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5 Ways To Book More Demos For Your Saas Product This Year

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Ways To Book More Demos For Your Saas Product This Year

To firmly emphasize the fact that your Saas business is truly worth it, you need to have greater opportunities of showing them to people. Whenever visitors happen to find your site, you need to do whatever it takes to make them watch your demos. So how can you get them hooked into such an activity? Here are the best possible ways of pulling it off.

  1. Push them right into the demo directly.

This is the most obvious move, and you could do it efficiently since you love your product to the core. But the process should be done in style. In a test done by GoCardless, a popular online paying system, it was proven that people want to get right into the real action as quickly as possible. If you are telling them about this wonderful software service you’re offering, they want to see it outright. If that’s what they want, then you shouldn’t delay at all in showing it to them.

Since it would be hard to predict the exact time people will visit your site, giving them a pre-recorded video that shows your software’s capabilities should be the most ideal course of action. But the problem with this is that it won’t be as dynamic as a real, live demo.

This is the reason why the test done by GoCardless was presented with an interface in which the visitors could choose from both the options of booking a demo or watching a demo. In that way, they could choose to get booked as well if they have some questions that the pre-recorded video hasn’t addressed.

  1. Make an enticing sign-up/booking demo form.

Pop-up windows or message boxes that ask people to sign-up or subscribe to your site can boost your internet marketing efforts, but when done carelessly, you could drive your customers farther away. To get around such a problem, making a compelling, yet non-annoying sign-up form would be a good strategy.

In doing this, you have to make your form appear like it’s not there to ask your clients for money. You have to avoid statements like, “With a one-time payment of $50, you will have more leads and sales!” Instead, you may put a caption that goes like this, “Tell me about your best products and we will generate the best options in selling them to people.”

If your prospective clients can see the value of what you’re offering to them right in your form, they will be more likely to sign up, which will bring them a lot closer to buying your services.

  1. Eliminate all the lead capturing hindrances on your end.

In showing your demos, or in proving the importance of your products to your clients, things will not always go as planned. Issues such as slow internet connections, forgotten verification codes, plugins that don’t get installed will always get in the way. It would be impossible to control all of that. However, to make sure that you will get the most out of your lead-gathering potential, you have to eliminate all obstacles from your end.

Eliminate all the lead capturing hindrances on your end

This means you have to make sure you’re own internet connection is fast enough and that the software tools that you must use in your demos or customer dealings are free from bugs and errors. Experts declare that when such issues are not dealt with properly, there is a 50% chance of your customers turning away. By all means, avoid such a loss at all costs.

  1. Utilize web publications to further attract customers.

Thanks to the availability of blogging platforms and ebook publishing, almost anyone can post their ideas in a limitless manner. You as a Saas company should take advantage of such options. Blogging can be done with almost no monetary expense at all. It would be unwise to not invest in it. By posting comprehensive, quality content on your company blog, clients could know about the latest updates that your software services can provide.

Apart from blogging, you can also publish ebooks, newsletters, and even whitepapers much like the way cryptocurrency companies do their thing. Spreading your reading materials can be done more efficiently by hiring cold email agencies like Growth Rhino.

You can also utilize the power of video streaming to emphasize the capabilities of your products. That would be the best way to still capture leads from people who are too lazy to read but are patient enough to watch. By so doing, you can spread your B2B campaigns to a much wider audience in the fastest way possible.

Utilize web publications to further attract customers

Driving customers into your platform is like funneling a precious liquid into your business. You have to widen the spectrum by which you can drive them into checking out your products.

  1. Engage in ‘multi-demo acts’ as often as you can.

This is where Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet can help you. By inviting clients to view your live demos simultaneously from various locations, you can reinforce the strategy stated in the previous item.

Engaging in such an activity can make you answer questions more efficiently. For instance, if one client asks a question, the others could hear it too, and may even formulate questions based on what they hear from you or the other clients as well. This method can also be a means of showing your own ‘social proof’ as to how great the features that your Saas services can deliver are.


With the internet becoming more accessible to people than ever, the competition among business owners is getting tighter and tighter each time. You have to be among those who get the most attention from clients. This can be done by showcasing your services in the most polished form possible. Enhance your methods, boost the speed by which you can reach clients, and strengthen the robustness of your network.

Upgrades in both hardware and software might be a necessity, but the greater chunk of the process seems to only revolve around the concept of improving your existing methods. Make sure you are taking advantage of the best methods that you can harness – they could just be out there in the open waiting for you to pick them up.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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