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How to Spoof Monster Hunter Now Location for IOS & Android

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In the age of digital exploration, many Monster Hunter Now enthusiasts are searching for efficient ways to alter their virtual locations. How can one spoof in Monster Hunter Now? Are there reliable tools for Monster Hunter Now GPS spoofing? The answers lie in understanding the art of GPS manipulation, particularly with the assistance of tools like the iToolab AnyGo – GPS Location Changer. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into how to play Monster Hunter Now by spoofing and the benefits of using the right software.

Can I Spoof GPS Location on Monster Hunter Now?

Absolutely! GPS spoofing allows players to trick their device into believing they’re in a different location. This technique is especially popular among Monster Hunter Now players, offering them the ability to explore different regions, encounter rare monsters, and unlock new in-game features without physically traveling.

Best Monster Hunter Now Spoofing Tool [Free Download]

When considering a spoofing tool, iToolab AnyGo – Location Changer stands out for various reasons. Here are its key features:

  1. Spoof GPS location: Seamlessly teleport to any location across the globe.
  2. Simulate movement: Create routes and simulate movement without walking.
  3. Joystick: Provides on-screen joystick control for easy movement in Monster Hunter Now.
  4. Spoof multiple devices simultaneously: Supports up to 15 devices, ideal for those managing multiple accounts.

Additional Notes When Using iToolab AnyGo:

  1. iToolab AnyGo incorporates a cooling time and anti-detection mechanism, decreasing chances of account bans.
  2. Customize your avatar’s walking speed for safety purposes with iToolab AnyGo.
  3. Variable speed settings make avatar movement appear more natural, enhancing the gameplay experience.

Tutorial on How to Use iToolab AnyGo

  • Teleport GPS to Anywhere: Start by selecting ‘Teleport’ mode. Enter your desired location in the search bar and confirm. Your device’s location will instantaneously shift to the chosen destination. Details can be found here.


  • Play Monster Hunter Now Without Walking: Choose the ‘Simulation’ mode. Plot your route by placing multiple pins on the map. Once set, your avatar will follow the route. Dive deep into this feature here.

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Compared to Other Methods

1. VPN: While VPNs can mask your IP address, they don’t alter the GPS location. Hence, they’re ineffective for games like Monster Hunter Now that rely on physical location.

2. Other Apps: Many apps promise GPS spoofing, but they might lack crucial features like simulated movement or joystick controls. They might also be easily detected, risking account bans.


  • Q: Is GPS spoofing safe for my Monster Hunter Now account?
    : With tools like iToolab AnyGo, which incorporate anti-detection features, the risk is minimized. However, always follow recommended guidelines, such as using variable speeds and cooling periods.
  • Q: Can I use iToolab AnyGo on both iOS and Android?
    : Yes, iToolab AnyGo supports both platforms.
  • Q: Will my original location be permanently altered?
    : No. Once you stop the spoofing software, your device will revert to its genuine GPS location.


In the world of Monster Hunter Now, the ability to spoof your location provides a distinct advantage. With tools like iToolab AnyGo, players can safely and efficiently alter their virtual location, maximizing their in-game potential. Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated monster hunter, the world is now at your fingertips, ready for exploration. Always spoof responsibly and enjoy the journey!


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