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Books That Will Change Your Mindset

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Have you ever read a book that completely changed your perspective forever? What book has changed the way you think? I’d like to share with you a list of 8 books that have truly transformed my mindset, altered the way I perceive life and the reality we have collectively created, and influenced my own point of attraction.

#1 Embodying Soul

Keri, a talented writer for Elephant Journal, happens to be my friend. She crafted a mesmerizing memoir that now adorns my dresser, serving as a daily source of inspiration.

Let me assure you, without revealing any spoilers, that the writing is truly exceptional. The seamless composition and captivating flow held me captive to the very last page. I can honestly say that bidding farewell to this book left a touch of melancholy in my heart.

#2 Anatomy of a Breakthrough: How to Get Unstuck When It Matters Most

Whether you find yourself muddling through a midlife crisis, wrestling with writer’s block, feeling trapped in a thankless job, or attempting to mend a fraying friendship, Anatomy of a Breakthrough provides the roadmap we all need. With its guidance, we can escape our inertia and flourish in the face of friction.

Some books have radically changed our thinking. However, every book affects us, even if not so significantly. If you have a story reading app at your fingertips, you can develop yourself almost constantly. On special platforms likeFictionMe, you can find books to suit your mood and your goals, and in interesting genres. FictionMe has a novel app for every mobile platform. A book does not necessarily have to make a revolution; by reading constantly, you gradually develop your thinking.

#3 Walden

Ten years ago, Thoreau ignited my journey of contemplating life. I vividly recall how I stumbled upon his writings—through the movie “Into The Wild”. This film, released in 2007, was based on Jon Krakauer’s book of the same title, which recounts the story of Christopher McCandless, a young and idealistic individual yearning for a simpler existence. Since Thoreau’s works are not commonly included in the curriculum of Dutch schools, I took it upon myself to explore his writings along with the Jon Krakauer book.

#4 Start With Why

Simon Sinek speaks about the power of the ‘Golden Circle’ and how many achievers started by questioning their ‘why’ before embarking on their mission. It’s not about what you do, but how you do it. This captivating book is derived from the most widely viewed TED Talk ever.

#5 The Alchemist

“The Alchemist” is a classic novel about a boy named Santiago who embarks on a journey in search of treasure in the Egyptian pyramids. This book captivates your curiosity on every page without overwhelming you. It’s hard to put down, yet thankfully, it’s also a short read that you can finish in just a few sittings. The core theme of the book is profound – destiny – but Coelho’s simple language makes it accessible to anyone.

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#6 Prisons We Choose To Live Inside

In the 80’s, Doris Lessing wrote a book that remains relevant even today. It’s not merely a book, but rather a collection of essays inspired by Lessing’s past contributions.

From these ingrained beliefs, we often assert our righteousness, using it to justify mistreatment or attempting to “fix” others. Ultimately, this book challenges our preconceived notions, urging us to reconsider our understanding of the world.

#7 Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

The book, published in 1952, follows the life of a young black man who remains unseen and unheard by society. It doesn’t matter whether the story is fact or fiction; what’s important is its depiction of race from a singular viewpoint. Surprisingly relevant even today, this novel offers insights into understanding others and their experiences.

Want to read a book that no one has read yet? The reason is that it doesn’t exist yet. Each of us now has access to anovel AI free alternative, that is, we can create books ourselves. You need to set the basic parameters for the AI and enjoy the unique story.

#8 Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

The main premise of this book is to challenge the way you think about your experiences. Think about it – our most cherished memories often revolve around vacations and special family dinners. But what if we could find beauty in other things too? This book aims to shake up those memories and encourage us to find joy in moments when we put extra effort at work to achieve a goal.


What is the best book to change your mindset? Only you can find the answer to this question. We are all attracted to different things. The same facts resonate in our hearts in completely different ways, but everyone wants to find that very book. We hope you find it on this list.

Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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