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Meet Andre Robles: The Travel Expert Behind Voyagers Travel Company

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Getting To Know Andre Robles

Andre Robles is an entrepreneur and travel agent who has devoted his life to guiding others in the discovery of the many marvellous places that South America has to offer through the creation of individualised, bespoke and carefully crafted travel itineraries.

Andre, who is of mixed Peruvian and American heritage with family ties to Ecuador, spent a significant portion of his childhood travelling throughout the various regions of South America, from the vibrant Amazon River basin to picturesque coastal islands and dreamy cloud forests. It was during these trips that he uncovered his passion for travel and the life-altering experiences it has the potential to offer.

Andre got his start in the travel industry when he offered his assistance to a family getting ready for a trip on the famed Inca trail. It was through this experience that he came to the realisation that his true calling was to assist others in having experiences that are both enlightening and unforgettable by means of tailored travel itineraries.

How Voyagers Travel Company Formed And What Is Its Mission?

Back in 2002, Andre and his aunt Yolanda Ceron established Voyagers Travel Company, a travel agency specialising in customised trips to South American destinations. Headquartered in New Jersey, the agency has since evolved into a highly successful boutique tour operator in Ecuador.

Initially a travel agency, by 2010 the company had relocated to Ecuador and launched as a boutique tour operator under the Voyagers Travel brand. Today, the company boasts six offices across Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia.

As Andre has such a strong affinity for the South American continent, he is able to design one-of-a-kind and customised itineraries for tourists that get them off the beaten path and enable them to find undiscovered treasures usually hidden to tourists. Thanks to his skills in creating unforgettable travel experiences, many people now look to him and his business as a trusted advisor when planning their trips with Voyagers Travel.

The creation of individualised travel itineraries that are tailored to the requirements and preferences of the customer has always been the primary focus of the company. 

Understanding Robles Views On Entrepreneurship 

Robles recognises that individuals embarking on a route of entrepreneurship have the opportunity to work on something that interests them while also having the autonomy to make their own decisions regarding their futures. In the travel industry, this translates into the opportunity to travel extensively and go back to places that you genuinely adore like Robles does, but you also have the chance to investigate locations that you can then recommend to customers and discover options that cater to a variety of preferences in terms of travel. 

However, Andre discovered that being your only sole source of income requires putting in long hours at the office, frequently exceeding 16 to 17 hours per day with no days off in between. Given the demanding workload, Robles emphasises the need to have a genuine passion for the job to succeed.

Robles is well aware of the challenges that come with running a business but emphasises the importance of resilience in the workplace. He advises having contingency plans and highlights the COVID-19 pandemic as a case in point of the need to adapt to changing conditions.

Robles’s ambition to have a beneficial effect not only on the lives of his customers but also on the communities that they travel through is one of the primary motivating factors behind his business’s success. He highlights the fact that there are many pitfalls associated with being your own boss, but is aware of the huge potential for great reward and satisfaction that comes with building a successful business. He takes pleasure in the independence of being able to make his own choices as well as the gratification of seeing the fruits of his labour.

In general, Robles’ entrepreneurial journey serves as a good reminder of how important it is to pursue your passions and remain resilient in the face of adversity in order to achieve success.

What Are Some Things That, If Given The Opportunity, He Might Do Differently?

If Robles could go back in time, he has said he’d invest more money in the preservation of natural resources and the social and economic well-being of the locations that customers of Voyagers Travel Company visit. The company is responsible for the sponsorship of hundreds of acres in the Amazon region of Paraguay; however, if they had invested earlier, they could have been reaping the green rewards for the sponsorship of thousands of acres. 

In addition, Robles says he would have established offices in each location much earlier on in the process in order to better accommodate the various cultural backgrounds of the team members.

What Kind Of Impact Did The Pandemic Have?

After successfully navigating several obstacles in the travel and tourism industry in the years leading up to the pandemic, the company believed it was invincible and unafraid, but now Robles carefully considers the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects it had on Voyagers Travel Company.

Nevertheless, when the pandemic struck, they were confronted with the challenging task of bringing stranded travellers back home and issuing refunds. They were forced to perform their duties despite the enormous amount of pressure that was placed on them and to devise creative solutions to the challenges that they faced. 

At every turn, the team recognised the need to adjust to new restrictions, adopt new marketing strategies, and persist through adversity. Despite the pandemic’s grip, Voyagers Travel Company has bounced back fully and provided top-notch travel experiences to over 3,500 guests in 2022 alone!

What It Is That Drives Robles To Keep Moving Forward?

In trying times, Robles finds solace in his faith in God and the support of his loved ones. As a devout Catholic, he believes his work is a blessing but acknowledges his responsibility to conduct himself with integrity and trust that his good deeds will be rewarded. He constantly reminds himself of the responsibility that rests on his shoulders to make the best choices for his loved ones, but he is also conscious of the fact that individuals come equipped with their own unique strengths and supports.

The ability of Voyagers Travel Company to have a positive impact on the lives of their customers and the communities in which they operate is what drives the company. They can make a positive difference in the lives of others by providing employment opportunities and helping travellers achieve their goals, which will result in a life-altering experience for those individuals. 

The employees in the multiple field offices work hard under their passionate and dedicated CEO to provide their customers with opportunities that not only let them spend their free time in enchanting locations but also contribute to the development of their individual selves. 

This encourages the company daily to continue providing one-of-a-kind travel experiences that are to the mutual benefit of both travellers and the communities they visit when they achieve even minor successes in those communities.


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