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How to View Private Twitter Account Without Following (2023)

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View private Twitter

Want to view a private Twitter account? You can with these tools!

Twitter is among the biggest micro-blogging platforms worldwide. It has millions of users who share their ideas via tweeting. People of all ages use Twitter.

Twitter has two main types of profiles, public accounts, and private accounts. The first accounts can be viewed and accessed by anyone, but personal accounts only allow their followers to view their content.

The way these accounts work poses a severe safety and security concern, as private accounts are tough to regulate.

People can use specific apps to view the content of private accounts. These apps allow people to check and regulate what content these accounts post.

This guide hopes to clear up which apps you can use to view a Twitter private account and how people can use them for good.


How to View Private Twitter Account

Here are some ways you can view private Twitter accounts.

Using Private Twitter Accounts Viewer Apps

1. xMobi

Private Twitter Viewer

xMobi is a cutting-edge application that is a premier method for viewing private Twitter accounts. 

xMobi takes pride in its dependability and credibility. Users can rely on the application to provide accurate and real-time information from private Twitter accounts, ensuring an authentic and current experience. 


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The app doesn’t require input from the account owner and personal information and allows you to see the profile photo, follow requests, private tweets, etc.

xMobi has various unique features that set it apart from other applications. Its sophisticated search capabilities, personalized content suggestions, and real-time notifications offer users a customized and immersive viewing experience.

In addition to its technological prowess, xMobi offers outstanding customer service. 

A devoted team of specialists is readily available to promptly resolve any questions or concerns, ensuring users have a seamless and enjoyable journey throughout the app.

  • Thorough activity tracking
  • Highlighting particular Twitter trends and hashtags
  • Detailed activity heatmaps for private accounts
  • Many different features for accessing a personal account
  • A quick viewing of private accounts
  • Extensive refund period
  • Lackluster customer support, which can be tough to reach
  • Unauthorized viewing may cause misuse of confidential information

xMobi has three main packages to choose from.

  • Free Package:

Limited view of 1 private Twitter profile.

Standard capabilities for content filtering and timed viewing.

Email customer support.

  • Paid Package: 59.99$/month

Unlimited viewing of 10 private Twitter accounts.

Enhanced content filtering and personalized notification capabilities.

Priority support via email and conversation.

  • Premium Package: 70$/month

Unrestricted viewing of 20 private Twitter accounts.

Complete feature set, including content curation, offline access, and real-time interaction.

VIP support is available 24/7 with a dedicated account manager.


2. Glassagram

Glassagram is another top private Twitter viewer due to its user-friendly interface, providing users with a seamless experience. 

The app is easy to navigate, allowing users quick access to a private Twitter profile and their content.

The application’s commitment to anonymity and security is one of its greatest strengths. 

Glassagram employs comprehensive encryption protocols and data protection measures, ensuring that private account information is protected from unauthorized access and remains confidential.

Glassagram introduces a time-limited viewing option, granting users access to private accounts for a specified period.

The app allows users to target a particular Twitter account, acquire the Twitter profile link, and get a list of all the private tweets.

The dependability and trustworthiness of Glassagram are also commendable. 

Users can rely on the app to provide accurate and current information from private Twitter accounts, instilling trust and confidence in its services.

  • Viewing private and public tweets
  • Real-time alerts for new tweets
  • Extensive search options
  • Easy access to all services only requires a Twitter profile link
  • Readily available, professional customer service
  • Experience in the field
  • Limited options and features
  • The private account may become vulnerable to further viewings

As mentioned briefly in this review, the software is free and available for purchase, depending on your needs. 

With their free bundle, you can simply view and download Instagram stories. With a premium bundle, you can secretly monitor the target’s Instagram activity. 

They offer their premium package in monthly and annual installments, with the monthly package costing $59.99 and the yearly package costing $179.99, respectively.


3. EyeZy

EyeZy is another excellent app for accessing private Twitter profiles. The outstanding array of features available on the application sets it apart from other options.

EyeZy’s proprietary covert mode lets users view private Twitter accounts incognito without leaving a trace. 

Their covert mode ensures users have a seamless and secure browsing experience, preserving their anonymity.

A notable feature of EyeZy is its offline access mode, which enables users to save private account content and access it without an internet connection. The convenience guarantees uninterrupted access to one’s preferred personal accounts.

