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7 Proven Careers with a Business Degree for Beginners

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Business course

A business degree could teach you many skills that are applicable across many different industries. Nearly all businesses require business experts to make sure that their operations run smoothly. You can refine your job search by knowing more about the available business roles in each sector.

However, business majors get a wealth of information and skills that enable them to significantly contribute to the industrial and not-for-profit sectors. In this article, we have mentioned the list of careers with a business degree that students can pursue.

Whether you are a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional in your area, it is obvious that adding a business degree to your portfolio will probably result in higher pay. But there are other benefits to earning a business degree as well. Numerous other ways it can improve career performance include:

  • Develop expertise for a different kind of position in your industry.
  • Assemble a group of peers who share your views
  • Improve your existing performance at work
  • Attain standards for pay raises
  • Create a more comprehensive understanding of strategy and operations
  • Improve your leadership skills for your organization.

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7 Proven High-paying Jobs that require business degrees

In this post, we examine 7 careers with a business degree and provide a list of firms that frequently fill these positions.

1.    Social Media Manager

Social media managers organize their company’s presence on websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr using their technical expertise and understanding of marketing communications. They increase commercial activity, publicize their company, and create a brand identity.

Moreover, social media managers assist in the creation of content, generate strategic plans, and assess the success of online advertising initiatives. To acquire data for articles that can be posted on social media, social media managers recruit the assistance of their personnel.

Similar to business majors, including business administration degree holders social media managers need to work well in teams and be able to influence others even when they don’t have formal power over them.

Median salary: $51,000

2.    Accountant

Accountants oversee the financial operations of businesses. To ensure accuracy, they examine and evaluate financial documents and data. They also analyze financial data and develop budget reports for managers and executives to use in corporate planning. They also oversee the responsibilities of accounts payable and receivable. To broaden their pool of employment options, many people on this career path decide to become certified public accountants. Accountants can work in virtually every business. This is one of the best careers with a business degree.

Median salary: $58,000

3.    Actuary

Business degree holders with solid statistical backgrounds can establish themselves as prominent figures in the insurance sector by working as an actuary. Actuaries estimate the likelihood that risky occurrences, such as injuries, fatalities, accidents, illnesses, and fires, will occur and that insurance companies will be required to pay claims.

Furthermore, they perform intricate evaluations of situations based on demographic profiles and draw on their expertise in accounting, finance, and economics. Actuaries conduct their studies using spreadsheets, databases, and statistical tools, just like business majors do.

However, actuaries also need to be proficient in writing, public speaking, and persuasion to win over their peers to their suggestions. Actuary might be among the finest careers with a business degree.

Median salary: $125,300

4.    Business Development Manager

Business development managers spot industry trends, acquire leads and create financial strategies to help businesses expand. They collaborate with clients and internal teams to guarantee customer satisfaction. They can help their company’s financial growth and success by regularly monitoring their industries and having a thorough understanding of their product or service. Positions for business development managers are available in almost every sector.

Median salary: $73,000

5.    Financial Consultant

Financial consultants assist clients in budgeting their money. To create a long-term plan that will meet the needs of their clients, they assess salaries and assets. By analyzing market trends and selecting safe investments, many financial advisors assist their customers in increasing their assets.

Furthermore, debt management, estate planning, and tax budgeting are among the additional responsibilities. Financial advisors are employed by consulting and investment firms. This is one of the great careers with a business degree.

Median salary: $79,000

6.    Product Manager

A product manager often starts in an entry-level role where they gain knowledge about the product’s foundations and how to manage the daily duties connected with it. They might advance to the role of an associate product manager or product analyst as they gain experience.

Additionally, a product manager’s work includes communicating with their group so they know the project’s status and could make modifications as necessary. Even though product managers are hired by most businesses, technology companies employ a lot of them.

Median salary: $102,100

7.    Financial Analyst

Business majors get the ability to evaluate a company’s strengths and shortcomings and to see patterns across a range of industries. Financial analysts use these abilities to assess businesses, markets, and related investments on behalf of clients or their parent corporation. They analyze financial statements, compute ratios and other metrics, and produce reports that include suggestions for financial decisions and the distribution of available resources for the company.

However, coursework in finance, accounting, mathematics, and economics that is typically included in a business degree is beneficial for financial analysts.

Median salary: $95,570


You have a wide range of options with business degrees. Whether you thrive on variety or consistency, creativity, or concrete facts, you’re sure to find a position that is a fantastic fit for you with all the alternatives available. If you are interested in one or more of these managerial positions but are unsure of the next educational step that would be appropriate for you, read this post “7 Proven Careers with a Business Degree for Beginners” to find out more about the specialized possibilities available.

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