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Good Practices to Maintain Cleanliness at the Office

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Maintaining a healthy workplace atmosphere always gives out a positive sign. Would you like to work in an office that is rarely cleaned? Don’t you feel annoyed when you have no place to keep your laptop and other necessary files just because you are running out of free space? Surely, you would not want to have your work desk covered in layers of dust and full of clutter that is eating up all that space. Stressing cleanliness and the importance of hygiene increases employees’ productivity and boosts their trust in the organization’s policies. A well-established business must resort to superior facility cleaning services to keep its premises neat and tidy. Cleanliness keeps the efficiency of an organization high and ensures that its employees stay healthy and productive.

Habits to Keep a Workplace Organized and Tidy

Dirty tables, disorganized cabinets, and dusty keyboards are an eyesore at a workplace, don’t you agree? Messy and fully occupied desks negatively impact your clients who might refrain from working with your company. Working in unhygienic conditions would only make the employees sick and lower their morale. On the other hand, a tidy workplace boosts productivity. Having neat and clean premises will convey a strong positive message to your clients, who will start to value your company and its principles. Employees also feel happy when they find an adequately organized space to work in. Resorting to periodical workplace cleaning and sanitation will always ensure that your office remains spick and span. Let’s look at some standard practices which we can follow to keep our workplaces clean and tidy.

Reduce Clutter


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We hardly see a workplace that is rid of papers lying around on every table. Torn envelopes, old bills, daily to-do lists, chewing gum wrappers, plastics, and old unwanted documents make up the clutter that we see lying on our desks. Dispose of these, and you will find ample space for the important stuff.

Only Eat in Canteens

Make sure not to bring any food and drink to your work desk. The empty trays and coffee cups often lie about making your desk even more unhygienic. Refrain from opening your lunchbox while sitting at your desk and advise others to do the same. This small practice will significantly reduce the dirt and waste from your table.

File Everything

Are you tired of searching through a pile of papers openly lying about? Maybe you should start organizing all your documents in proper files. Allocate and keep all these files in appropriate places to reduce them from piling up on your desk. Files keep things in order and ensure that your documents stay safe and dust-free.

Organize Cables and Wires

Having a lot of appliances on the table often results in a lot of wires and cables that get entangled together, forming a mess. Loose and open electrical wires can also pose a safety hazard, risking your life, and therefore, need to be appropriately organized. Opting for a wireless mouse, keyboard, earphones, and other Bluetooth-operated appliances can considerably reduce the wiry mess from your desk.

Dispose of Waste Properly


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Handling files and paperwork regularly is bound to create some waste. Crumpled pages, torn sheets, pens whose inks have run out, and opened envelopes, when not properly disposed of, pile up to form unwanted clutter and eat up your free space. Don’t leave any waste lying around on your desk or wait for the office staff to clean it up for you. The handling and disposal of waste properly is key to creating a clean and safe facility.

Clean and Disinfect

It is always good to keep a disinfectant spray beneath your desk. Spraying it periodically over your belongings and the files you handle will ensure that you work in a clean and hygienic environment. Disposable wipes and paper towels are also good alternatives to rub off the dust from your work materials.

Empty the Common Tables

The common tables at your workplace are bound to be one of the most disorganized and cluttered areas in the office. Keeping the tables clean would make the office a lot cleaner and tidier. Remove all papers, pen holders, files, and boxes from these tables so everyone can use the tables when needed. Ask others to also follow the same practice as it would benefit everyone.


Workplace cleanliness ensures the physical well-being of all workers and boosts their mental health. Adopting such small yet important practices would help to create an organized and habitable workplace that reaps greater rewards in the long run. So take up your broom and start cleaning!

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