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How Celebrities Influence College Fashion Trends

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Celebrities and fashion form an intertwined tangle, with most popular celebrities setting fashion trends with unique dresses and styles for the populace to emulate. It’s no wonder why large fashion houses like Gucci and Prada are partnering with celebrities to release new fashion trends rocking the market.

Most of these celebrities attend high-end fashion shows worldwide, with some catching in on the action on the runway. We saw the effect of Kanye West on Adidas and how these celebrities are molding a cult of followers.

Nothing quite captures our imaginations more than celebrities; their influence over fashion is powerful. From red carpets to the pages of glossy magazines, what stars wear can shape economic trends for months or even years afterward.

But how does this celebrity glamor trickle down into everyday life? We’re examining how many celebrities influence college fashion in the real world — not just on stages and runways.

We’ll deeply dive into what trends pop culture’s biggest icons inspire among current college students — from clothes to accessories, hairstyles, and beauty looks alike! Read on as we reveal all you need to know about celebrity-inspired fashions rocking campuses around the country!

Our guide provides a basic breakdown of the celebrities’ influence on college fashion and some of the latest trends to jump on.

How Celebrities Influence Student’s Fashion

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Celebrities have a powerful impact on how students view themselves and their fashion sense. That is why most students follow these celebrities on social media platforms to understand their daily lives.

Pop culture plays a significant role in shaping these students’ lives. Moreover, these celebrities end up molding the way they perceive the world.

For example, we saw how Kanye West’s fashion sense forced millions of students to purchase Ye’s fashion brand from shoes, sandals, and accessories. Moreover, finding students rocking shades and slippers on campus became common.

Five years ago, it was not a sight to behold to stroll around campus with slippers. However, fashion trends came and made it a common sight.

Moreover, the prevalence of fashion shows and new trends is making students conscious about what they dress. A good presentation matters in the academic sense. The freedom to identify these trends is an empowering tool for students to embrace.

Most Fashionable Celebrities Now

Fashion week is bursting with new designs and styles, locking the red carpet with shows in London, Paris, and Milan. Here is a list of our favorite celebrities rocking the carpet:


Top pop singer-cum-actor took the fashion world by storm. She is often pictured in fashion shows worldwide, rocking stylish dresses with her laid-back persona. It’s no wonder she is getting all the roles in blockbuster movies. Her smitten love with fellow actor Tom Holland is a cheese to the cake. Her fashion sense is catching the eyes of major fashion houses.

Janelle Monae

College girls is about her new album ‘Age of Pleasure’, where she embraces and celebrates her sexuality. A few pictures of her topless while performing broke the internet, but it doesn’t take away from her unique fashion sense. From her music, you can tell that fashion plays a huge part in her role. The ‘Hidden Figures star always looked polished when stepping outside.


We swear owning a major fashion brand and being an icon didn’t influence our choice of Rihanna as a fashion icon. Her Fenty lipstick is a hit with college students. Plus, her iconic dresses and launches are a sight to behold for many. Next time she’s in your town, turn to Write My Essays , and you have a blast at her shows.


This is an obvious choice since we don’t want to upset the BeeHive. Over the decades, Beyoncé continues showing us why she is a goddess. From ageless music, married to a mogul, and a beautiful family, she doesn’t tone it down when stepping out in public. Her wide fashion palate features designs and inspirations from all over the world.

Jaden Smith

Thinking outside the box is a theory Jaden Smith subscribes to. Moreover, he perfectly represents a college kid finding his rhythm amid chaos in college. Imagine being new to a new environment with peers. Some top range activities to subscribe to include fashion, top essay writing services, sports, and events.

But then, you have to find time to focus on growing your fashion sense. Jaden Smith shows us simplicity does stand out from the crowd. Often rocking puffer jackets and colorful bandanas for an acentric taste.

 Dominic Calvert Lewin

Footballers are different from our pick of the bunch regarding fashion. But one guy who always represents both on the pitch and runway is Everton striker Dominic Calvert Lewin. He single-handedly breaks the fashion boredom of tracksuits and training kits while stepping out with a designer handbag and many logos.

David Kaluuya

Arguably, he is one of the most underrated thespians in Holywood. David Kaluuya continues to grace our screens with instant classics. From voice acting to production and filming, he does have extra space for fashion. He is often pictured in public with his laid-back and chill vibe. His simplicity with a double-breasted suit on events is a masterpiece.

Popular Fashion Trends Now

College is thriving with young and creative minds expressing their fashion sense through their dressing styles. Don’t worry about time to spend doing assignments. We have successful testimonials of students turning to writing services based on our writemyessays review. Here is a look at some fashion trends we are seeing on campus:


Twice the charm! Crotchets are back and more popular than ever. The trend is back on track after setting the trends back in the 60s. Now, it is mixing with some top brands, including Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabanna.

The best part is that it gives freedom for students to throw in their personal touch. Find inspiration from the pieces available and include a top, sweater, or blanket. For confident ones, go all out with a full crotchet design.

90s Aesthetics

90s era remains a constant standby fashion trend on campus. It is like watching the 90s music videos and rocking some trends. We are discussing going out with maxi skirts, dresses, and suits. There is an open field with plenty of ideas to incorporate the 90s aesthetics with your current fashion choices.

Lace and ruffles

The younger demographic didn’t take to laces when it started making a comeback some years back. However, we are witnessing a full splurge of these items on the fashion runways. Adding some pastel colors to the outfit makes it look ever dapper. Add in a lace for a hint of romance. Don’t be shy and opt for vibrant colors for jean skirts.

Style Tips for College Students

Finding inspiration to kick off your fashion journey seems daunting. However, college is the perfect space to mark your identity. Does your wardrobe need an upgrade? Here are simple tips to grow your fashion style:


Walking around with branded clothing from head to toe sometimes looks out of place. Remember, college is a learning environment. Therefore, keeping it simple cuts. There’s no need to walk down campus rocking every shade color for attention purposes. Make a fashion statement with a simple outfit.

Understand Your Body Type

Buying from thrift shops and online stores is the most affordable option for most students. However, each clothing item suits a certain body type. Experiment with new clothes that work well with your body type. Don’t use marketing gimmicks like Black Fridays to purchase all clothing items on the shelf for a discount.


Don’t break your account for the sake of style. Understand there are affordable places to get affordable and stylish clothes. Some places to fetch low-priced items include:

  • Thrift stores
  • Flea markets
  • Online marketplaces
  • Selected apps

Power of Combination

Sometimes, the solution to our outfits lies in combining different items. Who knew a thrift old baggy jeans that pair off nicely with a crotchet top and a simple handbag? Finding the right combination saves you time, especially waking up early and not knowing what to wear.

Finding Inspiration

Fashion comes to some people naturally. We often get jealous of people who throw on a few items and look magnificent. For others, it involves finding inspiration from other sources like:

  • Pinterest
  • Fashion blogs
  • Fashion week
  • Stylish friends and peers


A fashion doctrine we abide by is less is more. Adding minimalism to your accessories adds that last touch to your outfit. A simple watch, jewelry, earrings, or bangle can accentuate a look. Moreover, it brings out the uniqueness of your outfit while standing out from the rest.

Key Takeaway

Maintaining a fashion sense in college grows one’s identity and confidence. It’s about stepping out with your own creativity to stand out from the rest. Remember, fashion starts with what you have. Develop a conscience and evolve your wardrobe. Simplicity works for most and don’t go overboard with pricey brands.


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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