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Cryptocurrency Mining Pools: What They are and How to Choose the Profitable One

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Many people are diving into crypto mining due to its monetary lure. Crypto mining seems more rewarding than purchasing cryptocurrencies because it gives them room to adjust based on the performance of the crypto market.

Several factors influence crypto mining productivity and outcome. The rewards and complexity of computations that cryptocurrency mining solves depend on the pool itself.

The article will tell you about mining pools and how you can choose a lucrative one.

Crypto Mining Pool Explained

Crypto miners collaborate and share computing resources to improve their likelihood of finding new crypto blocks. They use cryptocurrency mining software shared over a network, and when they succeed, they earn rewards for their contributions. The group of crypto miners and the pool resources form a mining pool.

When individual miners come together, they form a single entity and make their contribution through their computational power per second or hashing power during mining. Indeed the more the hash rate, the higher the potential of mining cryptocurrency blocks.

You can make money through cryptocurrency mining as an individual or a pool. But the regular payouts in pool mining make it attractive to beginners and experienced miners.

Mining pools exist because the electricity costs involved in mining are high. But there are several countries where cheap energy exists, thus the need for mining pools. Other advantages of mining pools include the following:

  • Economies of scale
  • Cheap energy sources

How to choose a Mining Pool to Join

1.      Infrastructure Compatibility

Mining applications and equipment are important. The popular applications are GPU, CPU, or ASIC. But CPU and GPU are no longer profitable because they consume more energy and take time before miners discover blocks. ASIC is preferable, but one has to factor in energy consumption and hash rate when building ASIC rigs. A higher hash rate improves mining but increases energy consumption.

2.      Currency Type

Miners choose profitable cryptocurrencies because they earn more even with the same hash power. You can use a crypto mining calculator to identify the most promising currencies based on your hash power.

3.      Payout Scheme

Miners review payout schemes when evaluating the authenticity of a particular pool. Pools that use PPS pay a fixed amount irrespective of their computing power. They distribute rewards based on each submitted share of work. Low-end hardware has a lower computational output.

4.      Pool Stability

Some pools have a poor mining experience and are not profitable because of consistent downtimes. When considering pool stability, you should find out if it offers an open or secure connection, its history of threat prevention, and how it prevents DDoS attacks. You can find this information on the support pages, pool communities, and tutorials.

5.      Mining Pool Transparency

Everyone wants to earn rewards, thus the need to look for trust signals before picking a mining pool. You should evaluate the truthfulness of the pool’s hash rate and examine whether pool operators engage in lower payout schemes. Further, mining pools with real-time dashboards are more transparent.


Crypto mining is a complex process. Some miners choose popular mining pools and ignore the 5 factors mentioned above. But those who prioritize them receive better rewards and have access to better mining resources.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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