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8 Best Designed Video Game Levels

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Unlike any other entertainment medium, video games allow us to enter a whole new world. Its level design makes a game memorable, as it improves how we engage with it. Today, we will look at eight games with excellent-level designs.

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8. The Last of Us Part 1 Chapter 3 – The Outskirts

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The Last of Us is a video game released in 2013 by Naughty Dog Studios. It is an action-adventure game that takes us to a post-apocalyptic world filled with cannibals infected by a mutated fungus.

We play as Joel and have to escort a teenage girl named Ellie through the several dangers that come our way.

The Outskirts is a vital and memorable mission that teaches you how to beat every combat encounter and solve every puzzle. Plus, if you want to know how to survive every Clicker segment, this is the best mission.

This level is a masterclass when it comes to storytelling and world-building. The encounters you face here are intense and teach you how to use stealth to your advantage. Plus, this level has such deep and emotional scenes that it makes you love the game at first sight.

The Last of Us is one of the best games released on PlayStation and is now getting a next-gen remake available on both PC and PlayStation.

7. Dark Souls – Undead Asylum


Dark Souls is one of the most famous games ever made. Known for its extreme difficulty and iconic bosses, this game has created a benchmark for how hardcode hack-and-slash games should be.

Undead Asylum is the place you spawn when you fire up the game. First, you get a cell key from a corpse and proceed to the next level.

This level is considered a memorable one as it acts as a tutorial while giving you an excellent idea of the story. Also, you have a hidden reward if you can defeat the first major challenge – the Asylum Demon. You can always escape first and defeat him later using better gear. But if you want to replay the game and get an amazing weapon initially, you can defeat him using the base gear you get.

Dark Souls is available on both PC and consoles.

6. Dishonored 2 – Clockwork Mansion


Dishonored 2 is an action-adventure game published by the legendary Bethesda Studios – the developers of Skyrim. Here you play as Emily or Corvo to travel to Karnaca and track down your enemies to take back your throne.

The level is filled with puzzles and levers that let you traverse through the rooms of the clockwork mansion. Plus, there are clockwork soldiers whom you can only defeat with skill or stealth.

This mission also gives you freedom on how you want to approach your mission, so you can replay this level to find all the ways to get things done. You can either go guns blazing and fight through enemies to reach your objective or get the job done without alerting anyone.

This level is present early in the game and will give you a great idea about the combat and puzzle difficulty present in the game.

5. BioShock – Fort Frolic


BioShock is a horror-themed first-person shooter game where we explore an underwater dystopia. Due to the circumstances, you must enhance yourself cybernetically and convert everything you see into a weapon. This title is popular among gaming enthusiasts due to its visual quality and amazing gameplay experience.

Fort Frolic is the seventh level in BioShock, and it is memorable for its art décor, architecture, and neon lighting. This level is focused on a mad artist, and the environment will reflect his twisted sense of creativity.

This level is famous among fans due to its puzzles and combat encounters, and you will have to take advantage of everything you find to get through this level.

4. Half-Life – Blast Pit


Half-Life may be an old game, but that became a benchmark in the gaming world, and even today, many modern FPS games lack the elements that made Half-Life special. You must escape a lab filled with puzzles as aliens invade it.

Generally, all game levels tell you to move from one spot to another, and that’s it. However, with Half-Life, you must use your entire level against the final boss.

You must go through several rooms and complete challenges to slowly take down the final boss. The boss is only a tentacle, but it is far more interesting than other video game bosses, where you keep shooting until the health bar depletes.

3. Witcher 3 – The Wild Hunt – Tesham Mutna


Witcher 3, along with Skyrim, is considered an unbeatable benchmark when it comes to RPG games. Here, you play as Geralt, a monster hunter, as you find your daughter and engage in various adventures.

Blood and Wine is the final expansion of Witcher 3 and has the iconic villain – Deatlaff, a higher vampire. You will need to fight him depending on how you played the game before.

Deatlaff can be considered one of the hardest bosses in gaming history as there are three stages of this boss, and every single one of them is challenging, and brute force won’t help you survive.

Besides being a tough boss fight, this quest is extremely deep and heavily impacts the rest of the main story, making this level so much more memorable. Plus, the different outcomes will make you return to this level repeatedly.

2: Devil May Cry 5 – Vergil


Devil May Cry is undoubtedly one of the most interesting hack-and-slash games where you play as overpowered characters like Dante and Nero. You aim to play through a compelling narrative and defeat demons with as much style as possible.

Vergil is the game’s penultimate mission, where you play as Dante and have to defeat your twin brother Vergil (hence the mission’s name) and end the brotherly feud that has been going on for years.

He is the strongest boss in the game, and you have to focus on your wits as he is equally strong and stylish as our protagonist, Dante. While this level consists of a boss fight only, the photorealistic environment, colourful visuals and the various stages of the boss will make you continuously replay the level and improve your style rank.

1: Super Mario Bros – World 1-1


Who hasn’t heard of this Nintendo classic and its iconic theme song? This level teaches us the basics of the game while letting us know about the game’s world and characters.

This level will allow you to explore to your heart’s content and gather secrets and power-ups to glide through the entire level with ease.

Wrapping Up

So, these are our picks for the top eight games with the best level design. Each game has made a mark in its respective genre, and these levels make these games stand out above the rest. Go on and fire up your console or PC and try these games today!


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