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How to Estimate a Guest Post Rate for Your Blog

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Brand collaboration is one of the content writer’s most exciting milestones. You can achieve this when brands approach you with sponsored post opportunities or when you pitch to them. Bringing this partnership to life, although interesting, can cause anxiety because of factors such as the skillsets, energy, and time you need to sustain this collaboration or still how to estimate a sponsored post rate for your blog.

Content creation is a relatively new concept, and so this is one of the hardest topics. Further, there is no universal manual stating how much an influencer should charge. Therefore, this post will take a deeper look at what is involved in content creation in order to figure out the rate for your sponsored post.

What is a Sponsored Blog Post?

This is a collaboration between brands and influencers, podcasters, or bloggers. It simply means brands partnering with content creators to promote their products and services. So through sponsored posts, a company can inform, educate or promote brand awareness.

Sponsored posts may range from a single article to multiple posts, videos, social shares, stories, email marketing, and more. These options help the sponsor to achieve their goal using your social media accounts or website.

Factors to Consider When Estimating the Rate for Your Sponsored Posts

Time Investment

The amount of time invested in a post, video, or any other content should be incorporated into your pay. So some of the highly paid content creators work full-time on their blog; hence it takes the majority of their day.

Therefore you will find that they charge a larger amount, then invest a lot of their time and effort on the work, thus producing high-quality content that sponsors are willing to pay even more.

On the other hand, those individuals that charge a smaller amount may land more collaborations, but the quality of their content may be slightly lower because they get overwhelmed with everything.

While raising your rates because of the amount of time you invest in your work might cost you some collaborations, it will save you time and energy, and in the end, you might make the same amount even with fewer sponsored post opportunities.

Costs and Financial Goals

As mentioned above, there is no catch-all formula for pricing paid for blog posts, and you have to create your own custom one.

One way of coming up with a good price is by evaluating what it costs you to generate a post, video, or any other content that the brand wants. The amount helps you estimate the minimum goal, which is the plan to cover the costs of these endeavors.

The next object is your financial goal, such as how much you want to make in a month or a year. This goal includes your bills, taxes, and savings.

Further, you need to factor in the hours you spend editing and curating your posts or efforts required to generate valuable content that resonates with the audience.

The Value You Bring to the Table

Brands are quick to use influencer marketing to avoid traditional marketing costs, which are ineffective in the long run. So, content creators generate actionable, repurposable content that companies publish on their channels. In certain situations, a brand may be required to pay for usage rights whose charges are different.

So because you create marketable content that brings an engaged, excited audience, saves brands a lot of money, and provides real-time, detailed analytics, you should carefully estimate your charges and never be afraid to ask for more.

Other values you bring to the table includes;

  • Years of creating content, and if you’re a photographer, you bring your years of experience.
  • An engaged audience that is interested in what you do say or recommend.
  • Since you’re an expert in your field, you bring your professional background.

How to Set Sponsored Post rates

Now that you’re equipped with what to consider when setting your rate, the next step is to settle on a realistic figure. The following ways will help you finally land on a specific number.


As mentioned above, the industry has not proved a base pay. Instead, rates are based on the brands’ budget for influencer marketing. So this gives you an opportunity to set a rate and see how it will be received.

Don’t be afraid of setting a higher rate because a brand that is interested in working with you will attempt to negotiate in the event the rate is out of their budget.

On the other hand, a too low rate attracts a good amount of brands, but you can regularly adjust it to reflect the amount of time and effort you invest in your work.

Learn from Others

Educate yourself on what others are paying by either following influencers who are willing to mentor you or share this knowledge. You can also visit influencer marketing networks and read stories about what their creators and bloggers are charging and the kind of content they create.

Join a Community

You can search on the internet for a community of influencers. This will help you network and communicate, which can help you understand what content creators targeting similar brands charge and why they do so.

A second reason is that the industry is constantly changing as brands realize the value brought by their influencers and the amounts they are saving compared to traditional marketing methods. This will cause them to increase their budgets in order to pay you the rate you set.


While the article didn’t provide you a direct answer, the points discussed here will help you to estimate the rate for your sponsored post for your blog.

In summary, you should never be afraid to charge your worth. Remember, you invest a lot of time and effort to create high-quality content that brands can share in their channels. Others too charge based on their skill set, availability, goals, audience, demand, and more.

Further, any brand that wants to work with you will negotiate or increase its influencer marketing budget in order to collaborate with you.

I'm a passionate full-time blogger. I love writing about startups, how they can access key resources, avoid legal mistakes, respond to questions from angel investors as well as the reality check for startups. Continue reading my articles for more insight.

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