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The Top 15 SEO Trends to Optimise for in 2024

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The Top 15 SEO Trends to Optimise for in 2024

SEO is constantly evolving and remains a very important part of running a successful website. If you’ve created a website for your Auckland business, then you need to optimise your site and your content using the latest and greatest SEO techniques.

Search engine algorithms, the way we search for information and users themselves are constantly changing. If you don’t keep your site and your content up to date, then you could fall behind. Both users and the algorithm may lose interest in your business if your site is outdated.

What’s expected to be popular for SEO in 2024? Understanding these latest trends can help keep your business’s site ahead of the curve as we head into another year.

15 SEO Trends to Focus On in 2024

Keeping your content current and optimised can help your Auckland website rank high in search engine results. Amazing SEO Experts can keep your Auckland site at the top of the search results, meaning more and more people will see your amazing business.

So, what SEO trends should you pay attention to in 2024? Here are fifteen trends that are expected to become more popular and more useful:

  1. E-E-A-T. E-E-A-T stands for Expertise, Experience and Authoritativeness, and it’s a key factor that Google’s algorithm considers when ranking NZ sites on their search engine results pages.

Google wants to provide its users with information that’s useful and well-written. If your content doesn’t display expertise, doesn’t exude experience and doesn’t have a sense of authority on the subject it’s discussing, then Google won’t see it as a reliable source. Readers also may not trust your content if it isn’t up to par.

  1. AI and Machine Learning. AI is all the rage nowadays. It’s been slowly gaining popularity over the years and seems to have exploded in relevance and usefulness in 2023. In 2024, it’s unlikely that that’ll change at all.

Thus, AI and machine learning are playing an increasingly important role in SEO for sites like your Auckland website. Google is using these incredible technologies to better understand the content of websites and to deliver more relevant search results. You can optimise your site for AI and machine learning by using natural language processing, structured data and other advanced techniques.

  1. Long-Form Content. Long-form content will still be important in 2024 if trends continue. Google and users prefer websites with in-depth, informative content that covers a topic thoroughly.
  1. Semantic Search. Semantic search is an innovative type of search that focuses on understanding the meaning of a query rather than just the individual words. Google is using semantic search to deliver more relevant search results to users.

You can optimise your site for semantic search by using synonyms, related keywords and other contextual cues.

  1. Voice Search. How many times have you asked Siri, Alexa or another AI-powered assistant for help? Voice search is becoming increasingly prevalent as more and more people are using helpful voice assistants like the popular aforementioned two.

You can optimise your site and content for voice searches by using more natural language and long-tail keywords, similar to how people speak out loud.

  1. Core Web Vitals. Core web vitals are a useful set of metrics that measure the loading speed, interactivity and visual stability of a web page. Google has recently announced that core web vitals will be a ranking factor in 2024. You can make sure your website meets the core web vitals standards by optimising your images, using lazy loading and minifying your code.
  1. Mobile-First Indexing. Mobile-first indexing means that Google uses the mobile version of your site to index your content and rank your pages in search results. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly and that it provides a fantastic user experience on mobile devices.
  1. Local SEO. Local SEO is important in 2023 for Auckland sites like yours, and it will most likely only grow in relevance and usefulness in 2024. Google is giving more weight to local search results, so it’s important to optimise your site for local keywords and to list your business in local directories.
  1. Video Content. Video content is highly engaging and informative, and it’s a great way to improve your site’s SEO. Create amazing video content that is relevant to your main audience and that is optimised.

To get inspired, consider looking at the video content of other businesses and brands you like.

  1. Image Optimisation. Image optimisation is a vital part of any SEO strategy. Ensure your images are optimised properly by using descriptive file names, alt text and helpful captions.
  1. Structured Data. Structured data is a way to help Google understand the content of your website. You can use great structured data to mark up your content, such as product descriptions, event listings and recipes.
  1. Link Building. Link building is still an important part of SEO, especially if you want your Auckland site to be noticed, but it’s important to focus on quality links from high-authority websites. Avoid link-building schemes and focus on creating high-quality content that other relevant websites will want to link to.
  1. Social Media. Social media is a great way to promote your content and to build relationships with potential customers. Make sure that you’re active on social media platforms and that you’re sharing your content with your followers.
  1. Brand Awareness. Brand awareness is important in SEO and getting your brand out there. Google wants to rank sites from well-known brands higher in search results. You can build brand awareness by creating quality content, promoting your unique brand on social media and running paid advertisement campaigns.
  1. User Experience. User experience remains an extremely crucial factor in SEO. Google wants to promote sites that offer users a fantastic experience. So, your site should be easy to navigate, your content should be well-written, and your site should load quickly.

How to Easily Keep Your Website Current and Effective

Staying up to date with the latest SEO trends is easy when you work with Kiwi Website Design. With our help, you can climb the search engine results and make sure your site is easy to find.

To learn more about what we can do for you, please visit our site for details.

Stay ahead of the curve; trust us at Kiwi Website Design.


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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