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What are the qualifications that start-ups are interested in?



profils recherches par start ups

Joining a start-up means being part of an innovative and creative structure. Hundreds of start-ups are being launched every day across the globe. This creates real opportunities for young graduates.

Start-ups and large companies differ in several ways, among other things, in terms of operation, recruitment method, and business model. To be able to join a start-up, you must stand out from the crowd in terms of your qualifications.

Why join a start-up?

The structure of a start-up makes it more appealing because it allows you, in particular, to join a company where your personal contribution has a significant impact on its outcome or performance.

You work in a dynamic environment that allows you to touch a bit of everything. Unlike large companies, the office atmosphere is informal and not hierarchical. It gives you a feeling of belonging to a family. This saves you the feeling of just being a simple employee in a production line.

Joining a start-up is also an opportunity to develop your creativity. Indeed, since you work in complete autonomy, you have the opportunity to fully exploit your potential.

What qualifications do start-ups require?

The recruitment method is very different from that of a well-established company. The mere fact of mentioning your background and your experiences in your CV is not enough to capture the attention of recruiters in a start-up. Recruiters expect you to stand out. For this, here are the main criteria required:


You must know the entrepreneurial culture of the start-up, its objectives, and its values. Thus, you could get involved in future projects that it will entrust to you. Show that you have a personal interest in joining the company and helping it achieve its goals.


Most start-ups are looking for creative and innovative candidates. Indeed, a young mind is, in a way, a hub of ideas. In a traditional company, you are asked to occupy a specific position and perform roles assigned to you, but in a start-up, you are required to create your position. In other words, you must innovate to carve your position through new working methods or combining several techniques…In addition, you will also have to work on several different projects.

Sense of teamwork

Communication in a start-up is very direct between employees. You must work as a team, even if you belong to different departments or have different qualifications. Therefore, you should be open to others.


Creativity and innovation are at the heart of a start-up’s culture. Both success and failure are part of doing business. Setting up new strategies requires total commitment and a risk-taking team. However, the team should take responsibility for both the success or failure of every strategy.


In a start-up, your degree matters less than your personality. Recruiters won’t dwell on your certifications but rather on your character. Your real personality should blend well with the culture of the start-up company.

How to capture the attention of a start-up?

First, you need to have a resume and a cover letter. Show in your CV that you are the right candidate for the start-up. Write a cover letter that shows your willingness to join the new company. Feel free to use online resume generators to create your resume for whichever role you want to play in the company.

In addition, it is also necessary to have an excellent online footprint because companies, as well as start-ups, often verify your identity on the internet. If they type in your name and find negative information about you, you will lose your chances of getting hired. Don’t hesitate to delete your nasty comments on forums, embarrassing images on social media, etc.

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