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Startup: how to plan a successful launch event



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The success of any corporate event depends on how organized the company is. Sadly the results will not be known until a few days or weeks later. It’s after such an event that you will ask yourself a question such as what kind of impression have you created?

This is all the more true for the launch of your startup where you will certainly address, among other things, future clients and investors. Here is how you can plan a successful startup launch event.

Stand out from the invitation

The first step in implementing your strategy will be sending a personalized invitation. Getting it wrong at this point will lead to catastrophic results. You must start by clearly defining your target audience in order to invite the right people. Unless your financial capacities are endless (which is far from the norm at such an event), you will have to make choices to limit yourself to the individuals who can make an impact on your business. Some of the invitees include members of the press, and other information officers because your event will get good media coverage.

Create a guest list of people you are sure they will show up at the event. The quality of your invitation, its originality and the information it contains are the keys to the success of your event. Ask for a suggestion from your founding team, and research on what and how other startup founders launched their company. This will help you to understand the effects your event will have on your guests. Actually, you can share with them the invitations, guest list and all the plans and listen keenly to their feedback or suggestions.

Finally, give your invitation a personal touch by taking them in person to the invited guests. Business leaders do not have time to open all the envelopes they receive, but they do when handed to them by hand. Otherwise, it’s their secretary who will open it when you send it by email. Further, you should deliver it three weeks before the event, so that they can create time for your event.

The importance of communication before the event

Announce the upcoming event on emails, social networks, press, etc. Your guests are more likely to come when they hear about the event on different platforms. They might even forget about it if you don’t remind them as the day draws near.

… And after

It is a good idea to send a thank you card to everyone who showed up at the event, one week after the launch. It’s also important to follow up on phone with those absent to help maintain a good relationship with them. Do not forget to communicate any additional information to members of the press and check if they are talking about it in their respective channels. Finally, use social media to post pictures of the event so that everyone can see how successful your launch was.

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