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10 Outdated YouTube Marketing Tactics to Drop: According to HubSpot Video Managers

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Like every social media platform, YouTube is dynamic, and updating your social media strategy regularly is necessary. The influx of brands and businesses, and the idea of generating revenue via creating content has transformed the way people go about conducting their business on YouTube. 

Many people choose to buy YouTube subscribers to get the engagement boost they need, but we have a better solution for you! The following article will list the outdated YouTube Marketing Tactics you need to steer clear of, to help you get the best of marketing.

Focusing on Revenue Instead of Helping The Audience

YouTube has surely become the place to conduct business and generate more revenue. However, concentrating on your product and not focusing on your audience can be harmful. Consumers and viewers need to feel valued and take away information from your videos for a better brand connection. 

You could get more tips from the expert marketers working at the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers to deliver your audience the best they deserve.

Being Robotic and Not Appealing to Emotions

Most brands forget that people love attention and empathy. They use AI-generated content and focus on promoting their products instead of appealing to users. YouTube is a social media platform that is highly dominated by creators because people love seeing emotions. 

It allows them to relate to a person instead of a non-living item or product. You could appoint a person as the face of the brand to communicate properly with the audience or nominate a helpful and humanizing marketing team to deliver what your audience needs. Additionally, buy YouTube subscribers from trusted marketing agencies to get the engagement you need.

Ignoring Your Audience and Their Needs

Just like YouTube, the audience has grown to be more versatile and has varied needs. Creating content that is of no use to your followers is futile and might cause a drift apart between the brand and its audience. 


Additionally, you need to keep on engaging with your subscribers and users. YouTube creators know that an emotional bond is a key to building a strong community of loyal followers. The marketers at the best sites to buy YouTube Subscribers can help understand your audience.

Neglecting Video SEO Guidelines

SEO guidelines are a more recent incident, especially video SEO. Understanding the concept of keywords and optimizing videos according to them is important. For example, some common keywords in the skincare segment are – glass skin, clear skin, etc. 


Ensure that you use relevant keywords and follow SEO guidelines in the CTAs and video descriptions. You can buy YouTube Subscribers or Views to bring in more organic traffic.

Steering Clear of Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with full-time influencers and content creators can help reach new audiences and humanize the brand further. Associating with influencers in the same vertical allows you to reuse the content created and get a boost in traffic.

Posting and Engaging Irregularly

Being consistent makes you look good in front of the social media algorithms. It also helps keep your engagement up and decrease the effort needed to boost it after a dry spell. Posting and engaging consistently help build a natural and easy relationship. 


The best sites to buy YouTube Subscribers can help you keep up the engagement that you have built.

Prioritize and Focus on Organic Traffic over Promotions

Organic traffic is significant but using different channels to promote can help you bring in a cross-platform audience. Every platform has different needs and priorities, and determining the suitable traffic mode for each can help bring in unseen results. You could buy YouTube subscribers to further help promotions and organic traffic.

Not Analysing Competitors and Self with Tools

Analytics allows you to track your progress and quantitatively check your status. It also helps throw light on the various tactics adopted by your competitors. Analytics tools help find out your audience’s priorities for a better social media approach.

Buying Likes, Comments, and Other Engagement

Throughout this article, we suggest you buy YouTube subscribers and other engagement forms. However, an important point to consider is that you do so from the reputable and best sites to buy YouTube subscribers to avoid spam accounts and bots.

Promoting Content Using Wrong Social Media Platforms

As we discussed, every social media platform has a different type of audience. Serious posts and job searches are better for LinkedIn, whereas video content dominates YouTube and Instagram. Cross-promoting is necessary but choosing the correct platform is imperative to achieving your goals!


It might be hard to keep up with ever-changing social media and marketing tactics, but it is important to achieve business results. We hope the article helped break down some outdated tactics that you can eliminate for better engagement.


I'm a passionate full-time blogger. I love writing about startups, how they can access key resources, avoid legal mistakes, respond to questions from angel investors as well as the reality check for startups. Continue reading my articles for more insight.

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