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Smashing Four: A Game of Heroes and Strategy



Smashing Four

Geewa created the strategy single or multiplayer video game, Smashing Four for Android and iOS devices. As a result, players undertake a fierce battle on 1v1 real-time flight from worldwide players and in a colorful world.

You will gain unique gameplay when you join these players, build a squad of four smashing heroes, and fights against them in a spectacular arena.

Players need strategy and heroes to win this online, card collectible, PvP multiplayer game. You will get new heroes when you win the battles in different arenas, as well as upgrade them when you collect cards, gems, and gold.

In fact, a team of four will have hundreds of variations when they have multiple heroes to pick from. So players have to upgrade their heroes and choose their best squad strategically.

So then, here is how you can have a smashing time.

Features of Smashing Four

Smashing Four has the following unique features.

  • PvP, turn-based, real-time, card-collectible strategy.
  • You can involve duel players from across the globe in challenging arenas.
  • You earn rewards when you win battles. Additionally, you can collect more cards to unlock your new heroes while upgrading them unleashes their unique abilities.
  • Smashing your enemies in the arena as well as fighting them takes you up in the ranks. You can do that in challenging environments such as 10 game-changing arenas.
  • You can create your clan or join one, share cards, chat and challenge them in friendly battles. Player-made content like fan art and gameplay videos will keep you busy as you have fun, socialize, and discuss experiences and ideas with other players.


You can discuss strategies, tips, and tricks with your clanmates or more experienced player as you play the Smashing Four game. So download the free-to-play game, strategically choose your best squad and upgrade the heroes.

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