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The 15 Biggest Stock Gainers Today USA

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Doesn’t the stock market interest you, especially when the stocks you have invested in rise? If such is the case, let me disclose the 15 biggest stock gainers today in the USA, which will entice you to invest in the stock market and help you understand the market scenario. 

The 15 biggest stock gainers of the USA today include Palantir Technologies Inc., Kazoo Group Limited, Solowin Holdings Inc., and many more. 

To know more about the top stock gainers and detailed information about the top stock gainers of the USA today, stay tuned until the end of the article. 

Introduction To Top Stock Gainers 

In an intraday market, a gainer is a stock that often closes at a price higher than it opened at or its previous close price. The market indices soar if they are included in any indices. On the other hand, there is a greater chance of winners than losers when market indexes are rising. The top gainers and losers in the market are listed by category on NSE India, which updates the list in real time. Both absolute and percentage phrases are used to express them. In the list, the gainers are listed in decreasing order.

Understanding Top Stock Gainers 

Nasdaq handles the daily top gainers’ additional subclassification across all indexes. There are filters for trading in futures and options, stocks, and other equity instruments. The Nifty Top Gainers list is a valuable tool for predicting future trends and waves in the stock. Beyond its successful daytime performance, its location alone conveys much more information, whether classified as sans or category. 

Every day, the list of top gainers is updated and made available. This implies that a potential investor might choose which stocks to buy by evaluating the daily gainers list’s performance. Even if top gainers are tracked separately daily, they are inconclusive in isolation. Volume analysis is required since the movement of stock prices reflects potential trend patterns. When measured in volume, the stock’s price increase can be used to identify the trend indicated by the movement of the stock. 

This movement is more trustworthy than haphazard conjecture based on a single day’s outcome. Winners and losers show the market’s direction and the industry’s expansion. This particular detail influences long-term investment choices and choices. Gainers’ and losers’ effects on the indices significantly influence every investor’s investing process. In the earlier market, Zee, RCOM, Dewan Housing, and other companies were among the top losers—the reverse of winners—and they gave in to losses.

Top 15 Stock Gainers Of USA Today


MedAvail Holdings Inc.  +71.26% 3.29 USD  6.333 M 5.31 M USD 
Immunome Inc.  +36.91% 23.11 USD  2.002 M 987.487 M USD 
Tenax Therapeutics Inc.   +31.31% 11.45 USD  9.427 M 3.415 M USD 
Adverum Biotechnologies Inc. +30.89% 2.50 USD  6.898 M 252.568 M USD 
Palantir Technologies Inc. +30.80% 21.87 USD  421.265 M 47.589 M USD 
China Liberal Holdings Limited  +28.25% 2.27 USD  89.632 M 92.001 M USD 
Sonida Senior Living Inc +24.04% 11.25 USD  25.562 M 26.852 M USD 
Kazoo Group Limited  +23.93% 5.49 USD  134.791 M 63.56  M USD 
Solowin Holdings  +22.04% 4.54 USD  468.541 M 4.169 M USD 
Wavedancer Inc.  +21.82% 2.07 USD  122.78 M 1.375 M USD 
Frontier Group Holdings Inc +20.78% 6.22 USD  7.199 M
Fenbo Holdings Limited  +19.51% 7.35 USD  61.35 M 404.069  M USD 
Cerus Corporation  +18.62% 2.23 USD  2.533 M 212.629 M USD 
Conduit Pharmaceuticals Inc.  +18.52% 2.88 USD  36.065 M 428.509 M USD 
Annexon Inc  +18.14% 5.47 USD  1.423 M 26.118 M USD 


Highlights Of Top Stock Gainers

Top gainers can efficiently summarize a significant portion of the intraday trading activity and are updated in real time. Analyzing top gainers as a group rather than as an individual is necessary. It is not a wise investment strategy to only consider price changes over the past day. The top gainers are listed from highest gainer to lowest gainer in descending order. 


The top losers are listed from worst loser to best loser in ascending order. The top gainers here are comparable to the increase in stock prices. But the bitcoin market can also benefit from the top gainers approach. Top performers also set the direction of the market. Strong buy, buy, neutral, and strong sell denote purchases.

Final Words

I hope I can clearly explain what top stock gainers mean, their highlights, and the 15 biggest stock gainers in the USA today. Further, the article has detailed information about the stock gainers of the USA and their increased value; for more updates on the stock market, stay tuned. Please feel free to reach out if you have any queries. 


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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