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5 Reasons Why College Students Should Start Running Every Day

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Tutoring and writing centers provide academic assistance to students by guiding and helping them with their course works and other related tasks. Most students have become less active in their studies because of the readily available assistance from writers and tutors, which affects their cognizance abilities. In particular, exercises, such as running every day, are very instrumental in developing memory and concentration abilities, shaping the functioning of the brain, improving moods and emotions, increasing energy levels, and promoting meditation.

Developing Memory and Concentration Abilities

Running increases the efficiency of the body at getting optimal levels of oxygen into the bloodstream. Optimal oxygen levels increase the ability to concentrate, which is vital in learning new information. Running increases brain activity, which improves the memory of the student in the long run. Therefore, daily running is very significant in maintaining good health through oxygen.

Shaping the Functioning of the Brain

Running leads to tiredness needed for creating appropriate sleep, which acts as a catalyst for the good functioning of the brain as water and food are efficiently supplied. Tutors and writers reduce students’ worries by guiding them in their studies, and it requires the proper functioning of brains. Good sleep improves memory and learning abilities since there is a need for students to acquaint themselves with the learned material. Therefore, running enables proper sleep, which increases the brain’s plasticity.

Improving Moods and Emotions

Running improves students’ moods and decreases depressive symptoms. Brain hormones and endorphins responsible for mood and emotion regulation are greatly increased by exercise. In this case, tutors help students to improve their understanding of learned materials, boosting their academic performance. However, the learning and revision process can result in stress, which leads to changes in moods and emotions. Consequently, running helps to improve students’ moods and emotions, and this activity increases their ability to concentrate, focus, and become confident in the course of their studies.

Increasing Energy Levels

Running helps to increase energy levels through an improved supply of oxygen in the blood, which leads to better academic performance. Students have to attend classes in addition to tutors at the different writing centers, requiring enough memory and concentration to absorb the pressure. Hence, exercises, such as running, make it more possible by boosting energy levels needed for efficient learning and practice.

Promoting Meditation

Daily running enables students to understand the meditation principle, which is vital for learning. Continued running exercises help students to reach a state of total concentration and calmness. Tutors guide students on how to handle various papers and studies, which requires a high level of concentration and strong memory. Consequently, running makes students become acquainted with the meditation principle needed for attaining better concentration while working with tutors.


Tutoring and writing centers have led to the development and improvement of the students’ academic performance. However, some learners have been exposed to adverse effects, such as an increase in depression and reduced concentration and memory. Thus, running every day is very imperative for the improvement of the students’ levels of concentration, memory, moods, and emotions.



Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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