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Undoubtedly, JavaScript holds the top place as the most usable language to build a website. Nevertheless, sometimes it comes to the point when more is needed, and there’s no way to stick with it. That’s why you must hire TypeScript developers who can greatly help you when you need additional functionality.

Moravio is a leading provider of TypeScript web development services. When it comes to managing and implementing all parts of development, product design, and marketing, they have more than 10 years of expertise across a wide range of sectors. Moravio can accommodate your company’s specific requirements, whether you need to employ a single TypeScript engineer for software development or search for TypeScript team services to completely design, manage, and deliver on various online and mobile apps.

Drawing on our extensive experience and strong technical skills in online and mobile app development across several sectors, we will discuss the advantages of using TypeScript in this article.

Key advantages of TypeScript

There are several benefits to using TypeScript in a project:

  •  The Ability to Maintain Code. TypeScript requires a more organized way of writing code. Code with clear type annotations is simpler to comprehend and maintain since it becomes self-documenting. A further positive aspect of TypeScript is that it encourages developers to prioritize pattern thinking when designing interfaces. Based on our company’s experience, typescript projects are far less likely to have low-quality code than javascript ones.
  •  Accelerated Developer Efficiency. Code editors and Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) enhance TypeScript’s support. The developer experience is greatly improved by tools like code navigation, autocompletion, and refactoring. Instant feedback is provided via the compiler’s error-checking features, enabling developers to detect and correct bugs rapidly.
  •  Enhanced Teamwork. When working on a project with several developers, TypeScript facilitates better communication and teamwork. Code is now easier to comprehend, even for team members new to a certain area of the codebase, thanks to the type annotations. In particular, it improves quality while reducing time spent on code review, an essential aspect of any project’s development cycle. It also facilitates onboarding and makes joining a project easier for a new developer.
  •  Ability to expand. When working on massive projects, TypeScript really shines. Defining and enforcing type capabilities are becoming increasingly important as codebases expand. Developers may securely rework and rearrange code using TypeScript’s type system, helping to avoid frequent mistakes.
  • Decreased Rate of Bugs. During development, TypeScript’s static type checking helps find flaws and issues. It almost eliminates type-conflict problems and drastically cuts down on a few others. With this preventative method of finding bugs, apps are more stable and dependable, improving the user experience and decreasing the time spent addressing bugs. Considerations for and against TypeScript.
  •  Community and Ecosystem. There is a robust ecosystem of TypeScript-specific libraries and frameworks, and the TypeScript community is booming. Developers have access to type definitions for pre-existing JavaScript libraries and many other resources when using TypeScript. To ensure compatibility with TypeScript, the most widely used JavaScript libraries provide a separate package of types. Furthermore, TypeScript-exclusive frameworks and libraries do exist. For instance, Google’s Angular.

Drawbacks of TypeScript

Although it has many benefits, there are a few possible drawbacks to using TypeScript.

Extra code. Developers are now required to create type annotations due to TypeScript’s static typing. When working on smaller projects or in the early phases of development, TypeScript might boost development time. For the reasons mentioned before, TypeScript does assist in reducing development time in the future.

Useful nuances. Complex situations or ambiguity about the right types sometimes make TypeScript a bit of a pain. To get things done on time or because they can’t think of a good typing solution, developers may choose to disregard type declarations. Nevertheless, if important types are skipped, TypeScript’s advantages will be diminished, and the rationale for utilizing TypeScript may be called into doubt.

Integrating Opt-In Technologies. If they want to work efficiently on a project that uses TypeScript, developers need to master the language. On the other hand, developers with experience in JavaScript should have no trouble picking up TypeScript as it is really a superset of JavaScript.

Because of its static typing, which helps development teams discover mistakes early on and makes code more reliable, TypeScript is typically the language of choice. Nevertheless, TypeScript necessitates more work and time during setup.

As a result, clients sometimes choose JavaScript to save costs and time to market. For the minimal viable product (MVP), the development team can get right into JavaScript, allowing them to concentrate on providing core functionality quicker and maybe even get more money for development. After the MVP is approved and the project has to be scaled or its dependability improved, switching to TypeScript with Moravio can be a good choice.


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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