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Why You Need a Diamond Bracelet in 2023

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The year 2023 has undoubtedly prepared a lot of surprises for us, including those concerning jewelry, all that’s left to do is hope, that they’re going to be the pleasant ones. Let’s try to peek into the jewelry trends that are predicted to gain a lot of appreciation this year to be prepared for the unexpected and ready to shine when the time comes. In 2023 the jewelry is going to show all the spectrum of diversity it’s capable of. The number and variety of items willing to finish your extravagant looks this season leaves anyone breathless, and it makes rather difficult to cover all the jewelry types in one article, that’s why we’ve decided to start the year with focusing on bracelets.

In 2023 bracelets make a significant part of popular items to complete the image. You may find different types of bracelets and the ways to wear them this year. The most prominent trends are stacked bracelets, massive items, identical bracelets on both arms, bracelets worn over the sleeve and the ones you can wear on your upper arm. As to the materials, the choice is grand as well: leather, metal, plastic, beads, silver, gold and diamonds. But today we’re going to talk about the high-end diamond bracelets, which are the must-have for 2023, as this year requires the jewelry that is luxury, flashy, shiny and noticeable.

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Talking about the styles of diamond bracelets that are going to be popular in 2023, we should definitely mention the iconic Tennis bracelet. This simple, yet versatile item is more than ready to spice your look this year. It’s true that the style isn’t new. It’s true, that the original bracelet which consists of a single row of diamonds is simple. But it provides almost inexhaustible opportunities for unique combinations and extravagant designer decisions. It is the most elegant and sophisticated accessory ever, but we’ve talked about the tendency of massiveness, and Tennis bracelet is clearly not like that. The bracelet is a delicate and elegant item, BUT what if we add several more rows of diamonds to the original accessory? It’ll make the wide iced-out bracelet perfect for the trend. This bracelet is exactly the jewelry men often choose to spice their looks, mixing the classic white diamonds with black or blue gems. The original Tennis bracelet is still popular with women, but they as well prefer adding more diamond rows to enhance the shine. The design of the bracelet goes well with literally any outfit possible – a business suit or casual clothes, a wedding dress or a sportswear, you can implement it easily into any style.

Another diamond jewelry you can’t miss getting for yourself is the iced-out Cuban link chain bracelet. It’s the a stylish men’s diamond bracelet in 2023. The statement high-end diamond item that combines the love for glamour inherent to the bling rap jewelry, and the persistence and confidence of a successful businessman. Women also tend to pick the diamond Cuban link bracelet as they realize how stylish and versatile it is. It’s the bracelet that won’t fail to finish your outfit when you feel that something is missing, setting the right accents along. Besides, no other bracelet pattern is able to compliment diamonds better than the Cuban, which provides gems the opportunity to reveal their true beauty and shine. The construction of its flat twisted oval links connections makes the bracelet really strong and lasting. The Cuban link bracelet is also a piece that initially doesn’t refer to delicate jewelry. It’s a massive dazzling luxury bracelet made to be noticed and admired. No wonder, it remains among the top trends for more than 50 years already, and the things aren’t going to change for it in 2023.

The chain bracelets are extremely popular this year, but combined with diamonds they become not just a trend, but the timeless classic. The style of a Mariner, or Gucci, chain bracelet represents such a sophisticated mixture of fashion and elite gems. The wide oval links provide a lot of space for diamonds, making the iced-out Gucci chain bracelet the voguish and flashy work of art. The men’s Gucci bracelet is a marker of the owner’s exceptional taste and creative mind. Women like to experiment with colors of their diamonds, picking fancy combinations to make the accessory even brighter. The bracelet is also really durable, which is perfect for the jewelry you’ll be impatient to show off quite often. Chic and glamorous diamond Gucci bracelet is an excellent way to treat yourself to a high-end jewelry, or a great idea for a gift to a person with an unprecedented sense of style.

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Men are frequently worried about mixing a bracelet with their favorite wristwatch, and the doubts make them restrain from wearing both accessories at the same time or refuse to wear a bracelet at all. It’s the reason that is not good enough for such pivotal decisions. We’ve found a game-changer for you! A Men’s Diamond Bracelet in Sterling Silver 5 carats will make sure you don’t have those doubts anymore. It’s true it may steal the show from your watch, but it’ll certainly will highlight your strong hands and will point out their masculine charm. The brilliance of this bracelet is extremely eye-catching and mesmerizing, it’ll be hard to look away from this masterpiece.

But if you want a real diamond bracelet of a good quality you need to learn few things important to make the right choice. The quality of diamonds is classified according to the standard known as 4C – clarity, color, cut and carat weight. To cut the long story short, all those categories have strictly defined requirements, and only the combination of all four of them denotes the value of the diamond. The clarity of the diamond stands for the presence of inclusions in the gem and is divided into FL, IF (Flawless and internally flawless), VVS1, VVS2 (Very, very slightly included), VS1, VS2 (Very slightly included), SI1, SI2 (Slightly included) and I1, I2, I3 (Included). The color of the stone has the range from D to Z, where D is colorless diamond of a great value, and Z is a gem with yellow or brown very noticeable tint. The price of the diamond drops a bit with every following letter, while it slowly gains a slightly distinctive hue. The diamonds of fancy colors, like red, green or blue, are rare expensive stones that don’t belong to this classification. The cut of the diamond is responsible for the interaction of the gem with light and jewelers pick the arrangement of facets to cut which will provide the best result, it also impacts the shape of the diamond. And the last category is the carat weight, which informs you how heavy is your diamond or diamonds. To make it simple, 1 carat equals 200 milligrams.

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Now that you know all the latest trends in diamond bracelet and how to safely pick one, you’ll definitely will be glad to know that apart from the beauty purposes, diamond jewelry makes a nice investment. If you can afford a diamond bracelet today, don’t hesitate, it’s a win-win purchase that’ll emphasize your style, status and cleverness. Let the shine of diamonds illuminate your 2023 with bright emotions and dazzling beauty!


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