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4 Horse Products for Trail Riding and Outdoor Adventures



Horse riding

One exciting activity you and your horse can do together is trail riding and exploring the outside world. You’d guide your horse along designated paths in forests. Sometimes, you can also travel open fields, streams, and secondary roads. However, you’ll need certain equipment to get the best out of trail riding.

1. Hoof Pick

Ensuring your horse’s comfort throughout a ride is important to keep the fun alive. Horses can pick up stones in their hooves while walking, and hoof picks help remove them. Aside from stones, a hoof pick can also eliminate mud, dirt, and debris from the hoof wall and sole.

Protecting your animal from infections should be prioritized as a horse owner to avoid additional costs. Buying a cheap hoof pick is a proactive approach to avoid spending more on treatments or hoof dressings later.

2. Hoof Boots

Although hoof boots wouldn’t completely prevent stones from entering the hoof area, they offer great protection. They offer shock absorption and defend the hoof against rough terrain. Unlike metal shoes, hoof boots preserve the hoof’s natural shock-absorbing function and do not affect blood circulation.

3. Horse Rug

Trail riding with your horse means enduring strong winds, rain, insects, and cold weather. Not having enough protection takes the fun out of the ride. Making your horse wear a rug can shield it from the said elements. A horse rug covers the body, extending from the chest to the rump and legs.

You’d want to use half sheets, quarter sheets, or rump rugs during rides since they keep the horse’s major muscles warm and protected in cold weather. If your horse has a winter turnout rug, using a rump rug during warm-up can help prevent chills.

Some cover only the horse’s hindquarters, while others extend from the shoulders with the saddle placed on top or cover the entire animal. Horse rugs are available in any store that sells horse accessories. It doesn’t matter if you live in the Land Down Under. You can always find horse rugs and accessories online in Australia.

4. Saddle Pad

A saddle pad helps draw heat and moisture away from the skin, preventing the saddle from slipping and reducing muscle fatigue caused by heat. Using a saddle pad helps protect your valuable saddle from sweat and dirt.

A pad addresses minor saddle fitting issues by filling gaps where the saddle doesn’t make proper contact. However, it should never replace the need for a well-fitted saddle. Pressure points or patterns worsen with increased speed, weight, rider instability, or an ill-fitting saddle. Ideally, a saddle pad should help relieve these pressure points or, at the very least, not exacerbate them.

A Comfortable Horse Equals A Fun Outdoor Adventure

Horse riding is a good activity for individuals of all ages, serving as a  break from the demands of everyday life. Trail riding allows horses and riders to venture outdoors and forge deeper connections in natural settings. However, to fully enjoy the trail riding experience, you must have the right horse products. You and your horse can confidently explore nature using the necessary horse products.


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