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Plan For the Successful Launch of the New Product

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There’s thorough planning and organization involved when launching a new product. It’s not easy at all because of the competitive state of the market. We think that there are a lot of similar products out there that can only make it with the promotion of their distinct features.

This is not necessarily true. Case studies show that a successful product launch mostly depends on a good product launch strategy. However, every good strategy requires a checklist. So, here’s a successful product launch checklist.

Understanding user needs

It’s necessary to be user-centered. This means that you need to understand who your users are, what their needs are, and why they need what they need. Answering these questions gives us the outlines of a product we want to design because the product is the answer.

User-centeredness can result in a successful product launch because it shows our users that we’re interested in them, it boosts the customer experience, and it can outline a strategy for further development and delivery.

Luckily, there are many things we can do to understand the needs of the users so we can meet them properly. These involve using analytics, doing surveys, creating your Buyer Persona, and reviewing different forms of feedback users provide. Another great way to understand them is to hire an agency to research users.

Understanding your competition

It’s essential to understand the competition. Fortunately, it’s easy to get to know your competition nowadays because we have almost everything online. This means that you can find out everything about the competitors by going to their website.

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Also, many businesses have opted for automated customer service responses. Sometimes, improving customer service by automating responses can be bad for business because a competitor might use the customer service bot to their advantage.

Certain things are more important than others, and you should consider creating a slideshow to remember them. These are the things you should know before launching your product:

  • Product: Know what the product is, and how it’s presented to potential customers. Study it, and try to understand what they might have done better.
  • Logistics: Understand their distribution and delivery methods. There might be ways to improve that as well.
  • Customer loyalty mechanisms: Try to analyze their loyalty programs and how they manage to retain customers.
  • Design: It’s important to see what your competitor did to make the design appealing to the customers.
  • Social media campaigns: Analyzing social media posts can help you organize your product campaigns.
  • Price: The price is right when it’s better than what the other person is offering. However, you should account for the expenses when making a product.

Prototyping and testing the product

You must make a prototype of your product and test it. Testing a product before its official launch can solve so many things, and it can make the design and functionality much better to fit the customer’s needs. Prototyping a product helps in:

  • Assessing the costs of production, the time it takes to produce it, and the materials that are used.
  • Procuring adequate machines for the production process.
  • Discovering issues early in the design stages.
  • Receiving feedback from the customers and clients.
  • Get additional funding for your product if necessary.
  • Finalizing the product and distributing it to the customers.

Product reconfiguration

Once you’ve prototyped the product and tested it, you can reconfigure it according to the previous research you’ve done on your potential users and the results of the tests. This should make a great ground for reconfiguration, and it can push the customers to make the purchase decision easier.

Run the numbers

Running the numbers means that you need to think about the margins. The profit you’re expecting to make versus the profit you’re making. Take a look at all the aspects of your production and try to set the expected profits realistically.


This means that you should account for everything and calculate the net profit of your products sold. Once you calculate that, you should be able to know what you can achieve, and you should look at these numbers for patterns and see if you can improve something.

Marketing before the launch

A smart move for a successful product launch is a marketing campaign building up to the launch. This means that your potential customers will build anticipation and awareness of the new product through social and email campaigns. Think big, and think about your reach:

  • Email campaigns: People usually say that email is something that bothers them because they receive promotional emails most of the time. However, a good email with a good CTA can boost your product’s potential in the future.
  • Blogs and social media: The most utilized marketing mediums, these offer you the possibility to build an entire community around a product that hasn’t been released yet.
  • Ads: Don’t forget the good old-fashioned ads that are in places that people see. Even if you decide to advertise your product on a radio station, make it catchy, and people will notice it.

Think about logistics

Before launching the product make sure to analyze the approximate demand for the product. Also, make sure to establish connections and routes between manufacturers and stores for easier distribution.

It’s good to think about how much of the product you should have in stock. However, you can opt for just-in-time manufacturing, and that can work in your favor because it cuts certain costs. Plus, you give just the right amount to the customers.

Make the product public

Networking and sharing your product means that you need to make the product public to your friends, your followers, and everyone you think might be influential. It’s time to launch it, and there are tons of ways you can make the launch public.

The best way is to create compelling content to share your product with and make a good product presentation. It’s easy because you can use an online video editor to do it. People love visuals, and the most pleasing way to advertise something is through video content.

Reach out to media after the launch

Different types of media are always a good advertising opportunity. So, why not use some PR agencies to squeeze a little more marketing into the product launch. Share your product story, your initial idea with them, and how the product came to be.

Everyone enjoys a good story, and telling one about your product can help you increase your reach and improve customer satisfaction. Once you have a great product, and great customer experiences, the story can be the cherry on top. You can also revise the marketing budget and push it forward.

Analyze feedback after launch

Finalizing the product launch strategy means asking for feedback after the product is released. Feedback is the most valuable thing any business can get from its customers. Feedback helps us improve the product and adjust it more.

After receiving feedback from our customers, we can launch a new product line, an upgraded version of the product, and this can bring us much more profit. However, you need to be careful when interpreting the feedback.


Planning a successful product launch needs to be thorough, and it should involve all the mentioned steps. The good thing is that all these steps can be repeated when creating another product line.

Finally, don’t forget to use the feedback as much as possible, and remember that the feedback you get from the customers after the launch can help you reconfigure the product or make a new one that’s more successful.


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