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Five reasons why all startups should invest in a VPN




Using VPNs has become more and more popular in recent years with the advantages of them far outweighing the drawbacks. For startups, VPNs should be considered an integral part of your strategy and investing in the right one WILL pay you back in the long run.

Today, we’re going to be examining the key advantages of VPNs in 2024 and explaining why every startup, regardless of ambitions and/or intentions, should look to incorporate a VPN into their business with immediate effect. Let’s take a look.


Five reasons why startups should use a VPN

IP address protection

The number one advantage of using a VPN is that it protects your IP address from hackers. This is hugely important for all startups, as data leaks can cause a whole world of trouble if you are a business that relies on customer support and trust.

Perhaps even more important, for new startups at least, is the protection you will gain in relation to ideas and plans. Startups are often created to fill a gap in the market. The last thing any startup needs is for a hacker to gain access to key company information that isn’t yet copyrighted or patented. However, a VPN can help to make this a non-starter as your IP address will become anonymous.

Ensures safe access anywhere

In years gone by, this might not have been much of an issue for startups but the rise of remote working has made it critical that all employees can access company servers from anywhere. However, if you want to go down to the local coffee shop to work for an afternoon then you run the risk of their wi-fi being low security which poses a huge risk to your startup’s privacy.

By connecting through a VPN, however, the Friday afternoon shift in the coffee house can be enjoyed stress-free as the VPN will ensure server safety.

Reduces downtime

Those who run startups often have to accept that in the first couple of years, not a lot of money is going to be made. In fact, the vast majority of startups often incur a loss before bouncing back before any rewards are reaped.

Considering losses are almost a given, and that’s if the company is running as smoothly as possible, the last thing anyone needs is unnecessary hiccups. VPNs can help protect you from unnecessary downtime caused by things like broken servers or hacked emails.

reduce downtime

Bypass restrictions

One of the biggest benefits of VPNs in general is the fact that they allow users to bypass geographical restrictions at will. This could be hugely beneficial to your startup for various reasons. Firstly, it will allow you to access apps and websites that are only available in certain locations. This will help to give you a better idea of what a certain customer base is after or what your competitors overseas are doing.

Secondly, it will allow your workforce to keep in contact if they are on overseas trips. In some territories, apps like Skype are banned and if that is your startup’s preferred method of contact, then it can cause issues for employees away on business who need to report back on meetings and discoveries. VPNs can help to ensure that this problem never rears its head.

Access different server locations

Different server locations will help you to connect to skip from one secured connect to the next if speeds are low on a particular day. Having the flexibility to try and improve connection and server speeds is invaluable and will leave your feeling delighted that you invested in a top-quality VPN in the first place.

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