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The Power of Call Center Analytics: Unlocking Insights for Success

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How Call Tracking Works

Today, businesses do everything in their power to extract valuable insights from customer interactions, leading to a deeper understanding of the target audiences and improved customer experiences, resource optimization, and identification of growth opportunities.

To form a complete portrait of the average customer, brands must collect various information: gender, age, place of residence, education, motives for contacting your business, etc. Data analytics and call tracking metrics are excellent tools for achieving the mission.

This article will explore the main approaches to collecting essential customer information and how call tracking software can help businesses tap into phone conversations with clients.

What Is Call Center Analytics?

According to Forrester, 87% of the companies surveyed deploy innovative analytics centers to process data. They use it to find potential customers and track market trends to add value to their businesses.

Call center analytics is a detailed analysis of incoming/outgoing calls and conversations with customers. Companies can use the information they get from business phone providers to measure different aspects of their business. For example, it can be customer experience, the productivity of each operator, the effectiveness of calls, the popularity of certain product categories, etc.

The Benefits of Call Analysis for Business

Call metrics contain information about the date, time, number of processed and missed calls, call duration, call subject, customer service rating, etc.

Forrester‘s survey states that 58% of marketers use automated dialogues to build consumer engagement tactics. With call tracking software, call center analytics, and other sources, you get information on the popularity of your engagement channels. You can also develop a personalized service for each caller by collecting data on customer interests, needs, and expectations.

With call tracking analytics, your employees have access to call history. This helps them form a clear picture of what issue a customer has. Therefore, operators will have a conversation on the essence of the problem. It will confirm your company’s professionalism and strengthens customer trust.

Call center analytics reporting will help you to achieve the following:

  • Understand clients’ problems and their motives for contacting your business
  • Collect more personal information about clients
  • Determine the most effective channels to attract customers
  • Establish a personalized service
  • Strengthen consumer loyalty to your brand
  • Increase business productivity

In addition, call reporting software will enable you to accomplish multiple goals:

  • Collect data to develop effective marketing campaigns
  • Use advanced technologies, such as AI and ML, to process calls, which speeds up employee training
  • Facilitate data processing for managers through an easy-to-use call center analytics dashboard
  • Generate templates to serve customers with similar calls quickly
  • Optimize the work of operators, thereby reducing staff turnover

These and other benefits of call analytics contribute to the development of your business and, as a result, increased revenue.

Common Methods of Gathering Analytics

Several essential methods for leveraging call center metrics, analytics, and reporting exist. Each is designed to collect specific information, so it’s important to combine them. This way, you’ll get a comprehensive picture of customer interactions with your company. 

Call Center Voice Analytics

A method that is meant to analyze recordings of telephone conversations. It tracks the following characteristics: tone, accent, voice pitch, and speech rhythm of both client and operator. Systems for recording calls in real-time simplify the work of call center managers.

Voice analytics allows the manager to listen to conversations and even intervene to help a sales rep or agent. For example, a new employee may experience difficulties communicating with a customer or handling specific issues. The manager can quickly solve such problems and connect to the call anytime to get the conversation on the right track.

Thus, your company improves customer service, and new operators receive personalized, hands-on training from more experienced colleagues.

Call Center Speech Analytics

The speech analytics method helps track words from conversations. Its operation is based on AI and ML technologies. The software recognizes key phrases and individual words, allowing you to analyze the customer experience.

Based on this data, your managers can identify customer communication trends. Also, speech analytics in the call center facilitates the development of typical call scripts for staff training.

User Satisfaction Analytics

These tools help generate customer satisfaction questionnaires and send them out after the call ends. The answers and the refusal to complete the questionnaire tell a lot about how satisfied the consumers were with the conversation. 

Questionnaires collect information about operator performance, customer satisfaction, demand for products/services, and more. You can use this data to grow your business in line with customer expectations. Thus, you will expand your audience and get more orders.

Customer Interaction Analytics

Call tracking tools allow you to analyze the operator and customer interaction. It gives a better understanding of the motives for the call. Based on this data, you will be aware of what problems and from what sources customers come to you the most. This helps expand your customer base and increase their loyalty to your company.

By analyzing customer interactions, you will understand their behavior, individual needs, and expectations. This opens up new opportunities for your business to organize additional sales, leading to higher profits.

Analysis of Potential Customer Problems

Organic Call Tracking

This method is also called predictive analytics because it analyzes the potential problems of callers. Using the information you get, you can answer the following questions:

  • How many clients face the same problem? 
  • How many calls are expected on pre-holiday days? 
  • How many operators are needed to handle call spikes and surges?

With predictive call center data analytics, your company will be prepared for any difficulties and questions from consumers. Your employees will also be aware of the algorithm of actions and correct conduct of conversation with different categories of clients. Moreover, this approach will positively impact the overall productivity of the entire team.

What Role Does the Call Tracking System Play in Data Gathering?

Software that will automatically track all incoming and outgoing calls to help you optimize your call center, namely:

  • Accelerate the information-gathering process. Automated tools immediately record the information and transfer it to other systems.
  • Reduce the risk of human error. The manual approach to collecting information does not eliminate typos and other errors. You can avoid such mishaps by implementing outbound and inbound call tracking software.
  • Improve data processing. Systems collect information and form call tracking reports in an easy-to-read format. Sorted data presented in tables or graphs is much easier and faster to analyze and process. 

How Does Call Tracking Work, and How Do I Choose the Best Option?

The main purposes of installing call center analytics software:

  1. Tracking employee productivity indicators
  2. Development of effective marketing strategies and advertising campaigns
  3. Understanding the level of customer satisfaction

Determining your business goals is essential to choose the right call tracking software.  Based on this, it will be easier to understand what features the system should have to cover 100% of your business needs. The most common options include:

  • Tracking performance metrics: These include first response time (FRT), average speed of answer (ASA), average handle time (AHT), and others.
  • Work in real-time: It helps to get the most up-to-date data to improve the service. For example, call tracking software or click tracking solution.

Lynx Explained: Phonexa’s Click Tracking Product

    • Integration with other systems: Data can be quickly transferred to your CRM system via a secure API connection. Call tracking companies often take care of all the configuration and implementation of their product in your system.
  • Granular reporting: Analytics collection programs will collect, sort, and organize incoming information to present it in a convenient format.

You also need to focus on additional features. For example, besides the basic options, call tracking software allows brands to assign a unique call tracking number to each source and ad campaign. This way, brands can get an idea of the customer’s path: from the first call to the conclusion of a deal or conversion. 

In some cases, analytics software companies offer a trial period, allowing you to use free call tracking to ensure your choice is right.

How Will Gathering Call Center Analytics Help Your Business?

By installing a phone call tracker, you can be sure that all customer calls are recorded and transferred to the appropriate databases. Your managers and call center operators will receive the necessary information on time, and your customers will receive personalized service. Your company will grow and increase profitability through streamlined processes and thorough handling of crucial data.


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