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Factors That Should Be Taken Into Account When Developing Smart Metropolis

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Reaching the global level and creating a smart metropolis has become one of the main priorities for urban development in the USA, Europe, and other countries. Online technologies, digitalization, the development of artificial intelligence, and big data are inextricably linked with the future of smart cities. Intelligent systems and innovative technologies not only optimize city processes but also improve the quality of life of its residents. In this article, you will learn about the prospects for the development of smart cities. You can also join in supporting active initiatives to improve emerging cities on

What Is a Smart Metropolis?

A smart metropolis is a space where the digital and physical worlds interact and integrate to create optimal conditions for living, working, and playing. Such a city has the ability to collect, process, and analyze huge amounts of data, which allows organizers to optimize the use of resources, improve transport and engineering infrastructure, improve the quality of services provided, and ensure the safety of citizens.

The main goal of creating an intelligent metropolis is to improve the quality of life of citizens and make the city attractive for residents and entrepreneurs. Innovative technologies and digitalization make the urban environment more convenient, safe, and thoughtful. Digital solutions significantly improve urban infrastructure, make the city more environmentally friendly and equipped, and also simplify interaction between city services and residents.

The Connection Between The Economy And The Development Of a Smart Metropolis

A smart city has obvious advantages for the development of the city’s economy. Let’s look at some benefits.

Increased Investment Activity

The development of a smart metropolis is an excellent opportunity to attract people and organizations that specialize in development and research to the city.

The presence in the metropolis of large and promising research centers, universities, and technology parks, as well as highly qualified specialists in various fields of knowledge, creates a favorable environment for cooperation, exchange of experience, and innovation.

Creation Of New Jobs

Smart cities create new jobs by attracting talent and containing high-paying innovative industries. Companies actively engaged in research, engineering, IT, and other modern industries offer jobs to highly qualified specialists, which contributes to increased competition in the labor market and rising wages.

Smart cities also support the development of small and medium-sized businesses, providing support and financial opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to found new start-ups or develop current business projects.

Development Of Supply Chains And Services

The smart metropolis stimulates the development of supply chains and services. Companies engaged in innovative activities often need the supply of various goods and services. In turn, local suppliers receive opportunities to expand their business, increase production volumes, and increase income.


Interaction between companies and suppliers, as well as the availability of high-quality services also play an important role in attracting business and investment to the metropolis.


Increased Influx of Tourists

A smart metropolis, developing as a cultural and scientific center, is becoming attractive to tourists. Museums, exhibitions, scientific conferences, and festivals attract not only scientists but also people seeking new knowledge and experiences. The tourism industry is becoming one of the areas of development of the metropolis and contributes to an increase in economic flow.

As a result, the influx of tourists stimulates the development of the hotel and restaurant business, retail trade, and other service sectors of the economy.

Improving Quality of Life

An important economic component of an intelligent metropolis is improving the quality of life of its residents. Infrastructure development, comfortable living conditions, accessibility to cultural, sports, and recreational facilities, and high-quality educational and medical services – all this help attract new residents to the metropolis and retain those who already live in it.

Increasing the level of education and qualifications of metropolitan residents contributes to the development of human capital, and therefore the creation of new opportunities for employment, career growth, and personal development.

Growth of Economic Potential

A smart metropolis significantly influences the growth of the region’s economic potential. The presence of innovative enterprises, high-tech industries, and extensive infrastructure contributes to an increase in production volume and contributes to the growth of the metropolis’ GDP and related industries.

In addition, the formation of a strong innovation cluster in an intellectual metropolis attracts interest not only from local entrepreneurs but also from foreign investors, which makes it possible to attract capital and stimulate the development of various levels of business.

Physical Security And Cybersecurity In The Development Of a Smart Metropolis

In a smart metropolis, technologies, and control systems are integrated to ensure the physical safety of citizens. It includes:

  1. Video surveillance and access control systems to protect public spaces and infrastructure.
  2. Automatic fire alarms and evacuation planning for rapid response to emergencies.
  3. Intelligent traffic flow management systems to prevent road accidents and ensure road safety.

We should also not forget about the social security of city residents. It is worth taking into account the following aspects:

  1. Formation of emergency services for high-quality response to incidents, including police, ambulance and fire services
  2. Organization of a system for assessing security in the city based on video surveillance and facial recognition solutions (this will ensure security in public networks)
  3. Development of social initiatives to reduce social problems, including domestic violence

The comfort of life in a smart city is directly related to cybersecurity, since data about city residents may end up in the hands of attackers. In addition, the failure of some technologies can significantly reduce the quality of life. It is worth paying attention to the following aspects:

  1. Involvement of experts to predict potential attacks and repel completed attacks
  2. Training the population in the basics of cybersecurity
  3. Regular updating of the technologies used, building a coherent system of devices

Final Thoughts

With the rapid development of technology and increasing population, urban space is becoming an increasingly important aspect of modern life. If you want to take part in the implementation of current initiatives in developing cities and gain new useful ideas, we recommend visiting the platform Here you can see projects in which technology and creativity are harmoniously intertwined. Algorytm is committed to sustainable and innovative urban development.


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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