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Best Way How to Download Videos From Youtube

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YouTube is now the website that hosts the most popular videos and is the second most visited website in the world. Despite this, its functioning is restricted anytime you attempt to download a movie from YouTube.

You may easily download and convert videos from YouTube to your personal computer, Android device, iPhone, or iPad by following the ways outlined in this article.

Steps to Download Videos From Youtube

Step 1: Install YT Saver Video Downloader

This is a source downloading program that makes it simple to save any video from YouTube to your computer running Windows or macOS. It is easy to get. Because the other version is incompatible with some Windows computers, you’ll need to click the GET button to install the one from the Microsoft Store if you want to use it on Windows.

To install the application on a Mac, click the Download button, then double-click the file that you got from the website.

Step 2: Copy The Video Address Bar URL

Imagine that you are utilizing a program that allows you to download videos from the internet. In this instance, you will need to go to YouTube and start watching the movie there before you can download it. The URL to the YouTube video that is now shown in the box may be copied and pasted with ease.

You have the option of launching the tool in a separate tab inside the same window. After it has opened, it will present you with a text field in which you may type the URL. You only need to copy and paste the URL into the text box located above and then select the “Start” option from the drop-down menu.

It’s possible that some websites will also include buttons that say “Go” or “Download.” In the event that you are utilizing a tool that can be downloaded, you will first need to obtain and install it on your computer. After you have run it, it will provide you the same choices to copy and paste the URL in order to convert it.

Take precautions with any unneeded software that you could be required to download as well. When it’s practicable, you should steer clear of those.

Step 3: Choose the File Format & Video Quality

Paste the YouTube video URL into the search box for many alternatives. The final step is to choose the desired selection and then click the download button. You may also download videos from YouTube using certain programs, and you’ll be able to do it in a variety of formats.

You have the option of specifying a folder on your computer where all of the videos that are downloaded will be saved if you are interested in batch downloading. Because programs often place more emphasis on your IP address rather than the video URL that you provide, you may experience some confusion if you are using a virtual private network (VPN).

Therefore, if you use a VPN, you might wish to modify the location so that your downloads work properly. After the film has been downloaded to your device, you are free to watch it anytime and wherever you choose.

Is it legal to download videos from YouTube?

The Terms of Service for YouTube are not overly complicated and explain what actions are allowed or prohibited for viewers when they are using the platform. Infringing on their copyright, illegally downloading videos without prior authorization, and selling them are all breaches of the terms of service that they have in place.

Although downloading videos from YouTube is technically considered illegal behavior, YouTube has no intention of punishing individuals who download videos from its platform.

Downloading some royalty-free videos from YouTube that have the appropriate permissions allows you to do so legally. In addition, if you are just going to utilize the film for your own purposes, then doing so may be within the law.


In conclusion, if you have a video downloader that works properly, you will be able to obtain a number of movies and albums all at once. It is not necessary for you to spend time on YouTube looking for individual videos to watch.

The downloader will change the resolution of the goods so that they are suitable for your device so that you may watch them on any device. You also have the option of sharing it with your friends and watching it later.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value of downloading videos from YouTube?

You can download videos from YouTube to watch offline using the YouTube app, download music from YouTube to listen to offline using the YouTube Music app, and use the YouTube Kids app to watch videos that have been automatically downloaded.

When you use Smart Downloads, content that has been recommended to you will be downloaded to your library so that you may watch or listen to it offline.

How long do downloads from YouTube remain available?

Videos that have been downloaded can be viewed without an internet connection for up to 29 days. After that, you’ll have to ensure that your device is once again connected to the internet. When you reconnect, the app will check to see if there have been any modifications made to the movie or whether it is still available.

Where is youtube downloading videos saved?

It’s important to note that you can’t download all of the videos on YouTube. To see videos that have been downloaded, navigate to the Library > Downloads menu option. You will be able to view all of the videos that you have downloaded in this section.

If your download is not beginning, you will need to navigate to the top right corner of the screen, hit the three dots, and then tap on Settings inside the Downloads section.


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1 Comment

  1. Stefanie Miller

    01/16/2023 at 2:35 AM

    You can also download videos offline on YouTube.

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