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Top 3 Startups In the Crypto Space

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The popularity of using different digital currencies is significantly increasing. Before 2019, it was not very common or well-known in society, but today, most individuals know what cryptocurrencies are and how they changed trading processes.


If we want to understand the main factors that cause the global trend of crypto space, we should obviously start with popular people who started to involve crypto spaces in their businesses. When we are talking about crypto businesses, the first person we should mention is Elon Musk, who changed the trading strategies during the pandemic, when the loans and alternative trading were in stagnation.


On the other hand, the high-interest rates from people was another reason why cryptocurrencies quickly became very popular. It was new, different, and comfortable. During the period of resocialization, trading in the virtual space with digital currency was a great solution to get better perspectives as well as income. Another influential factor was its decentralized structure. When you are trading classically and want to operate on the global market, you automatically are connected and dependent on the operating country’s regulations. The trading process becomes more complex and difficult to manage effectively.


The number of stakeholders is also high and it involves the country’s government, national banks, relevant competencies, influential commercial organizations, etc. To be acceptable to every regulation is very difficult and causes higher costs. On the other hand, the society appeared to have completely decentralized trading opportunities which were not dependent on any regulation or authority. It was completely free from mentioned systems, no matter the country or trading area. This was a united and global system with united features, possibilities, and perspectives.


These were the main factors that caused the instantly increasing popularity of crypto trading in recent years, instead of the beginning of the 2000s when cryptocurrencies were massively created in the markets. Our aim in describing the popularity of crypto trading was the reason to show more clearly why the number of companies that are involved in crypto trading is increasing significantly.


In 2022 the number of such kinds of startups increased instantly, which are suggesting new services and a more customized and comfortable trading atmosphere for users. So, if you decide to start trading with different digital currencies, there are plenty of startups to choose from.


According to these criteria, we would like to introduce you to 3 startups that provide a great crypto experience for everyone. These include Bit Index AI, Moonpay, and CoinSwitch. If you want to learn more about them, make sure to keep reading.

How To Select The Right Platform For Crypto Trading?

For those who do not know how to select the right startups to create an effective crypto trading with a lack of experience or skills, here are the main criteria to decide easily:


  • Safety – this is the most important part of choosing the right platform for trading because, with the increasing number of companies, the number of scams also are rising. Before you create the account and start trading, make sure that the reputation with its reviews and comments is positive and that the company is transparent.


  • Accessibility – not every company allows trading on the global market or with different digital currencies. There are some of them which have limited alternatives. So make sure the selected company is close to your trading goals.


  • Opportunities – diversity is the key to success. As diverse the trading options are, the higher your chances of getting high profits. Make sure that the requirements, commissions, and VIP features are acceptable to you.

Bit Index AI

No matter if you are an experienced trader or not, this new application will make the trading process more comfortable and profitable. Simple with its structure suggests customized trading with different digital currencies. The trade win rate on this app is 85%. If you love the lower requirements, then you will enjoy fast withdrawal and high amount of cash-out limits. Accessibility is high with the acceptance of credit or debit cards and the platform is fully secured with the CySEC system. Diverse trading opportunities also include FX pairs with several currencies.


This is a startup with the aim of making crypto accessible for everyone. The platform features diverse trading opportunities and does not only include trading on different markets. It suggests several financial consultations and services to make trading more effective. The platform also offers an NFT trading system and exchange features where you can exchange fiats with crypto. So this platform unites most of the central services of the crypto space.


This is a new platform where you can swap and exchange different currencies. The platform has great diverse trading opportunities with simple market analysis and easy to use structure. The possibility of bitcoin trading, withdrawal accounts, and others provide comfortable services for every type of trader. The startup is also available as an app that is more comfortable to use.



Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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