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What Is the Benefit of a Left-Handed AR?

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If you’re someone who favors your left hand, you’re probably all too familiar with the fact that the world is predominantly designed for right-handed individuals. From everyday tools like scissors and can openers to more specialized equipment such as guitars and even firearms like the AR-15, the standard manufacturing process tends to cater to right-handed users, leaving lefties to make adjustments.

However, if you want to enhance your shooting proficiency, it’s worth contemplating the idea of asserting your control by purchasing or constructing a firearm specifically designed for left-handed or ambidextrous use. This way, you can enjoy a more comfortable and personalized shooting experience that truly complements your natural inclination.

Although a significant number of AR-15s seem to cater to the right-handed crowd, the beauty of these firearms lies in their supreme adaptability — a real boon for southpaws. Thanks to the utterly customizable nature of these weapons, you’ve got the freedom to mix and mash a bounty of components tailored for lefties, righties, or even those ambidextrous in handling. This means you can finagle and finesse your piece till it feels just like an extension of your own persona, dialed in to satisfy your exacting tastes as a marksman.

Swapping out parts on an AR-15? It’s a breeze, a walk in the park even. Snap, click, and you’re ready to configure your firearm to accord with the unique demands of the moment or the distinctive grip of the individual wielding it.

Hunting down the premier AR designed for a left-handed sharpshooter might come across as a formidable quest, yet it’s a hill you don’t have to climb alone. Strap in, and allow me to chart a course toward uncovering the crème de la crème of Left-Handed ARs peppering the marketplace.

But before we jump into the thick of it, it’s prudent to chew over some pivotal considerations.

What Makes an AR Rifle Left-Handed?

To get to the heart of what transforms an AR rifle into a southpaw-friendly piece of hardware, the key is essentially flipping the anatomy of the upper and lower receivers, akin to peering at a right-handed version in a looking glass. For a more nuanced look, let’s dissect precisely which alterations are required to adapt the upper and lower receivers of a standard right-handed AR to accommodate those who favor their left hand.


The sole modification that needs to be addressed concerning the upper receiver centers on ensuring that those brass casings make their exit stage left. What we’re talking about here is basically mirroring the conventional setup meant for right-handers. It boils down to this: it’s a critical point for our southpaw marksmen. Let’s face it, nobody’s looking to catch a faceful of hot brass, and that’s pretty much what you’re signing up for when you go against the grain using a standard right-handed AR in a leftie’s stance. More on the best left-handed AR-15 upper you can find on the midstatefirearms-dot-com.


Folks who favor the left hand for handling a firearm find themselves grappling with a bit of a conundrum, given that all those critical controls typically sit snug on the firearm’s right flank—that’s just how they roll out of the factory for the right-handed majority. Now, if we’re talking about doing right by the lefties, we’ve got to flip the script, so to speak, and rejig some standard features on the lower receiver over to the left side. This isn’t just window dressing; it’s about creating a mirrored version that echoes the functionality and accessibility of its right-handed counterpart.

The Lower Receiver

Breaking it down, we’ve got a quartet of specific areas where the right-hand bias is especially pronounced, and thus, these are ripe for a rework to suit those southpaw marksmen:

— First up, the Mag Release. This fella’s job is crucial; it’s what lets the shooter dump an empty mag and slap in a fresh one without skipping a beat.

— Then, there’s the Bolt Catch. It’s all about keeping that bolt securely to the rear when the magazine is spent—vital for both safety and swift reloads.

— Don’t forget the Bolt Release. This bit comes into play when you’re ready to get that first round chambered by sending the bolt flying home.

— Last, but certainly not least, the Safety. The quintessential switch that lets a shooter lock or unlock the trigger mechanism, keeping everything kosher until it’s go-time.

Adjusting these features is more than just a convenience—it’s a transformation that puts left-handed shooters on equal footing, allowing for intuitive, rapid manipulation of their firearm without any awkward, finger-twisting gymnastics. It’s a detail-oriented dance of design that demands precision and thoughtfulness, resulting in a lower receiver that doesn’t just accommodate left-handed shooters, but genuinely caters to them.

AR-15 vs. AR-10

As you delve into the marketplace for a spankin’ new southpaw AR rifle, chances are you’ve brushed up against the AR-10s, and A-15s. It’s a hoot to think folks get it twisted, believing the AR-15’s the heavyweight in the ring, all because fifteen outranks ten, numerically speaking. Just ain’t so. Lay your bets on this: In the heft department, the AR-10’s got the AR-15 beat.

Now, don’t lose sight of what YOU need when you’re tossing up between these two contenders, the AR-10 and AR-15. Got a hankering for some serious knockdown clout? Fancy pinpoint precision at a stone’s throw away? If that’s striking a chord, then hitch your wagon to the AR-10.

On the flip side, if it’s a hefty mag, sharpshootin’ at mid-ranges, ammo that won’t have you selling the farm, and keeping your wallet from gathering cobwebs that you’re keen on, then the AR-15 might just be your huckleberry.

Pose yourself these queries, amongst others, while you’re chewing over which horse to back. Each of these fine rifles packs a wallop of pluses and minuses. Let’s mosey on down to brass tacks, with a gander at the AR-10’s strong suits and snags.

FAQ: Are left-handed AR-15s more expensive than right-handed ones? 

Well, you’re likely to shell out a bit more cash for a left-handed AR-15, seeing as they’re not quite as in demand, and they require a bit more of a tailored approach to craft. Then again, the final sticker price can swing quite a bit based on who’s putting it together and the particular bells and whistles they’re throwing into the mix.

FAQ: Are there any disadvantages to using a left-handed AR-15?

Well, one possible snag might be the somewhat sparse selection of add-ons and tailor-specific components for leftie AR-15 models out there. That being said, a number of makers do provide modification kits that make it possible to set up these rifles for ambidextrous handling.

FAQ: Can I convert a right-handed into a left-handed AR-15?

Certainly, conversion kits exist on the market, which seamlessly switch right-handed AR-15s into leftie-friendly setups. This offers left-handed marks people the convenience of modifying their current rifles, as opposed to splashing out on an entirely new firearm.

FAQ: Do left-handed AR-15s have any impact on accuracy?

The specific design catered to a shooter’s dominant hand doesn’t inherently sway precision when it comes to rifles. It’s more about getting quality training under your belt, mastering the nuances of proper grasp, and honing your marksmanship skills – those are the real game-changers for landing those shots with pinpoint accuracy.


It’s not uncommon for southpaws to get by just fine with a standard, right-handed AR-15, though there’s a fair share who’ll swear by the tailored fit of a left-handed model. These specialized lefty AR-15s, they’re put together with the needs of a left-hander front and center, you know? But let’s not overlook those ambidextrous folks or the ones who’ve got the knack for switching shooting hands — they might take a shine to the left-handed configuration, too.

And get this: When it comes to reliability, those left-handed AR-15s? They’re dialed in to match their right-handed brethren, toe-to-toe. The folks crafting these rifles, they’re dialed into the nitty-gritty that it takes to keep performance on the level, no matter which hand you favor for the trigger. They get that consistency is king.

Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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