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Using Business Card QR Codes When Seeking a New Job

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QR Code Business Card

Technology has improved our lives as we move further into the future, and we expect more and more benefits. The way potential candidates look for employment has changed. Employers spot individuals that differentiate themselves from the competition.

Thankfully, digital resumes and business cards help jobseekers to stand ahead of the curve. Adding a QR Code business card makes your resume modern and unique. Your potential employers can obtain your details online when you use a QR code. It’s not mandatory to include it, but doing so adds a coolness factor and motivates the hiring manager to give your resume a second glance.

This article will consider what a business card QR Code is and why you should use it when seeking a new job.

QR Code Explained

A quick Response (QR) code is a machine-readable code that stores URLs, LinkedIn profiles, and other details. The matrix barcode has black squares and some dots that store huge data. Users scan the QR codes using QR readers installed on their smartphones and tablets.

Including a QR code on business cards or resumes is the new trend. Job seekers add it even though it’s not a requirement to differentiate their resume from other applicants. You can also add a QR code when you want the hiring manager to visit a particular online destination, such as your online portfolio.

Advantages of Including a QR Code on Business Card and Resume

1.      Attract Attention

Today QR codes are placed almost everywhere, such as in newspapers, magazines, posters, signs, etc. Brands use these codes to direct potential consumers to their websites, products, and services.

Job seekers add QR codes to catch the eye of the hiring manager. Because it’s a relatively new concept on resumes, it will work in your favor, especially when there are many applicants. So a QR code can increase the chances of you getting hired.

2.      Brands You as a Tech-Savvy

Although QR codes are popular in other sectors, they’re not popular in hiring and recruitment. Therefore, when you add it to your resume you present yourself as a person that embraces emerging technology.

A QR Code can boost your chances of getting hired if you’re an older job applicant. It shows the hiring manager that you’re open to innovation, thus, eliminating the potential of being discriminated against due to age.

3.      Showcase Your Online Portfolio

Some job opportunities are very competitive. As a result, it’s only outstanding applicants that secure these positions. QR Codes can help you stand out because they contain relevant links to your site that showcase your career accomplishments, thought leadership, LinkedIn profile, or other professional platforms.

But not all managers are equipped with devices that can read the QR code while others don’t want to hunt for information. Therefore ensure your resume and cover letter have all the necessary information, including your work experience and entire job history. It will be helpful if you can add the information in your LinkedIn to your resume and cover letter instead of letting the hiring manager hunt for it.

4.      Gauge Interest in Your Job Application

A QR Code is an ideal tool to measure who is checking you out. You can integrate it with a tool that alerts you through text or email when someone scans your QR Code. Such notifications can help you gauge interest in your resume. Since the URL is stored in the person’s mobile device, they can always refer to your resume when another opening arises.


Job seekers add QR Codes on their resumes to direct hiring managers to specific destinations. So include a QR Code only when it’s providing professional information. The main objective of using a business card QR Code when seeking a new job is to help your candidacy.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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