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How to Get Real Video Views on Startup’s Instagram: Insights from the Experts

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Video Views

In modern business promotion schemes, Insta and other social platforms play a big part because of their versatility and variety of using ideas. Today, some buy Instagram views, and others focus on getting real video views on Instagram. The truth is hidden in between – even paid options for growth require thought and planning. This article offers the most effective tips for growing an IG profile for an aspiring business.

Mind The Timing

The feed on Insta is not chronological, but the time of uploading your content still matters for your promotion. Being uploaded approximately at the same time when your target audience is active online, you can get more views for Instagram videos, as people will be ready to watch your posts rather than scroll through them.

Also, be present online at the same periods as your potential customers. This way, you can interact with your IG video viewers in all ways you can, posting stories, replying to comments, and direct messages.

Choose The Right Hashtags

Most experts consider hashtags to remain one of the most effective methods to make your blog more visible to the target audience and gain more Instagram views, despite all the changes that may occur with the algorithm. Users exploit hashtags as a kind of filter for the publications they wish to see in their feeds. The most relevant keywords that are introduced in your hashtag range will redirect the target group to your posts and bring you many IG viewers.

The recipe for a perfect hashtag strategy is mixing trendy hashtags with more industry-specific terms. This way, you can attract the attention of Instagram video viewers and then make them eager to discover more materials on your profile page.

Create Video Ads

On Insta, there are options for different publications promotions that can help you to get more real Instagram video views. You need to use your clip as material for Ads, thus exploiting the auto-play option. The thing is that users tend to pamper attention to auto-playing clips, especially if there is an engagement hook in the first three seconds, which will attract many Insta video viewers for your short movies.

Besides, dynamic content is generally considered to be more interesting to the audience, so by promoting your clips to the target audience, you can ignite more interest in your product and collect more IG views.

Sound Is Second, Image Comes First

The auto-play option on Insta plus the clips with the sound turned off by default. And for many Instagram video viewers, this is a more comfortable way to consume content because they are often doing it on the go, and sudden sounds may be disturbing or even scary.

Anyway, this is why you can pay less attention to the quality of your sound and replace it with well-written subtitles and background music. Instagram is not like YouTube, where users need you to have fine sound hardware. On IG, closed captions will perfectly do the most work for gaining Insta video views. However, it doesn’t mean that you should put zero effort into creating your publications.

Learn Demographics

For successful promotion and attribution of Instagram video views, you need to understand well who is your target audience. The mechanism of ads on Insta, including different formats, relies on the data that you insert when setting up your campaign. Hence, you should pay much attention to the demographic specifics of your audience:

  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Location;
  • Occupation;
  • Activity time and overall time spent on IG;
  • Interests and social activity.

These are the basic features that you have to find out about your target group – to help yourself with the campaign progress. As you go, you should still examine the demographics of your Instagram video viewers, altering and adjusting the strategy accordingly.

the demographic

Encourage Your Viewers To Share

Sharing publications is one of the activities that users can perform on Instagram. And if you want more video views for IG, you should communicate with your followers, so they want to share your content. Use calls to action directly in your clip, and also insert them in your captions and promo stories.

The key to increasing the number of shares on Insta is providing valuable posts along with good communication skills.

In other words, the materials have to be:

  • interesting,
  • entertaining,
  • and useful for the audience, so they would love to share them with their friends and family resulting in many real video views for your Instagram.

Use Reels

Today, there are different types of dynamic formats to create on Instagram. Live streaming, Reels, and video posts can create and promote diversity in your content. Since Reels is the latest format of content that was introduced on the platform, Insta helps you to make it gain more video views for your profile by putting Reels as the top priority of rating publications.

Simply speaking, if you upload clips – the algorithm is happy to promote them because the current goal of the platform is to make this form of content attractive and common for IG viewers.


For gaining more video views for Instagram, you can stream viewers from other platforms to your IG profile. Provide exclusive posts for each platform that you occupy. And make a remark for your audience to check out your posts.

Sometimes it will be useful to duplicate your publications, reposting them among platforms. For example, you may repost clips from TikTok directly to your Reels, streaming the traffic and real video views to Instagram in a few clicks.

Use Your Product

May the item become a true star of your publication. Content is king in any industry, and people enjoy watching the aesthetic and engaging look of the products. Just don’t make it salesy. Concentrate on the looks and qualities of your product instead. Use props and surroundings to enhance your visuals and provide quality clips to your Instagram video viewers, motivating them to buy your stuff.

Visuals continue to be the primary reason for Insta to be a popular place for spending time. It is important to share your vision of the product and create original publications. Of course, current trends and ideas in the industry are important for gaining views for videos on Instagram organically, but you still must focus on the originality and freshness of your posts.

Piggyback On Trends

To get more Instagram video views for your clips, get ideas from popular trends that emerge on the platform and beyond it. Trends can help you to connect with your IG viewers and start communication.

However, you must be careful with using them. The thing is, trends appear very quickly and die out as well. If you aren’t able to catch the wave immediately, you risk losing your time and resources without any result. Also, keep in mind that not every trend can be suitable for your industry, so making such content will require creative thinking.


Bottom Line

For startups, it is vital to promote their clips quickly and effectively, so the product or service becomes recognized and interesting to the viewers. Also, Instagram can be a place where you can find investors and expose your ideas to them at their best.

Use different tips and techniques to enhance your performance and create a diversity of content that will attract more IG video views to your product.

Insta has many options that are targeted at making businesses and clientele feel comfortable and free in their shopping affairs. So from the first steps on Instagram, you should work on improving the process of promotion, publicity, and communication.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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