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How will magical beasts work in Hogwarts Legacy?

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It is confirmed in Hogwarts Legacy FAQ that players will find many magical beasts outside the school. Players will be able to tame many different beasts and mount them to explore the open world of Hogwarts Legacy

The magical beast was not very evident in the mainstream books and films but it looks like the game will make good use of them. A magical beast like Hippogriff will be available in the game.

In the trailers, many beasts were shown and how players will save some beasts from the poachers and even battle beasts corrupted by dark magic.

Magical Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy

With the gameplay trailer showing many magical beasts, it is apparent that the beasts will have more use than players expected. There even will be a magical beast corrupted by dark magic and players need to defeat them or save them.

It is rumoured that to tame and mount magical beasts in the game, there will be a class for students to attend before players can mount them. 

As shown in the books and films, there might be a class in the game where students will learn more about different beasts. 

We have seen many beasts, some can fly like Hippogriffs and some are land dwellers as seen in the trailer. It will be interesting to see how many different beasts players will be able to tame and mount to explore the open world of Hogwarts Legacy.

Magical beasts can be very useful in exploring as they can be faster than being on foot and can beasts can fly so it will be even faster to reach the different ends of the world in less time.  

That’s all the information available right now about the magical beasts in Hogwarts Legacy. If there is any update or additional information about Hogwarts Legacy going to be available, you can check our website for that. 

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