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The Pros and Cons of using Academic Writing Services

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Academic Writing Services stand upon platforms of teamed-up expert academic writers and tutors offering online writing services that assist students by writing their assignments or research papers. The writing professionals’ performance and customer reviews often rank them in the online arena accordingly. Anyone can browse expert profiles on writing service provider websites to identify the most appropriate writer for their projects. These platforms provide work featuring validity and quality by verifying the track record of each writer before introducing them on their representative website. This article will continue further discussion about Academic writing services, including the role of service provider site administrators, academic professionals, and overwhelmed students under the pledge of enormous writing projects and scarcity of time. It will also address the pros and cons of these services so that individuals can figure out their needs wisely.

The Pros of Academic Writing Services:

On their positive aspects, academic writing services unquestionably offer many benefits; some remarkable ones are highlighted here.

Time Management Potency:

The most advantageous aspect of academic writing services is their exhibition of time efficiency. They immaculately tackle time management, and students can get their well-written assignments before the deadline. So, as a student, you can rely on these outsourcing corners when you have to work on abundant writing works in minimal time.

Expert Professionals:

Even for your most meaningful academic tasks, you can unquestioningly trust professional writers since they have years of experience, and several works are accomplished by their creative and intellectual perceptions. These writers have expertise on enormous subjects and are proficient in academic writing standards. Students can benefit from them by receiving high-quality, thoroughly researched compositions.

Higher Grades Probabilities:

Undoubtedly, you will never get low or bad grades for your academic project accomplished by online writers; instead, there are higher chances of getting higher grades as expert writers are painstakingly researching and writing your papers. Otherwise, you may struggle to write independently and always be anxious about the teacher’s scrutiny of your writing projects.

Privacy and Confidentiality Concerns:

A reputed writing service provider is highly concerned about privacy and confidentiality matters and never discloses the customers’ data, including personal and academic ones. It has strict policies regarding the safety and reserve of these details.

Communication Ease and Reduced Stress:

The contact service of academic writing services is accessible to everyone. It appropriately communicates to the students to comprehend their expectations regarding the specific writing tasks they want assistance with. This approach is practical in reducing almost half of the stress and anxiety the student is facing regarding grades and academic scoring.

Refunding Policies:

Refunding policies are another positive aspect of writing services, vibing off a sense of fairness and accountability. It affirms trust and reliability as the students know their money is well-spent as they can get it back in case of unexpected issues like low grades; it also proves the commitment of a reputable essay writing service to customer content.

Overcoming Language Barriers:

Last but not least, the pro of using academic writing services is for students who are not native to English. These ESL students can partially rely on such services to diminish the hurdles in their academic progress, uplifting their self-esteem when language becomes an acute barrier to their progress and even their intelligence fails to assist them.

The Cons of Essay Writing Services:

Although there are many positive aspects to essay writing services, they also have opposing sides, alerting you to be especially careful when choosing an essay writing service.

Academic Dishonesty:

Several educational institution representatives share that ethical dilemma arises because of students’ dependence on writing services, and those students caught for that often face the worst consequences for this academic dishonesty. Some students become so lazy that even the simplest academic tasks become a fuss; they run for an outsource as soon as they are assigned an academic chore.

Plagiarism Issues:

Suppose you couldn’t pick an authentic writing service for yourself. In that case, your assignment will always have the highest plagiarism risk. Later, unknowingly submitting such work to your teachers can result in severe issues like grade deterioration.

Hampered Cognitive Development:

Reckoning professional writers to write their essays, students miss essential personal and academic growth opportunities. Research, writing, and brainstorming are fundamental specifics of education. Students’ critical thinking, writing, and research skills are negatively impacted by their keen dependency on writing services.

Expense Burden:

Along with many comforting benefits, the cost can be overpriced for students with tight budgets. The cost of hiring reliable providers with high-quality work might become a substantial burden. Some students might opt not to use these services because of the expense, forcing them to look for other unreliable options.

Deadly Swindles: 

Even when a website offering services has a strong reputation for reliability, not all service providers can be relied upon. Numerous deceptive services claim to produce high-quality work but eventually fall short of expectations. These scammers might take advantage of students, costing them money and the chance to submit their work on time.

Lack of Service Norms:

Any service sector must prioritize accountability, and academic writing services are no exception. Hence, sometimes, these services need proper protocols to handle disqualifying work. As a result, students find themselves in difficult situations, especially if they pay for services that do not fulfil their expectations.

Cost Differences:

Online writing services are categorized in terms of cost; you have to spend the money likewise for supreme quality papers. In other words, if you go for low-cost services, though they claim to provide quality work, most of their writers are non-native speakers whose works are full of grammatical errors; consequently, your time, money, and expectations could be better spent. Non-professional staff owning websites withhold responsibility for your loss, leading you towards academic and financial loss.


All things considered, academic writing services are emerging with a combination of benefits and drawbacks. On a cheerful note, these services are vital for struggling students’ academic tasks, like time-limit pressure and massive assignments. Conversely, they also have some alarming counter-effects, as this free hand hinders those students’ creative abilities and may cause economic fatigue sometimes. Eventually, whether one wants to benefit or de-benefit from these services depends on how wisely he chooses an essay writing service for a specific project.

Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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