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CZUR ET24 Pro Demystified: Features, Setup, & Usage Tips

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In today’s world, document scanners have become indispensable for individuals across different professional and educational settings. They serve various essential purposes, such as transforming physical documents like tax receipts, school assignments, and work-related materials into digital formats. This shift towards digitalization has made scanners increasingly crucial in our day-to-day lives.

These versatile devices have found their place not only in corporate environments but also in our homes. These devices bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds, making managing, storing, and sharing information easier. The CZUR ET24 Pro stands out as a valuable option in document scanners that you can check out.

Keep reading to know what to look for in a scanner. I have discussed the features that are not only a must-have in scanners but also hard to find in some of the standard products in the market. 

What are the Features of ET24 Pro?

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Those new to a book scanner should know about its features before choosing one for yourself. Understanding the elements lets you decide whether the scanner meets your needs. Resolution, speed, and file size capabilities need your attention as well. 

  1. Patented Curve Flattening Technology: The Patented Curve Flattening technology is a game-changer for document scanning. It effectively reduces the distortions caused by curved pages or shadows on documents. This means that when scanning, you can expect the resulting digital copies to be true to the original, free from any unwanted deformations.

  2. OCR Text Recognition: OCR text recognition is a vital feature that significantly enhances the utility of your scanned documents. It transforms printed text into editable, searchable text. This becomes a reality with OCR, making your scanned documents far more versatile and user-friendly.
  3. 24 Megapixel (5696*4272): A high-resolution scan is essential when you need to capture every intricate detail in your documents or images. With a 24-megapixel resolution, CZUR ET24 Pro ensures that even the tiniest details are faithfully reproduced in the digital copy.
  4. Handles up to A3 Size: The ability to scan up to A3 is a significant advantage for various applications. It means you can scan standard-sized documents and larger items such as newspaper clippings, artwork, or oversized diagrams. This flexibility ensures that your scanning needs are met, regardless of the document size, giving you more freedom for creativity. 

  5. High-Speed Scanning: In a fast-paced world, efficiency is paramount. High-speed scanning allows you to convert physical documents into digital files rapidly. Whether you are digitizing a large volume of paperwork or time-sensitive materials, this feature ensures you can complete the task efficiently, saving you valuable time and effort.

  6. Adjustable brightness & No Reflections (Sidelight): Optimized scanning requires precise control over lighting conditions. The adjustable brightness feature allows you to tailor the lighting to your document, ensuring that text and images are captured crisply without unwanted glare or reflections. This is especially useful when scanning glossy or reflective materials, guaranteeing the highest quality scans. Also, it saves you a lot of time that usually gets wasted in re-scanning the document until you get the desired result.

  7. HDMI Supported: The HDMI support feature extends the scanner’s functionality beyond the scanning. You can connect it to an HDTV, making it a valuable tool for work presentations. This means you can easily share and showcase your scanned documents, images, or presentations on a larger screen, making it ideal for collaborative work environments and professional presentations.

  8. Doubles as a Visual Presenter: This feature is a real bonus. It allows the scanner to serve as a visual presenter, eliminating the need for a separate computer or projector. Whether you are conducting lectures, sharing photos, or giving presentations, this functionality turns the scanner into a versatile tool for visual communication.

  9. Software Various Functions: Powerful software complements the scanner, streamlining the scanning process. You can manage document scanning efficiently and effectively with advanced scanning capabilities and intuitive software. This means you can create well-organized and high-quality scanned files without complex manual adjustments, simplifying your workflow and ensuring consistent results.

Things You Will Get In the Box

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After going through all the features of a professional book scanner, you should know what you will get in the box. There are many accessories of the scanner that you will get along with the order. I have listed below all of them to give you more idea. 

The ET Book Scanner has a range of practical features designed to enhance your scanning experience. Its sidelight function eliminates shadows, ensuring your scanned documents are clear and well-bound. This innovative feature preserves the integrity of your digitized materials.

The Hand buttons on the scanner simplify the scanning process, eliminating the need for a computer. With just a press of a button, users can effortlessly initiate scans, making it user-friendly and accessible for all. For added convenience, the Foot Pedal feature takes scanning to the next level by enabling hands-free operation. This flexibility caters to users with varying preferences and needs. 

The scanner package includes essential accessories to support your scanning endeavors. A USB cable facilitates seamless connectivity between the scanner and your computer, simplifying the transfer of scanned files.

A Black Document Pad provides a stable surface for placing your documents during scanning. Its dark color enhances the details captured in scanned files, ensuring high-quality reproductions, even for intricate information. Additionally, two specialized Finger Cots are included to delicately turn or touch pages without causing damage, making them ideal for handling thin or delicate pages.

The package also contains a Power Adapter Type A, facilitating the charging of the scanner’s internal battery. It features a standard plug for easy and convenient powering of the scanner. For international usability, a Plug adapter Type C and G is included, allowing compatibility with various international outlets. This adapter simplifies the process of connecting the scanner to power sources worldwide, making it a versatile scanning solution.

How to Setup CZUR ET24 Pro?

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If you are trying to figure out how to scan a book quickly, you are at the right place. The CZUR ET24 Pro scanner can help you scan and edit various document types. The most popular types include PDFs along with searchable PDFs. Customers can also edit and scan WORD and Excel files. All the file types can be edited by utilizing the CZUR software. 

I have listed below an easy setup process for CZUR ET24 Pro, so check it out. 

  1. Place the scanner on a stable surface and near your computer. 
  2. Connect the USB cable to the computer from the back side of the scanner.
  3. Now, visit the official website of the CZUR and download and install the scanning software.
  4. Place the scanned material flat on the black mat.
  5. Choose the scan type from the software scanning options. Multiple options are available.
  6. Press the button to start scanning.
  7. Scanned images can be edited with CZUR software.
  8. You can save your scanned file easily in your desired format. 
  9. Done with the scanning process. 

OCR technology can easily convert scanned texts into editable and searchable documents. This can be highly favorable for businesses that need to search through a large number of documents. CZUR ET24 Pro has incorporated OCR, which can be able to recognize more than 180 languages. 

Using CZUR ET24 Pro Book Scanner

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CZUR ET24 Pro can be used for multiple things. Personally, a professional document scanner such as CZUR ET24 Pro can provide high-resolution scanning capabilities, which in turn helps get clear and detailed images. The scanner is quick and fast and allows you to scan a lot of paperwork in less time. It is thus highly beneficial for professionals and businesses. 

CZUR ET24 Pro is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface to efficiently operate and manage the scans. The scanner is compact and space-saving, making it appropriate for home and office environments. It should be noted that the scanner is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, which makes it a highly compatible machine to use with various platforms.

If you are thinking about digitizing thick books, you can do it with CZUR. Due to the sidelight and advanced editing feature of the scanner, scanning can be seamless. 

An advanced search capability for PDF makes the scanner stand out even more. Plus, you can connect the scanner to the HDTV for better visuals for big-screen presentation. 

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You can use the color mode for the scanning, auto cropping, curve removal, and the feature for perfect scanning. The best part is setting the scanning to auto-scan or manual scanning. 


In conclusion, I have shared all about CZUR ET24 Pro. CZUR ET24 Pro is an excellent option for homes and offices for advanced scanning. Performance, usability, and price range all can fit your scanning needs. You can use the code CZUR20 (10%) for better offers. 

Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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