EyeZy offers valuable activity insights for private accounts, providing users with information on posting frequency, engagement patterns, and other metrics. This feature helps users obtain a greater understanding of their account activity.

EyeZy is compatible with various devices and platforms, ensuring users have a seamless experience on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.

  • Enables users to share private account tweets effortlessly
  • Stealth viewing of private tweets, messages, etc.
  • The app organizes accounts into multiple groups
  • Constant improvements to the service
  • Available on most mobile phones and computers
  • No need for any private information
  • Short and limited refund period
  • Sometimes the app can go offline and be inaccessible

EyeZy has a few options based on how many private accounts you can view and other features.

  • Basic Plan: $50/month

Access to view five private Twitter accounts.

Limited features for content filtering and time-limited viewing.

Standard customer support.

  • Standard Plan: $55/month

Access to view ten private Twitter accounts.

Additional features for content filtering and personalized notifications.

Priority customer support.

  • Premium Plan: $65/month

Access to view 20 private Twitter profiles.

Full access to features includes content curation, in-app messaging, and account insights.

Dedicated customer support with faster response times.

Follow the account

Sending a follow request is a standard and respectful method for viewing a private Twitter profile. 

You can send a follow request to a Twitter user whose tweets you wish to view but whose account is private. 

The procedure permits the account owner to examine your profile and determine whether or not to grant you access to their private tweets.

Use an Account That Already Follows the Profile

If you can find an account in the follower’s list of the particular Twitter account you want to view, you can view the account’s content.

This method is an ethical way of accessing the content of a restricted account. 

You can now view Tweets, re-tweet, and comment on their posts. You can further convince the account owner to make the profile public so you can see it from your main account.

Join Public Conversations

Participating in public Twitter conversations is a fantastic way to interact with other users, discover new perspectives, and develop relationships. 

You can establish a meaningful online presence and potentially gain access to private accounts by actively participating in discussions on various topics.

Discussing topics the private account likes can entice the owner to make their profile available by following you.


Why Should You Use Private Twitter Account Viewer Apps?

Twitter is a great social media platform for discovering new ideas. People post art, philosophy, and debate on recent events.

Private Twitter profiles consist of a sizeable part of Twitter content. Not being able to view personal Twitter accounts means you miss out on a lot of content.

The apps can help you access private Twitter account and all the hidden gems on Twitter.

Here are some of the advantages of learning how to see private tweets.

Access to Hidden Content

Some users may find it alluring to gain access to exclusive content via private Twitter accounts. 

Private accounts frequently provide a space for individuals to share personal insights, behind-the-scenes updates, and other information they may not want to be made public.

On private Twitter accounts, you may find previews of forthcoming projects, personal reflections, unpublished works, profile photos, videos, and links to restricted content. 

Market Researching

Market research via private Twitter accounts provides businesses and marketers a valuable opportunity to collect in-depth market insights and data. 

Companies can better understand their target audience, industry trends, and competitors’ activities by accessing exclusive content shared by a select group of users.

Individuals frequently use private accounts to express opinions, preferences, and feedback that they would not share publicly. 

The raw data from private accounts can be a goldmine for businesses seeking genuine and objective consumer sentiments. 

Competitive Upper-Hand

A competitor might frequently make their account private to share confidential or experimental content, not for public consumption. 

Through meticulous observation and analysis, businesses can identify trends and themes that resonate with their competitor’s target audience. 

You can view if your criticism comes from a fake account. You might notice these accounts don’t have a profile photo.

In addition, observing how rivals interact with their followers within these private circles can cast light on their customer relationship management strategies. 

By understanding the type of content that generates the most significant interactions, businesses can refine their engagement strategies and strengthen their relationships with their followers.

Reach Niche Communities

Private Twitter accounts allow individuals to express themselves without fear of criticism or unwarranted attention. 

The sense of privacy in these communities encourages open and candid conversations, allowing members to delve into niche topics and investigate topics that people may not want to discuss as freely in public forums.

You can find a lot of niche information when you access private Twitter account.

Twitter accounts are an invaluable networking and information-sharing resource. Individuals can get specific information they might need by accessing these private accounts.

Better Control

If you’re a parent trying to check what your kid is doing on Twitter, you might find their account private. By accessing personal accounts, you can limit the actions of your child.

