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Scaling Human Expertise: How Chassis Saves Startup Marketers Time and Money

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Every digital marketer relies on Google and Facebook but often need help to maximize offerings and ever-evolving platforms.

As the channels constantly change, new software tools are also emerging to help digital marketers confidently conquer builds on Facebook and Google. Platform-specific automation helps startups save time and multiply resources, getting campaigns up and running in a matter of clicks.

Chassis is one such technology, a flexible platform explicitly designed to facilitate ease between companies and the two leading ad platforms. With integration directly into Facebook and Google, Chassis lets marketers run successful campaigns quickly and at scale.

Marketing experts can set up templates with platform-specific parameters, and project managers can easily use those building blocks to create campaigns. With tools to save time, reduce labor costs, and stretch the intelligence of each specialist, marketers can confidently navigate the digital landscape.

Serve more clients in less time

Marketers often need to build and update thousands of ads simultaneously to yield positive results. But achieving these numbers brings consistent pain points, particularly for the teams left scrambling to execute the builds — especially with all of Facebook and Google’s distinctive requirements.

As companies increasingly focus attention on building ads for Google and Facebook, Chassis can expedite the workflow of creating and running campaigns on those platforms. With automation, marketers can enter information once and have it auto-populate across ad groups, apply keywords to whole campaigns at the click of a button, and launch forms to make it easy to go from product detail to platform-specific creative in minutes.

Chassis’ automation scales the power of every human decision, amplifying the skillsets of marketers. Using automation to solve the painful and repetitive tasks of Google and Facebook not only means marketers have more time to focus on strategy but that they can better serve their customers while improving margins with reduced time for each task.

Streamline marketing workflows to cut costs

While Chassis’ engine can powerfully enhance the capabilities of a startup, the software also enables teams to delegate work efficiently. The puzzle of digital marketing staffing, especially in early-stage organizations, can be complicated by multiple factors: Early-stage companies often need vertical-specific experts who have also mastered the major ad platforms.

Chassis’ ability to scale human expertise means startups don’t have to hire as many digital pros. When specialists can create ready-to-use templates rather than devote their time to entire builds, companies can hire fewer experts and still dynamically serve their clients with advanced campaign approaches. These templates can be passed on to campaign or project managers, who can execute builds confidently in the campaign’s keywords and parameters on Facebook and Google.

With platform-specific best practices baked in, Chassis’ intuitive templates help experts focus on higher-level work and help organizations cut the labor cost of hiring multiple digital specialists. These templates empower experts to pass off building blocks quickly, and the templates then help campaign managers swiftly execute builds with bulk actions and integration. Chassis’ automation spreads the knowledge of each digital marketer, particularly high-level experts, across an entire agency.

Position your startup to scale

Chassis helps marketers do more work in less time and empowers highly skilled specialists to spread their knowledge across an entire organization. But beyond these functions, what makes Chassis a powerful engine for driving digital marketing is that it’s a product with room for customization to fit any startup’s needs and goals.

When deploying Chassis, companies can partner with the tool’s software development firm, TangoCode, for custom integrations to meet vertical specifics, marketing needs, staffing challenges, and existing systems. This ensures Chassis can effectively scale the expertise of marketers at any organization, no matter the starting point or structure of the business.

Scaling human expertise is an overarching necessary step for startups that want to improve margins, enhance service, and expand their rolodex of customers. When automation amplifies the reach of existing functions and integrates directly into the internet’s most prominent advertising platforms, marketers get more done in less time, and companies can grow their digital marketing offerings with reduced costs.

From real estate to auto dealerships, digital marketers across industries are using Chassis to master running ads on Facebook and Google at scale without an outsize increase in labor costs or the need to hire digital specialists. Chassis’ platform-specific automation enables digital marketers to scale both their expertise and bandwidth, all with a customizable software engine designed specifically for digital marketing’s most powerful platforms.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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