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The benefit of remote team building in the age of teleworking




The Covid-19 crisis has completely turned the world economy upside down. The majority of companies have had to adapt to comply with the first lockdown in March and the one we have been going through since the end of October. Thus, teleworking has been adopted and encouraged by many companies internationally. This emerging way of working has many advantages during this period of a health crisis: reduction of physical contact, respect for social distancing, limitation of the use of public transport…However, teleworking also has a major drawback: it has made communication and harmony between teams and employees in the professional world complex.

Therefore, managers are actively seeking solutions to recreate links, encourage communication, and maintain the enthusiasm and participation of employees within their company. Therefore, remote team building appears to be the ideal solution to meet these new challenges and thus maintain a good spirit in the team.

Virtual Team Building, the solution for managers to maintain a good team spirit

The professional world is becoming more and more digital. Today, it is entirely possible to communicate instantly regardless of the distance via technological video-conferencing tools (Meet, Skype for Business, Zoom, Webex, etc.), which greatly facilitate teleworking. These tools and applications then make it possible to compensate for the social distance borne by employees. They also make it possible to organize remote team building activities, which aim to strengthen team cohesion, recreate links within the company and maintain a positive working atmosphere.

Therefore, virtual team building represents today an excellent alternative to physical events, which have become impossible because they are prohibited because of the current health situation. Companies that had planned to organize Team Building, seminars, or end-of-year celebrations face-to-face have all canceled their events.

These new remote Team Building activities allow geographically distant employees and collaborators to come together around a fun activity, thus increasing their feeling of belonging to the same team.

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