Viewing their posts can allow you to keep them safe and away from danger. Twitter can be pretty unsafe regarding the content posted on the platform.

You can also view if they have a fake account.

With the apps, you can guide their Twitter journey however you like.


How to Use a Twitter Private Profile Viewer Application

Twitter private profiles can be a problem for many people. You can achieve your goals by using apps to view personal content on the social media platform Twitter.

Whether your goal is to keep track of people you care about or to view exclusive information, these apps allow you to view private content ethically.

The following guide will teach you how to choose and use Twitter’s private profile viewer apps.

Choose an Application

Ensure that you have done enough research to make the right choice. Not every app is the same; you must choose a safe app with many features.

Look out for the availability and targeting of the application before downloading; some apps may be better on specific operating systems.

Download the Application

Use a reliable and safe app downloader like Google Play or Apple Store. Look at the instructions of the app’s creator to see which store they might recommend.

Make sure your phone is clean of viruses before downloading the App.

Make an Account

Most apps work based on a subscription service, meaning you must make an account before using the services.

After making your account choose a subscription or pay for the service.

Choose Which Twitter Account You Want to View

Input the Account’s URL and the information that the App requires. The viewing process will start once you’ve finished with all the details.

Receive the Information

Soon after the app confirms your purchase, you can receive the information. You can pick what aspects of the profile interest you and view each tweet as if the account is public. You can do whatever you want with the available information.


How to Choose The Right Application?

On the market, there are many applications to choose from. Choosing the proper app to view a  Twitter private account can be complex.

There are several essential factors to consider before selecting a private Twitter viewer app to ensure you make the best decision for your needs. These factors consist of:

Legal and Ethical Considerations 

Ensure the app complies with Twitter’s terms of service and protects user privacy. Using applications that promote unauthorized access to private Twitter accounts is unethical, which is against Twitter’s terms of service.

Safety and Security 

Investigate the app’s reputation and read user reviews to guarantee it is free of malicious intent and data breaches. When using any app, protecting your personal information is crucial.

Look at previous reviews to educate yourself on the safety of the application.

User Experience

Search for applications with an intuitive interface and straightforward navigation. A well-designed app improves the overall user experience and makes it simpler.

Choosing a different application is best if it requires a tedious process to utilize its services entirely.


 Evaluate the app’s capabilities and features. A trustworthy private Twitter account viewer must provide essential elements without compromising privacy or security.

Look for applications that allow users creativity and complete control while deciding what information to obtain from the private profile.


With the rise of private Twitter accounts, investing in apps allowing you to view this exclusive content is wise. It’s essential to learn how to see personal tweets.

Utilizing these apps allows you to get access to information that is not available to many people. Great apps also have many features that can help you get organized data.

Choosing the correct application to use is imperative. Look at the differences between these applications and select the one that suits you best. Some applications are better at certain aspects, and your job is to find which factors matter to you most.

Using apps coming from a reputable source is a way to achieve your Twitter goals while remaining safe and ethical.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are private profile viewer apps safe to use?

Reputable apps are safe to use. Your information is not at risk if you choose an application with a clean record and good reviews.

Most reputable applications go to great lengths to ensure the security of their platform. Utilizing these applications carries zero risk.

Are Twitter private profile viewer applications compatible with all platforms and devices?

Depending on the app and its development, the compatibility of private profile viewer applications can vary. 

Some applications for viewing private profiles may be compatible with various devices and operating systems, including iOS, Android, and web browsers. 

Others, however, may have limitations and only operate on particular platforms.

Verifying the app’s compatibility with your device and operating system is essential by visiting its official website or store listing. 

Is there a difference between free and paid private profile viewer apps regarding features and security?

Regarding security, most applications offer the same protection on both their services.

On the other hand, in terms of features, most definitely.

Paid private profile viewer applications typically offer more extensive and sophisticated features than their free counterparts. 

These paid apps may offer additional features such as allowing you to access private Twitter account without following them, real-time updates, enhanced search capabilities, and viewing media content on personal profiles. 

What should I do if I encounter issues using a private profile viewer app?

Most applications host a professional customer service team to help you with any issue.

You can contact customer support to get assistance or resolve your inquiries.

Before deciding which app to use, check for good customer care.

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