos easy and automatic. Its advanced neural networks seamlessly replace skies in your clips with no complicated masking required. It is the best dark sky replacement tool.

High quality AI video resolutio enhancer

Simply select the timeframe to replace the sky, choose a new sky from the library or import your own, and HitPaw’s AI technology handles the composite. It realistically integrates the new sky into your footage.

Additional features include upscaling video resolution up to 4K/8K, reducing noise, sharpening image quality, colorizing black and white videos, and repairing corrupted footage.

For social media creators and videographers looking to enhance videos with eye- catching new skies, HitPaw Video Enhancer is a powerful AI sky replacement video tool. Its automated AI saves time while delivering impressive results.

Follow these simple steps for professional-quality sky swaps:

1.Download and Install HitPaw Video Enhancer.

2.Go to the “Magic Sky” function and drag and drop your clip with the existing sky into HitPaw to get started.


3. Browse HitPaw’s massive library of sky videos and photos. Pick one that matches the mood and lighting of your scene.

HitPaw library

4. HitPaw’s AI instantly and seamlessly inserts the new sky into your footage. No complicated compositing needed.

HitPaw's AI

5. Preview your enhanced clip with the incredible new sky backdrop. Export to save the final video in HD.

enhanced clip

2. Davinci Resolve: Make Your Own Sky in Seconds

DaVinci Resolve provides professional-grade tools for convincingly swapping skies in your videos. With its node-based workflow and color page features like qualifiers, power windows, and tracker stabilizer, you can realistically integrate new skies into your clips.

While the process takes some practice, the steps are straightforward. Here is how to do a sky replacement on DaVinci:

1. First, import your foreground video with the existing sky and the new sky background clip you want to use. Stack the clips on the edit timeline with the new sky on top.

sky replacement on DaVinci

2. Then, on the color page, use the Qualifier tool to key out the areas of the original sky you want to replace. Invert and refine this key using power windows and tracking data.

use the Qualifier tool

3. Next, correctly position and scale your new sky clip to match the camera perspective. Use color correction tools to adjust the look and better match lighting.

color correction tools

4. The key technique is using DaVinci’s tracker to analyze foreground objects like buildings. This generates data to stabilize and lock your new sky into place realistically.

DaVinci's tracker

5. Apply the inverted tracker data to the sky clip. Fine-tune the Strong slider to make sure the sky movement matches the camera movement precisely.

inverted tracker data

With patience and by following these steps, DaVinci Resolve provides sophisticated tools for seamless sky replacement and compositing in your videos. The end results will appear as though you captured the perfect sky in-camera.

3. After Effects: Advanced Sky Replacement

After Effects provides a robust toolset for convincingly swapping skies in video projects, with built-in effects like extractors and camera trackers, you can break a scene down into layers and integrate new skies seamlessly.

1.To start, import the foreground video and new sky footage into a composition. Use effects like extractors and masks to meticulously remove the existing sky. Refine the key with the Key Cleaner and Choker to avoid leftover artifacts.

Advanced Sky Replacement

2.Next, apply the 3D Camera Tracker to analyze the scene. This generates tracking points to attach the new sky realistically. Bring in the new sky clip and position it deep into the composition. Scale and orient it to match the perspective and directional light.

3D Camera Tracker

3.With the sky integrated, use color correction effects to balance tones across layers. Create adjustment layers to fine-tune hues and lighting. Finally, preview the composite and export the finished video.

finished video

4. Premiere Pro: Make Footage MORE Epic

Adobe Premiere Pro provides an efficient workflow for swapping skies in your videos, provided the camera angle remains steady. With the creative use of built-in tools like masks, blend modes, and color mattes, you can seamlessly integrate new skies into your shots.

1.To replace a sky, first stack the foreground clip above the new sky footage on the timeline. Then, apply a Rectangular Mask effect, using the points to mask out everything except the sky area. Add feathering to soften the horizon line.

Premiere Pro

2.Next, resize and position the new sky clip below to match the perspective and align the horizon line with the mask edge. The two layers should now blend together convincingly.

new sky clip

3.For better integration, create a color matte using a sky tone. Place this over the new sky, set it to Multiply blend mode, and adjust the opacity to match the lighting.

create a color matte using a sky tone

What Is the Best App That Replaces the Sky in a Video?

When it comes to selecting software for replacing skies in your videos, there are a few options to consider depending on your needs. Programs like Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and Premiere Pro all provide strong sky replacement capabilities, as we’ve covered. However, for most users, the best app often comes down to balancing power, simplicity, and cost.

In that regard, HitPaw Video Enhancer emerges as an excellent choice for effortless and realistic sky swaps. With its AI-powered technology, HitPaw can naturally replace skies in a very automatic, streamlined way.


Swapping dark sky app replacement for vivid backdrops is easy with the right software. For seamless, realistic sky replacement, HitPaw Video Enhancer is an optimal choice. With its user-friendly interface and AI-powered tools, HitPaw makes enhancing videos with stunning new skies simple, automatic, and affordable.

Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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