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Top 10 Features You Should Consider Before Installing a Video Player App

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Get insights on how to safely install a video player app and what features you should consider before installing it.

apps have evolved into valuable sources of entertainment and education. There are thousands of video player apps available on various app marketing platforms today, but what factors should be considered when installing a video player app on an Android phone?

Our smartphones are our primary confidants, storing all of our personal information, including contacts, bank account information, photos, important files and documents, messages, emails, and much more.

With such sensitive data on our devices, we must scrutinize everything that enters and exits them. Installing apps that are safe to use and meet all of our requirements is rare, which is why we’ve written this article to walk you through the process of installing top-tier apps like a video player.

Before we expound on the features to consider before installing a video player app, let’s quickly run over the checklist you must follow for every app on your phone.

Question: Are you even looking for these things before downloading any app?

 1. Check the Source- If you download apps from a credible platform, such as the Play store, you can be confident that your chances of installing a corrupted app are reduced by more than half.

However, this does not guarantee that all third-party apps are safe to download; You must still conduct your research before installing an app on your device, even if it comes from a reputable source.

2. Check Reviews and Ratings- This is an indication of how valuable your installation will be. You may already be doing this, but checking the ratings, reviews, and even the app descriptions can be beneficial.

3. Permissions Details-Be cautious of the permissions the app requests! The permissions of a good and trustworthy app would be listed in the app description. And if you don’t pay attention to these details, you might give the app inappropriate access to your phone’s data.

4. Google Play Protect- This Google feature ensures that your device is safe from malicious behaviour. It scans apps for malware before allowing you to install them from its Play Store and issues an early warning on your device.

You can also verify and investigate the app’s developers, such as by looking at their website, privacy policies, contact information, what information they collect, and how they intend to use it.

As you can do with the , check out the website, privacy policy, and contact details for more information. You can even share your valuable feedback.

Here is what you should consider before installing a Video Player app.


After completing all of the preceding requirements, which ensure the safety of your device, check the features listed below in a video player app for an exclusive video-watching experience.

And the ASD Rocks Video Player app includes all of the features listed below!

1. Cast Videos on TV

This feature enables you to watch the content of your phone on Android television. So you can cast offline videos on the television using the same wifi connection in both devices. Simply look for a cast function    on the video player app and connect your phone to the android tv and you are done.

So, if there is a movie you want to enjoy with your family on the big screen of the t.v, you can then easily use this feature and watch the videos in high quality.

2. All Format Support

A good video player app supports multiple formats effortlessly. So, if the app supports formats like MP4, MP3, MOV, DIVX, 3GP, MPG, WMV, FLV AVI, WEBM, M4A, TS, AAC, and MKV, then you can go ahead with this app.

Take note that a good video player will provide you with an HD display resolution. You can even watch 4K and 8K videos with the ASD Rocks Video Player app.

3. Gesture Control

The ability to support gesture control in apps is a fantastic feature. Check that the video player app supports gesture control for video functions such as sound, brightness, rewind, and forward. As a result, you can navigate the player without being distracted.

4. Subtitles

The app is designed to search for subtitles in your preferred language online, which you can then easily download and enable in your video, making online and offline subtitle support an advanced feature on a video player app.

5. Floating Window

A floating window is a feature that allows you to navigate other apps and websites while your video plays in a mini screen pinned to the corner of the main screen of your phone.

This feature allows you to multitask without interfering with your video. The floating video player can be dragged anywhere on the screen and includes basic controls such as play, pause, cancel, and skip.

6. Background Video Playback

Another useful feature is that it plays your video file as audio, so if you have a video recipe that you want to listen to but do not want to watch, simply enable the background video playback option, and the audio from the video will be played in the background.

You can multitask and browse other apps on your device while your audio continues to play in the background, just like in a floating video player.

7. Dual Audio

Another outstanding feature that a video player should have Nowadays, we frequently watch movies and web shows from all over the world. These movies and shows may not always be available in our native language. The dual audio feature comes into play here.

If you play a movie that has multiple audio languages encoded, you can enable the other language of your choice in apps that support this functionality.

So, if you’re watching a Korean movie and want to hear it in Hindi, go to the dual audio feature and select your preferred language.

8. Sound Equalizer


Nothing elevates our video-watching experiences like epic sound effects for action films, musical hits, and more. With a powerful sound equalizer, you can now adjust the sound effects and bass of the audio.

Choose from the preset sound effects, such as classical, rock, pop, and dance, or manually adjust the bands to improve the sound. You can also tweak the bass booster and virtualizer to enjoy movies and songs with cinema-quality clarity.

9. Video Hider

Privacy is a major concern for all of us, especially in this digital age. No matter how secure the privacy systems on our Android devices are, it is always better to be safe than sorry. That is why a hider or video locker is required on the video player app.

You can hide private videos and photos in the video locker folder, which is a pin-protected folder.

10. Online Videos

With a good video player app, there is never a dull moment. The Online Videos section includes an extensive library of online videos from all genres and regions around the world.

One such app is the ASD Rocks Video Player, which includes a section dedicated to YouTube videos. As a result, you can watch music videos from top artists, stand-up comedy from popular comedians, travel vlogs, podcasts, and playlists tailored to your mood.

Your Takeaway!

Even if you don’t need a video player app, you’ll need one to browse online videos, play HD videos offline, watch movies, listen to music, use a video locker for private files, or even download free social media videos.

You guessed it! All of this and more is possible with a dedicated video player app, ASD Rocks Video Player.

However, it is critical to check and confirm the app’s source, ratings, number of downloads, and developer’s account.

We hope you found this article informative and will use the guidelines to verify the authenticity and functionality of any given app, especially a video player app.


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